August 23rd, 2010

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Gawker: "Anti-'Ground Zero Mosque' Rally Freaks Out at Black Guy".

Both supporters and opponents of the "Ground Zero" "Mosque"—a proposed community center—held rallies in lower Manhattan today. Can you guess which side started chanting "no mosque here" at a black guy wandering through the crowd? While you spent your Sunday trying to teach your cat to go to the bathroom on a human toilet, a group of brave, freedom-loving Americans gathered in New York City to express their extreme disapproval with the Park 51 project, an al-Qaeda plot to build a community center featuring a swimming pool and auditorium on the very site where a Burlington Coat Factory once stood.

As you can see in the video above, at some point during the rally, a dark-skinned man wearing an Under Armor skullcap and what looks like a necklace with a Puerto Rican flag walked through the anti-"Mosque" crowd. The crowd, astutely recognizing that he was on his way to build the mosque, began to chant "NO MOSQUE HERE" at him. In the video, someone says, "run away, coward." The man turns around, perturbed. "Y'all motherfuckers don't know my opinion about shit," he says. Au contraire, my friend: You are a black man wearing a skullcap, after all! You are definitely a pro-Mosque, anti-freedom Jihadist! Why, aren't you, in fact... Osama Bin Laden??

No, actually, according to the guy who uploaded the video to YouTube, the skullcap-wearing gentleman's name is Kenny and he's "a Union carpenter who works at Ground Zero." Kenny is also—as he points out several times in the video—not a Muslim. (No word on whether or not he voted for Obama, as one of the very reasonable and intelligent-sounding anti-"Mosque" protestors speculates.) But I'll bet you Kenny has been totally convinced about the truth of the Burlington Coat Factory Desecration Community Center. Who wouldn't be?

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There is enough second-hand embarrassment here to last a lifetime. You can almost sense the exact moment when the mob collectively and quiet starts to realize, "Ohhhhh, crap. This'll be on YouTube in an hour". Nothing about this is the least bit surprising, so the only lesson learned here is: invest in a phone with a vid-cam, if only to be able to do your *own* effective investigative journalism.
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Hate crimes affect straight white men too.

Actor Danny Miller, who plays a gay character on the UK television soap opera Emmerdale was attacked while out in Manchester by a group of men in who shouted gay slurs at the 19-year-old. Unreality Primetime reports on the moments that let up to the assault:

"As they mounted the homophobic attack, one of the crowd shouted, 'There’s that gay lad off the telly – let’s f***ing get him.'”

"An onlooker told The People: “It was terrifying. A group of lads shouted, ‘Oi gay boy, you out with your boyfriend tonight?’ “Another screamed, ‘Oi faggot, is that your boyfriend?’ Then the yobs started running and screaming, ‘Get him, get him.'”

Apparently, Miller was punched by at least one person in the mob.

He tweeted: about the incident later and reassured everyone that he was unharmed.

"Don't listen to what has been put on here tonight. I was attacked by a couple of lads tonight but managed to escape unharmed. Don't worry."

"Afraid to say it was Emmerdale related. Not sure why though. Hadn't seen them before ever. Don't worry though."

The homophobes couldn't even separate television from reality. Miller himself is not gay.

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RNC Committeewoman Kim Lehman Claims Obama Told Muslims That He Was A Muslim

The Republican ranks have, by and large, cautiously avoided weighing in on recent poll numbers showing that a healthy portion of the American public believes that President Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Wary of the cultural sensitivities such discussions entail, the de facto response seems to be the one offered by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Sunday: "The president says he's a Christian," McConnell said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "I take him at his word. I don't think that's in dispute."

There have been a few notable exceptions. Congressional candidate Phil Ganley said last week that he did not have "a position on whether he's a Muslim" only to walk back his remarks amidst the uproar. No one in the official GOP tent, however, has fully embraced the rumor. Until now.

Last Friday, a Republican National Committee woman Kim Lehman, responding to an article about the polls in Politico, accused the publication of trying "to protect Obama" by denying his true religious heritage.

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It's just getting MORE ridiculous!
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Good luck with that.

North Korea demands apology, reparations from Japan over colonization

North Korea is demanding reparations from Japan for colonizing the Korean peninsula for more than three decades in the early 1900s, after Tokyo once again apologized to South Korea earlier this month.

"The Japanese imperialists enforced the harshest colonial rule in history over Korea, bringing unspeakably horrible misfortune and sufferings and disasters to the Korean nation," said a spokesman for the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea, according to the the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

"Japan should make a sincere apology and make full reparation to the Korean nation for its aggression and crimes against humanity," KCNA quoted the spokesman as saying.

There was no immediate reaction from the Japanese government.

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With the way N. Korea is all, "Why you gotta keep bringing up old shit?" over the abduction issue whenever Japan presses about the Japanese kidnapped by N. Korea in the 70's and 80's, and Japan's hesitancy to take official responsiblity other than lip service for what they pulled in the early half of the last century and how even then they just kinda don't mention anything about the things still making people angry, like the comfort women...good luck with that.

Son I Am Disappoint: Ron Paul vs. Rand Paul on the mosque

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, is out with a strong new statement going after conservative critics of the Islamic community center near ground zero that implicitly criticizes his own son, Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul.

The background here is that Rand Paul has been on the record several times saying that, while he doesn't support any federal intervention, he does not think the so-called "ground zero mosque" should be built. "I think reconciliation is best promoted by -- instead of having a multi-million dollar mosque -- maybe having a multi-million dollar donation to the memorial site, would be better for all," he told the Daily Caller. (His opponent, Democrat Jack Conway, has said much the same.)

Now here's a taste of Ron Paul's scathing statement on the matter, which slams the position taken by many conservatives, including his son:

The debate should have provided the conservative defenders of property rights with a perfect example of how the right to own property also protects the 1st Amendment rights of assembly and religion by supporting the building of the mosque.

Instead, we hear lip service given to the property rights position while demanding that the need to be “sensitive” requires an all-out assault on the building of a mosque, several blocks from “ground zero.”

Just think of what might (not) have happened if the whole issue had been ignored and the national debate stuck with war, peace, and prosperity. There certainly would have been a lot less emotionalism on both sides. The fact that so much attention has been given the mosque debate, raises the question of just why and driven by whom?

In my opinion it has come from the neo-conservatives who demand continual war in the Middle East and Central Asia and are compelled to constantly justify it.

The whole statement is worth a read, and it highlights another issue that, unlike his father, Rand Paul has been conspicuously laconic on: the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Whistleblower complaint by ex-Sea World chief Linda Simons claims negligence in drowning of trainer

A nasty public battle is breaking out Monday between SeaWorld and its former safety chief, who claims gross negligence led to the horrific drowning of a trainer by a killer whale.

In response, SeaWorld called ex-safety chief Linda Simons an extortionist, saying she threatened to go public with "false allegations" unless she got paid.

Simons told the Daily News she was fired for talking too much with the federal investigators who were probing the February drowning of trainer Dawn Brancheau by the killer whale Tilikum. Simons, who started work at SeaWorld in Orlando one week before the drowning, has filed a federal whistleblower complaint.

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Opposition Leader Steinmeier to Donate Kidney to His Wife

Steinmeier and his wife
SPD floor leader Frank-Walter Steinmeier has taken time off politics to donate a kidney to his severely ill wife, Elke Büdenbender.

With his wife suffering from a severe illness, Social Democratic floor leader Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced on Monday that he was taking a leave of absence. He hopes that, by donating a kidney, he can save his wife's life.

In 2009, Social Democrat Frank-Walter Steinmeier spent the year battling Angela Merkel in an attempt to be elected chancellor in her stead. This year, he is faced with a task of much greater consequence: that of trying to save his wife's life.

In a hastily called Monday morning press conference, Steinmeier, who is now the SPD's floor leader in the opposition, announced that he was taking a time out from politics so that he could donate a kidney to his wife, Elke Büdenbender.

"My wife is seriously ill," Steinmeier told gathered journalists in Berlin. "Only an organ transplant can help her." He then added that, because waiting lists for kidneys are too long, and that preliminary tests had shown compatibility, he himself would be the donor.

Steinmeier said that his wife's illness, which he declined to identify, had taken a turn for the worse and that his leave was effective immediately. The transplant is likely to take place later this week.

'Sad and Concerned'

Steinmeier served as German foreign minister from 2005 to 2009 as part of Merkel's coalition with the SPD. In general elections last September, he led the party to a poor showing of just 23 percent. It was seen as unlikely that he would be his party's chancellor candidate again in general elections in 2013.

Merkel spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters on Monday that she had spoken with Steinmeier shortly after the announcement. "The news that his wife is seriously ill has made the chancellor sad and concerned," Seibert said. Current Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said that he wishes Steinmeier "and his entire family all the best and especially the strength to get through these difficult times."

Steinmeier plans to return to the political stage in October. In the interim, his duties as SPD floor leader will be performed by deputy SPD floor leader Joachim Poss.

I hope this turns out well. They have a teen-aged daughter, and from what they said on the radio news, he's going to the hospital today. As far as I'm aware, it wasn't publicly known at all that Ms. Büdenbender is sick.


what a giant douchebag.

Woman Caught On CCTV Dumping Kitten In Bin
video @ source

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Footage has been unveiled showing a woman dumping a helpless kitten in a wheelie bin for no apparent reason.

The cruel act was caught on CCTV by the cat's owners, Daryll and Stephanie Mann, at their Coventry home.
They discovered the trapped cat when they heard her cries and decided to check the footage from their security camera to see how she ended up in the bin.
They believed Lola - who is not yet a year old - must have been dumped by drunken louts.
But when they saw the video, they were shocked to discover it was the work of a middle-aged woman.

The grey-haired lady is caught petting the animal on camera, before looking around to see if she is being watched.

As Lola walks along the wall lining the Mann's front garden, the woman lifts the lid of the wheelie bin, picks the cat up by the scruff of her neck and throws her in before walking off.
Mr Mann told Sky News correspondent Darren Little: "I was shocked how someone could do something like that to an animal, I know some people don't like cats but you wouldn't expect them to do that to an animal that can't defend itself."
The attack happened at 7.55pm on Saturday and the kitten was trapped for nearly 16 hours before she was dicovered by the Manns who were heading out for Sunday lunch.
"I'm surprised at it being a lady I expected it was someone drunk coming back from the pub, but when I saw that, it's mad," said Mr Mann.
Coventry Police said they had been alerted to what had happened and had passed the matter to the RSPCA.
A spokesman for the RSPCA said: "We are appalled by allegations that a cat was placed inside a wheelie bin in Coventry in what would appear to be a mindless act of animal cruelty.
"Investigations are on-going in liaison with the police.
"Anyone who witnessed anything or who recognises the person responsible is urged to call the RSPCA national cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234 999, leaving a message for inspector Nicky Foster."

source w/ video
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Indiana halts caregiver choices based on race.

Previous ability to refuse being cared for by someone based on their race is no more! At least, in Indiana.


INDIANAPOLIS – Certified nursing assistant Brenda Chaney was on duty in an Indiana nursing home one day when she discovered a patient lying on the floor, unable to stand.

But Chaney couldn't help the woman up. She had to search for a white aide because the woman had left instructions that she did not want any black caregivers. And the nursing home insisted it was legally bound to honor the request.

The episode, which led to a recent federal court ruling that Chaney's civil rights had been violated, has brought to light a little known consequence of the patients' rights movement that swept the nation's health care system over the last two decades.

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Fucking girly girl and I'm not sorry

The Guardian: Male and female ability differences down to socialisation, not genetics

Male and female ability differences down to socialisation, not genetics

Behavioural differences between the sexes are not hard-wired at birth but are the result of society's expectations, say scientists

It is the mainstay of countless magazine and newspaper features. Differences between male and female abilities – from map reading to multi-tasking and from parking to expressing emotion – can be traced to variations in the hard-wiring of their brains at birth, it is claimed.

Men instinctively like the colour blue and are bad at coping with pain, we are told, while women cannot tell jokes but are innately superior at empathising with other people. Key evolutionary differences separate the intellects of men and women and it is all down to our ancient hunter-gatherer genes that program our brains.

The belief has become widespread, particularly in the wake of the publication of international bestsellers such as John Gray's Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus that stress the innate differences between the minds of men and women. But now a growing number of scientists are challenging the pseudo-science of "neurosexism", as they call it, and are raising concerns about its implications. These researchers argue that by telling parents that boys have poor chances of acquiring good verbal skills and girls have little prospect of developing mathematical prowess, serious and unjustified obstacles are being placed in the paths of children's education.

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I always knew I hated that bloody movie. And the whole stupid concept of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. And Mel Pigging Gibson. Anyway, the Canterbury Tales gave us the answer centuries ago, and amazingly enough, it was the exact same thing that men want!

On a more serious note, this is yet more proof that sexism harms men as well as women.

Sauce goes here.
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Bloody end to Philippines hostage drama

Manila, Philippines (CNN) -- At least seven hostages appear to have survived the 10-hour hijacking of a bus in the heart of the Philippines capital Monday, and the hostage-taker was shot dead, a CNN producer at the scene said.

Police said at least two hostages were killed on the bus, which had 15 hostages on board when police stormed it. Nine hostages and the driver had been released earlier. It was unclear if the other six are alive or dead.

Police boarded the gunman-controlled bus about 40 minutes after the driver left and said the hostage-taker had killed all those remaining on board, CNN's Anna Coren reported. The police retreated immediately, possibly after firing a shot into the bus, pictures from the scene showed.

Earlier, a police assault team charged the bus, breaking the windows with an ax, Coren said.

The hostage taker had threatened "more drastic measures" if police approached him, Manila police official Leocadio Santiago told CNN.

Coren said those freed from the bus included a mother and her three children, a man with diabetes, and two photographers.

Three people were able to walk off the bus under their own power after the standoff ended, Coren said. It was unclear whether they were hostages.

Mendoza was demanding his job back, police told CNN.
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Source: CNN

  • Gunman who took 25 hostages shot dead by police
  • At least seven people being held on bus survived; at least two hostages killed
  • Police smashed windows on the bus then retreated
  • Gunman is former police officer fired for extortion, CNN affiliate reports
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Road Gospel Hall must have been fresh out of mind-your-own-business last night, because nine of God's hand-picked mouthpieces allegedly found themselves outside of the home of a Leslieville gay couple, praying for the men's unsolicited salvation.

Residents of the Dundas and Greenwood area stepped up in support of the unidentified targets, asking the holy rollers to move on and leave the neighbourhood in peace.

"We have an authority to preach the gospel," claims one worshipper in a video clip (above) captured by nearby resident Geoffrey Skelding. "We've been doing this seven years."

Though the church members didn't explicitly admit that they had chosen that particular house because it housed a gay couple, Skelding says that many street residents are convinced that's the reason, especially based on the church group's history of door-to-door evangelism on the street.

"Talking with my neighbours, I learned that a lesbian couple left the area because of this group," Skelding told Torontoist. "They do come to the area and knock on doors and tell people they are sinners."

The congregation is based a few streets away at Dundas and Highfield, and has been worshipping in that location since November of 1934.

"You don't know what love means," admonishes a bystander in the video, after one of the church members vows to return "in the will of God."

What makes this incident noteworthy is its context within Toronto's relatively tolerant religious commixture: overzealous evangelism is uncommon here, and this type of interference is seen by many as a form of harassment. Torontonians are known for welcoming people of all beliefs into the cultural fabric, but we're also protective of our citizens' right to live in peace.

And for that, can we get an Amen?

We all float down here...

Danish volunteers build manned spacecraft

A team of Danish volunteers has built a rocket capable of carrying a human into space, and will be launching it in a week's time. The project, which has been funded entirely by donations and sponsorship, is led by Kristian von Bengtson and Peter Madsen.

The rocket is named HEAT1X-TYCHO BRAHE, and its first test flight will carry a crash test dummy, rather than a human, so that the safety aspects of the design can be analysed. It'll launch from a floating platform that the team has also built, which will be towed into the middle of the Baltic sea by a submarine called Nautilus that the pair built as their last project.

The creators are members of the SomethingAwful web community, and have been posting pictures and answering questions there. In response to one question asking what the chances of the person inside dying are, they replied: "Unlike Columbia we're not moving at orbital speeds so 'dying a gruesome death burning up on re-entry' with our kit has a very low outcome probability."

Despite that, the rocket will still break the sound barrier, and subject the pilot (who is forced to stand inside the capsule) to considerable g-forces. As a result, the astronaut will only be able to move his arms, which will be able to operate a camera, the manual override functionality, the exit hatch, an additional oxygen mask and a vomit bag.

When the rocket hits the team's original target suborbital altitude of 150,000m (500,000 feet) and begins to descend again, parachutes will slow it and the team will track it with a GPS link and a "fast boat". The team said: "We should be able to receive a descent plot which can be used in projecting a splashdown ellipse pretty accurately, if we factor in wind speeds and so on."

The first test launch will be taking place on 31 August, 2010, and will set off from Denmark the previous day, as it takes about 36 hours of sailing to reach the site. The team's website is down at the time of writing, presumably due to the attention the launch is generating, but can be found at

If successful, Denmark will be the fourth country to put one of its citizens into space, following the USA, Soviet Union and China, and the first in the world to do it without government funding.