September 14th, 2010

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Pentagon Plan: Buying Books to Keep Secrets (then destroy said books)

WASHINGTON — Defense Department officials are negotiating to buy and destroy all 10,000 copies of the first printing of an Afghan war memoir they say contains intelligence secrets, according to two people familiar with the dispute.

The publication of “Operation Dark Heart,” by Anthony A. Shaffer, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer and a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, has divided military security reviewers and highlighted the uncertainty about what information poses a genuine threat to security.

Disputes between the government and former intelligence officials over whether their books reveal too much have become commonplace. But veterans of the publishing industry and intelligence agencies could not recall another case in which an agency sought to dispose of a book that had already been printed.

Army reviewers suggested various changes and redactions and signed off on the edited book in January, saying they had “no objection on legal or operational security grounds,” and the publisher, St. Martin’s Press, planned for an Aug. 31 release.

But when the Defense Intelligence Agency saw the manuscript in July and showed it to other spy agencies, reviewers identified more than 200 passages suspected of containing classified information, setting off a scramble by Pentagon officials to stop the book’s distribution.
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Afro-Colombian women fight prejudice by embracing technology

Afro-Colombian women fight prejudice by embracing technology

On an improvised stage “Bombón de chocolate” (Chocolate Candy) is being performed. The play, which narrates the story of an African-Colombian girl who feels rejected because of the colour of her skin, is one of the events at a special day on drug addiction and violence organised in the city of Villa Paz, in South-West Colombia. Villa Paz has a population of 4000 inhabitants, of which 54% are are women and most of whom are African descendants and whose agricultural activities are mainly related to the sugar cane.

The day’s events attended by over a thousand people began with a peace march, followed by talks on violence and health, and the projection of videos filmed on cellphones at the local telecentre.

The idea for the day arose some months earlier at a telecentre where local people discussed the community’s most pressing problems, motivated to do something about them and getting everyone involved.

But these were no ordinary discussions. For approximately eight months women and men of all ages had been getting together for workshops on gender and technology as part of piloted trials of the Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) in 24 government-sponsored1 telecentres throughout Colombia.

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Indiana Teen Commits Suicide After Anti-Gay Bullying At School


Tragic news to report from Indiana. Like Jaheem HerreraCarl Walker-Hoover, and Eric Mohat, 15-year-old Billy Lucas' suicide appears to have been inspired by anti-gay bullying at school.

Reports local station WXIN:

"The 15-year-old never told anyone he was gay but students at Greensburg High School thought he was and so they picked on him. 'People would call him 'fag' and stuff like that, just make fun of him because he's different basically,' said student Dillen Swango. Students told Fox59 News it was common knowledge that children bullied Billy and from what they said, it was getting worse. Last Thursday, Billy's mother found him dead inside their barn. He had hung himself. Students said on that same day, some students told Billy to kill himself. 'They said stuff like 'you're like a piece of crap' and 'you don't deserve to live.' Different things like that. Talked about how he was gay or whatever,' said Swango."

WTHR reports:

"Friends of Lucas say that he had been tormented for years. 'Some people at school called him names,' Hughes said, saying most of those names questioned Lucas' sexual orientation, and that Lucas, for the most part, did little to defend himself. 'He would try to but people would just try to break him down with words and stuff and just pick on him,' Hughes said."

A memorial to Billy has gone up on Facebook.

Watch WXIN's report, interviews with students, and a statement from suicide prevention group The Trevor Project

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This stuff messes me up so bad.
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Women’s Role in 2010 Uprising

A sociological view

The fact needs no reiteration that women’s participation in the on-going uprising for ‘Azaadi’ stands equal and total.  This has contributed to the total social support to the present demonstrations.  This phenomenon has not occurred without any reason or factor.

It has certain set ‘social causation’ which we explain here in terms of ‘sociological features’ of the present political movement.  The nature of women’s participation in this movement was voluntary and it was on their self-collective initiative that they came out for active support.

The women in this movement belonged to all urban, rural and hilly areas and all classes, castes and groups.  They composed of all age groups.  While the elder and married women came on streets for demonstrations, the younger ones concentrated on internet and other IT sources to highlight the Kashmir cause and Indian soldiers’ atrocious behaviour on Srinagar streets.  Their participation was deep and intense reflecting their anger and agony over the death of youth and children by the ‘security forces’. Moreover, they were clear about the political objective of this movement revolving around the ideal of ‘Azaadi’.
This dynamic role of women in the on-going movement can be explained in terms of three major factors.  First, social context.  It refers to equal and egalitarian social ethos in Kashmiri society which ensured equal-participatory role for women in economic, social, cultural, domestic, political and other affairs.  Even in the field of religion, they play a dynamic-participatory role which makes them different from their sisters in communities in the entire Indian sub-continent.  This gender-equality in Kashmir was seen both in rights as well as responsibilities perspective.

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité?

French Senate bans burka

Law to take effect in 6 months

The Associated Press

The French Senate voted overwhelmingly Tuesday for a bill banning the burka-style Islamic veil everywhere from post offices to streets, a move that affects only a tiny minority of the country's Muslim women but has significant symbolic repercussions.

The Senate voted 246 to 1 in favour of the bill, which has already passed in the lower chamber, the National Assembly.
Dissenters have 10 days to challenge the measure in the constitutional Council watchdog, but that is considered unlikely.
Muslims believe the legislation is one more blow to France's second religion, and risks raising the level of Islamophobia in a country where mosques, like synagogues, are sporadic targets of hate. Some women have vowed to wear a full-face veil despite the law.
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AP: O'Donnell beats Castle

Mark Murray writes: In perhaps the most surprising outcome of an already surprising primary season, the Associated Press has projected that Christine O'Donnell has beaten Rep. Mike Castle in Delaware's GOP Senate primary.

With 86% of districts reporting, O'Donnell is leading Castle, 54%-46%.

O'Donnell will take on Democrat Chris Coons in the general election, and Coons will start out as the front-runner for Joe Biden's old Senate seat.


How are the Democrats going to win against ABSTINENCE AT ALL TIMES, GOD WILLS IT in November?!?!