September 22nd, 2010


Natasha Pettigrew, Green Party Senate Candidate, Dies After Being Struck By SUV While Riding Bike


Green Party candidate running for U.S. Senate in Maryland has died after being hit by an SUV while riding her bike.

Maryland State Police say 30-year-old Natasha Pettigrew died early Tuesday. She was hit by an SUV in Prince George's County early Sunday.

Police say the woman driving the Cadillac Escalade that hit Pettigrew kept driving nearly four miles to her home, even though the bicycle was still lodged underneath the vehicle.

Police say the woman thought she hit a deer or a dog and didn't want to stop in the early morning hours. When she and her husband found the bicycle under the SUV, they called police.
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Army Ignored Complaints Of Afghan Slayings

Army Spc. Adam Winfield complained in Facebook messages to his father that he was being hounded by his platoon leader, Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs.

Gibbs was angry when Winfield failed to lock the hatch of his armored vehicle, so the sergeant gave him extra duty. Fed up, Winfield tapped out a message to his father, Chris, on a January day, complaining that his mistakes were minor compared to what Gibbs had done.

Chris Winfield says his son called Gibbs the "golden child of the platoon."

"He said the golden child can do no wrong. He can commit murder ... and get away with it and everybody seems fine with it."Collapse )

Paul Krugman: "The Angry Rich"

September 19, 2010

The Angry Rich

Anger is sweeping America. True, this white-hot rage is a minority phenomenon, not something that characterizes most of our fellow citizens. But the angry minority is angry indeed, consisting of people who feel that things to which they are entitled are being taken away. And they’re out for revenge.

No, I’m not talking about the Tea Partiers. I’m talking about the rich.

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Jewish Prayers Now Include LGBT People

Views on homosexuality vary among the three major branches of Judaism. The Reform Jewish movement has been generally accepting of LGBT people and is socially liberal on a variety of other issues. In contrast, Orthodox Judaism hasn’t been very accepting of LGBT people and is socially conservative. The Conservative movement falls somewhere in the middle, both on gay rights and other social issues.

But this year, Conservative Jews took a step toward acceptance during the High Holy Days services. The prayer book, called a mahzor, for the High Holy Days -- which include Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur -- was changed to be more inclusive of LGBT people.

The committee that worked on modernizing the prayers was headed by Rabbi Edward Feld. The modernization process took twelve years, and was the first update in the Conservative movement’s prayers in almost 40 years. The new prayer book is called Lev Shalem, and while it remains close to traditional Hebrew texts, it adds commentaries and optional readings to help make the prayer book more modern.

The updates include a prayer for a deceased “partner,” an attempt to include gay Jews, and a prayer for “a parent who was hurtful.” While the changes are small, they show improvement and an attempt to be inclusive of LGBT people within the Conservative Jewish movement.

The revised prayer book also includes passages that are progressive on women’s rights issues, including the use of gender-neutral language and added commentary on female Biblical figures.

Hopefully, the Conservative Jewish movement will progress to become more and more accepting of LGBT people. While the changes to show acceptance of LGBT people were small, they show that the movement is headed in the right direction.


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Georgia baby sitter, 11, charged in death

(CNN) -- An 11-year-old baby sitter in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, has been charged in the death of a 2-year-old, authorities said.

The baby sitter is accused of felony murder and cruelty to children, according to Lt. Steve Rose, spokesman for the Sandy Springs Police Department.

The baby sitter, who is a daughter of a co-worker of the victim's mother, was caring for Zyda White late Saturday. The mother of the 2-year-old called 911 from the baby sitter's home after returning to pick up her child, police said.

Zyda was taken to Scottish Rite Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, Rose said in a statement. An autopsy indicated she suffered blunt-force trauma to her head, torso and buttocks, CNN affiliate WSB reported.

Zyda's mother, Ashlea Collier, told CNN affiliate WSB her daughter's eyes were wide open when she got there. The baby sitter's mother started CPR. The 11-year-old told her that Zyda had fallen out of bed, that she put her back and gave her apple juice, Collier said.

Sandy Springs police are conducting interviews and examining evidence from the autopsy.

The 11-year-old was taken Tuesday to the Metro Youth Detention Center in Fulton County.

It was unclear whether the case will be handled by juvenile authorities.

There is also a video at the source


I feel horrible for everyone involved, but who leaves a 2 year old in the care of an 11 year old? IMO 11 year olds still need babysitters themselves.

Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Believe Obama Is A Cactus

WASHINGTON— According to a poll released Tuesday, nearly 20 percent of U.S. citizens now believe Barack Obama is a cactus, the most Americans to identify the president as a water- retaining desert plant since he took office.

The poll, conducted by the Pew Research Center, found a sharp rise in the number of Americans who say they firmly believe Obama was either born a cactus, became a cactus during his youth, or has questionable links to the Cactaceae family.

"We asked people of varying races, ages, and backgrounds the same question: 'What is President Barack Obama?'" Pew spokeswoman Jodi Miller told reporters. "And a fifth of them responded, 'A cactus.'"

According to the poll, Obama has lost favor among many voters who supported his candidacy in 2008 but have since come to doubt he is a mammal. While these Americans concede Obama may not specifically be a cactus, most believe he is a plant of some kind, with 18 percent saying the president is a ficus, 37 percent believing him to be a grain such as wheat or millet, and 12 percent convinced he is an old-growth forest in Northern California.

When asked why they agreed with the statement "President Obama is a large succulent plant composed of specialized cells designed for water retention in arid climates," many responded that they "just know," claiming the president only acts like a human being for political purposes and is truly a cactus at heart.

A number of polled Americans identified the above as a photo of President Obama.

White House officials have asserted that the nation's 44th president is a person.

"You can't go a day without hearing how Obama's a radical cactus sympathizer who wants to sap America of all its drinking water, or how he was actually born in the Kalahari Desert," said media critic Lynn Pelmont, referring to cable news outlets that suggest the president has prickly spines he uses to protect himself from thirsty animals. "For a man who prides himself on delivering a coherent message, there's an awful lot of confusion out there about whether he's a Harvard Law graduate or a leafless flowering shrub."

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Prickly Source

There's always that quarter of Americans who will believe anything. It's just disturbing.
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ONTD_Political's PotD: September 21, 2010.

Mexico's Bicentennial
This week, Mexico commemorated the 200th anniversary of the beginning of its War of Independence. In September of 1810, a Mexican priest named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla uttered a call to arms against the Spanish, later known as the Grito de Dolores ("Cry of Dolores"). Soon after began a series of battles with the Spanish that would build into a war that lasted over a decade, eventually resulting in independence. This bicentennial year, tens of thousands of Mexicans thronged the streets of Mexico City to celebrate. The celebrations took place under a somewhat subdued light though, amid the violence of a brutal nationwide drug war and vocal criticism of government spending on the lavish ceremonies. Collected here are photos of this week's celebration of 200 years of Mexican independence.
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Anti-racist protest in Stockholm

Thousands join anti-racist protest in Stockholm

One voice became thousands. 17-year-old Felicia Margineanu's appeal on Facebook turned into a powerful demonstration against racism and xenophobia, in only a few hours.

Sergels Torg in Stockholm was covered in people chanting anti-racist slogans for an hour on monday evening. At the top of the stairs 17 year old Felicia Margineanu from Sollentuna stood. Disappointed and upset after the sunday's election, where the Sweden Democrats where voted into the parliament, she wrote on Facebook: Come protest!

And thousands came. The police estimate that more than 5000 joined up. The stairs and sidewalks around the square where filled, and most people had a hard time hearing Felicia when she said in a bad megaphone: "I am only 17 years old. Look what I have done. Imagine what we can do together!"

And everyone spoke to agreed. It's time to do something.

- I came here because a party with xenophobic views got 5.7 percent of the votes. It's our duty to gather and make our voices hears, to show that we don't tolerate them, Arvid Johansson, 22, says.

A bit further away stands Annika Blomberg, 49. It was obvious for her, too, to come to Sergels Torg to show her position.

- I was broken-hearted when I came home after the election was over. Since then I've thought about how the harassment in schools and in work places can grow now. When I got the text that there would be a protest I didn't hesitate. This is my way of showing that we do not tolerate this.

The crows around us is almost silent for a few moments, only to ley their collective voices grow in chanting only seconds later. At least 5.000 are here. But it might be a few thousand more than that.

- I'm wondering why not everyone's here, Nicolas Ferreira, 32, says. When I saw the notice on Facebook this morning 400 had said that they would come. When I left home 6.000 supported it.

Francisco Navarro, 32, saw Felicia Margineanu's appeal, too.

- I felt that it was better to react late than never. No one can be passive, we have to react to the Sweden Democrats and try to affect others. The parties have to realize that SD have stolen their values and changed them. It's time to take them back.

Catharina Ek, 25, stands in the middle of the crowd. The hour approaches 7, and the protest is dissolving calmly and tidily. A sign further away reads "No racists in the parliament".

- It was obvious to go here and show my support, she says. And her friend Emilia Cederberg, 24, agrees.

- It's hard to know how much you can change, but this is a way to try, at least.

On the stroke of seven, several hundred of the protesters move up towards Drottninggatan and further towards the Parliament. I follow them for a while. A girl with a megaphone shouts "No racists on our streets" and gets an immediate responce from the crowd surrounding her.

Målmedvetna och sammanbitna tågar unga och äldre vidare. Drottningatan ekar av slagord som inte känns hotfulla trots allvaret i dem.

Resolute and purposeful both young and old march on. Drottninggatan echoes with slogans that don't feel threatening, despite the seriousness in them.

source: (translated by me)

This was written almost immediately after the protest (it was there when I got home 2 or so hours after) and later estimates of the number of people there place the number as high as 10 000.
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How to Run Like a Girl

Interlopers Run Amok: Guys Crash Road Races for Women
They Come in First, Are Dissed at Finish; For Meeting Fit Females, 'It's Hard to Beat'


Jonathan Mederos set a personal record in Disney's Princess Half Marathon last year, winning first place with a time of 1:16:17.

The reception he got was far from his personal best, though. "When I crossed the finish line, the announcers were silent, and I got downcast looks from the crowd," says Mr. Mederos, a 25-year-old high-school philosophy teacher in Miami.

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Voter Suppression Plans Between Republican Party of Wisconsin, Americans for Prosperity, Tea Party

A coordinated plot by the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin and organizations in the so-called Tea Party movement targeting minority voters and college students in a possibly illegal "voter caging" effort for voter suppression has been uncovered in evidence we have obtained.

Based on what we have heard, the Republican Party of Wisconsin, the Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin and leading Tea Party organizations are in collusion in an effort to suppress the ability of minorities and university students in Wisconsin to exercise their right to vote this November. We will be providing all of the evidence we have received on this wrongdoing to federal and state authorities so that they can investigate to ensure justice and democracy prevail."

One Wisconsin Now has filed formal requests for investigation with the U.S. Attorney's Office, as well as the Wisconsin Attorney General's Election Integrity Task Force and the Government Accountability Board demanding a full investigation to ensure the right to vote is not stolen by these plans.

The non-partisan Brennan Center for Justice outlines the process of voter caging:

Voter caging is the practice of sending mail to addresses on the voter rolls, compiling a list of the mail that is returned undelivered, and using that list to purge or challenge voters registrations on the grounds that the voters on the list do not legally reside at their registered addresses. Supporters of voter caging defend the practice as a means of preventing votes cast by ineligible voters. Voter caging, however, is notoriously unreliable. If it is treated (unjustifiably) as the sole basis for determining that a voter is ineligible or does not live at the address at which he or she registered, it can lead to the unwarranted purge or challenge of eligible voters. ...Moreover, the practice has often been targeted at minority voters, making the effects even more pernicious. [Brennan Center, "A Guide to Voter Caging," 6/29/07]

One Wisconsin Now obtained an audio recording it has verified as authentic from a June 12, 2010 meeting between the leaders of the state's Tea Party movement, led by Tim Dake, head of the GrandSons of Liberty. Dake serves as a regular spokesperson for Wisconsin's Tea Party organizations and is widely viewed as the movement's Wisconsin leader. The full audio, available at One Wisconsin Now's voter protection website,, details the plans for a coordinated voter suppression efforts, which is anchored in challenging voter eligibility on Election Day this November 2.

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No words. No fucking words.
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Commonwealth Games chief rushing to New Delhi

The Commonwealth Games chief rushed to New Delhi seeking emergency talks with the prime minister over India's chaotic preparations, as two world champion competitors withdrew and England warned that problems with the athletes' village have left the sporting event on a "knife-edge."

No national teams have yet pulled out, but Scotland announced Wednesday it would delay its travel to the Indian capital, where the athletes' village — said to be incomplete and soiled with human excrement — was supposed to open Thursday.

Indian officials insisted that facilities would be ready and immaculate for the Oct. 3 games opening despite wide-ranging concerns about unfinished buildings construction collapses and an outbreak of dengue fever.

The Games, which bring together more than 7,000 athletes from the 71 countries and territories from the former British empire every four years, was supposed to showcase India as an emerging power in the international community. Instead, it has become a major embarrassment.

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