October 10th, 2010

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NYC officials outraged over anti-gay gang torture

NYC officials outraged over anti-gay gang torture

Outraged city leaders said Saturday said that the city wouldn't tolerate the "vicious" hatred that had apparently caused a street gang's alleged beating and torture of three men because they were gay as an eighth suspect in the beatings was arrested.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said that several of the suspects had made statements implicating themselves in the crime, which occurred in a neighborhood where residents said homosexuality is both common and tolerated.

Asked if the men had expressed any remorse for what they had done, Kelly said "I wouldn't call it remorse."

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I'm so sick of the "nice kid" argument. Your kid does something this horrific? They are not nice, they are monsters. I don't care how much you love them.

The EDL And The Tea Party. Two Racist Groups Join Forces.

English Defence League forges links with America's Tea Party

As the far-right group marches in Leicester, details are emerging of growing contacts with extremist US groups in a 'war on Islamification"

Mark Townsend
The Observer, Sunday 10 October 2010

The English Defence League, a far-right grouping aimed at combating the "Islamification" of British cities, has developed strong links with the American Tea Party movement.

An Observer investigation has established that the EDL has made contact with anti-jihad groups within the Tea Party organisation and has invited a senior US rabbi and Tea Party activist to London this month. Rabbi Nachum Shifren, a regular speaker at Tea Party conventions, will speak about Sharia law and also discuss funding issues.

The league has also developed links with Pamela Geller, who was influential in the protests against plans to build an Islamic cultural centre near Ground Zero. Geller, darling of the Tea Party's growing anti-Islamic wing, is advocating an alliance with the EDL. The executive director of the Stop Islamisation of America organisation, she recently met EDL leaders in New York and has defended the group's actions, despite a recent violent march in Bradford.

Geller, who denies being anti-Muslim, said in one of her blogs: "I share the EDL's goals… We need to encourage rational, reasonable groups that oppose the Islamisation of the west."

Devin Burghart, vice-president of the Kansas-based Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights, said: "Geller is acting as the bridge between the EDL and the Tea Party. She plays an important role in bringing Islamophobia into the Tea Party. Her stature has increased substantially inside the Tea Party ranks after the Ground Zero mosque controversy. She has gained a lot of credibility with that stuff."

Details of the EDL's broadening aspirations came as about 1,000 supporters yesterday gathered to demonstrate in Leicester, which has a significant Muslim population. Home secretary Theresa May banned marches in the city last week but the EDL said its protest would proceed, raising fears of violence. Parts of Leicester were cordoned off to separate a counter-protest from Unite Against Fascism. Officers from 13 forces were on hand to maintain order.

The Tea Party is expected to be an influential force in America's mid-term elections. Last month their candidate Christine O'Donnell romped to the Republican nomination in Delaware, following a stream of populist rightwing candidates who carry the movement's endorsement. Burghart says anti-Islamic tendencies have become far more marked in the grassroots organisation: "As we move farther and farther away from the Tea Party origins, that were ostensibly around debt and bail-outs, social issues like Islamophobia are replacing that anger, that vigour. The idea that there is a war between Islam and the west is becoming commonplace."
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Photographer's violent 'Playroom' shots rile critics

OTTAWA (AFP) - A photographer's image shows a boy with olive skin pretending to crash a toy plane into twin towers of blocks while another plays fireman in a rendering that has fueled debate on parenting in an age of media saturation.

This and other provocative images in Jonathan Hobin's photography exhibit "In the Playroom," depict as child's play the September 11, 2001 attacks, prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, child beauty queen Jon-Benet Ramsey's murder and other real life horrors ripped from the headlines.

Alternately decried as irresponsibly risking children's innocence to make a political statement and praised for inspiring new ways to speak to kids about life's ghastly moments, the 12 photographs -- three years in the making -- are on display at Ottawa's Dale Smith Gallery until Sunday.

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Cabinet approves loyalty oath, but only for non-Jewish new citizens

Cabinet ministers on Sunday approved by a majority vote a controversial proposal which would require every non-Jew wishing to become a citizen of Israel to pledge loyalty to "the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state."

Twenty-two ministers voted in favor of the proposal, including most of Likud, Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu. Eight ministers were opposed, five of them from the Labor Party and three - Benny Begin, Dan Meridor and Michael Eitan - from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud.

The divided cabinet spent hours deliberating Justice Minister Ya'akov Ne'eman's proposed amendment to the Law of Citizenship ahead of the vote, including a proposal by Ne'eman himself that the pledge apply to Jews and non-Jews alike.

Defense Minister and Labor Party Chairman Ehud Barak warned earlier Sunday that he would vote against the proposal unless the cabinet agreed to include in the draft an allusion to Israel's Declaration of Independence.

Neither of those amendments was included in the final draft passed by cabinet.

As the cabinet began its deliberations Sunday, Netanyahu reiterated his support for the proposal. "The State of Israel is the national state of the Jewish people and it is a democratic state for all its citizenship," he said. "Jews and non-Jews enjoy equality and full rights."

"Unfortunately, there are many today who tried to blur not only the unique connection of the Jewish people to its homeland, but also the connection of the Jewish people to its state," Netanyahu added.

"Democracy is the soul of Israel and we cannot do without it. No one can preach democracy or enlightenment to us," Netanyahu added. "Zionism established an exemplary national state, a state that balances between the national needs of our people and the individual rights or every citizen in the country."

"There is no other democracy in the Middle East," he declared. "There is no other Jewish state in the world. The combination of these two lofty values expresses the foundation of our national life and anyone who would like to join us needs to recognize this."

Netanyahu's Labor coalition partners believe that his support for the loyalty oath is a sop to Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, aimed at winning his Yisrael Beiteinu party's support for an extension on a settlement construction freeze that expired late last month. The U.S. and EU have urged Israel to extend the construction freeze, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has warned that he will quit the current round of peace talks if the moratorium on new building in the West Bank is allowed to expire.


The Middle East's Only Democracy™ strikes again.

"Spirit of Halloween" = "Taunting dying 7 year old and her dead mother"

TRENTON, Mich. - Her family says 7-year-old Kathleen Edward is in the final stages of a degenerative brain disorder diagnosed as Huntington's Disease - the same disease which killed her mother, Laura, when she was only 24.

Neighbors Jennifer and Scott Petkov, who have been feuding with the family, admitted to posting grim depictions of Laura and Kathleen on Facebook. One photo depicts Laura in the arms of the grim reaper, while the other features Kathleen's face above a set of crossbones.

The couple also have a coffin hitched to a pick-up truck in front of the house, which they say is nothing more than a halloween decoration.

When asked why she did it, Petkov responded with:

"Personal satisfaction! Because it rubs their assholes raw! Burns their assholes! Because it burns Rebecca Rose's asshole raw to make fun of her dead daughter on that page. Take it or leave it."

The husband Scott has now apologized on behalf of both due to their house being egged, pizza being delivered that they didn't order and 4chan posting their address. And Jennifer Lynn has deleted both her facebook and myspace.

Video of apology:


Serb anti-gay protesters attack political party offices

Serbian police have clashed with protesters trying to disrupt a Gay Pride parade in the capital, Belgrade.

Police used tear gas against the rioters, who threw petrol bombs and stones at armed officers and tried to break through the security cordon for the march.

The protesters then set fire to the garage of the ruling Democratic Party's headquaters.

Around 40 people were injured, including at least two police officers.

A number of people were arrested.

This was the first Gay Pride parade in Serbia since a march in 2001 was broken up in violent clashes provoked by far-right extremists.

The BBC's Mark Lowen in Belgrade says firefighters are working to extinguish the fire at the Democratic Party headquarters.

While the Gay Pride parade was moving though the city, several hundred protesters shouted "death to homosexuals" while trying to get close to the march.

Thousands of police had sealed off central Belgrade to protect the event.
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Update: Euronews footage from today:


Maaaan, I really thought this year was going to be different. Hope the injured ones aren't seriously injured. :/
Kelly LeBrock

First Autistic Presidential Appointee Speaks Out

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When Ari Ne’eman walked onstage at a college campus in Pennsylvania in June, he looked like a handsome young rabbi presiding over the bar mitzvah of a young Talmudic scholar.

In truth, Ne’eman was facilitating a different kind of coming-of-age ceremony. Beckoning a group of teenagers to walk through a gateway symbolizing their transition into adult life, he said, “I welcome you as members of the autistic community.” The setting was an annual gathering called Autreat, organized by an autistic self-help group called Autism Network International.

Ne’eman’s deliberate use of the phrase “the autistic community” was more subversive than it sounds. The notion that autistic people — often portrayed in the media as pitiable loners — would not only wear their diagnosis proudly, but want to make common cause with other autistic people, is still a radical one. Imagine a world in which most public discussion of homosexuality was devoted to finding a cure for it, rather than on the need to address the social injustices that prevent gay people from living happier lives. Though the metaphor is far from exact (for example, gay people obviously don’t face the impairments that many autistic people do), that’s the kind of world that autistic people live in.

Now, as the first openly autistic White House appointee in history — and one of the youngest at age 22 — Ne’eman is determined to change that.

In December, he was nominated by President Obama to the National Council on Disability (NCD), a panel that advises the President and Congress on ways of reforming health care, schools, support services and employment policy to make society more equitable for people with all forms of disability.

Ne’eman spoke to Wired.com in July in his first interview with the media since his appointment.

His nomination proved controversial, in part because some self-proclaimed allies of the autistic community think national dialogue on the subject should focus primarily on finding causes and cures so that autism can be prevented in future generations.

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Gaaaaah. UK likely to move to a more US style tuition fees model

The upper limit on tuition fees 'should be removed'

Universities in England should have no upper limit on tuition fees, Lord Browne's review is set to recommend.

But government support will only be guaranteed up to a maximum of £7,000 per year - which is likely to make this the upper fee for most universities.

This would mean more than doubling the current tuition fee of £3,290.

Universities will be able to charge above this limit - if they share the financial burden of higher loans to students.

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I am beyond pissed. Pretty much as pissed as I was when Labour first brought in tuition fees not that long ago actually. I saw that this would happen then, despite "reassurances" to the contrary. How dare people who benefitted from free university tution and grants take that away from the generations that follow?


BBC Source.
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Flame-throwing Republican Carl Paladino blasted gays Sunday - saying there is "nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual."

"I don't want [children] brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is an equal valid and successful option," Paladino said during a visit with Orthodox Jewish leaders in Brooklyn's Williamsburg.

Paladino, who is running for governor, told the conservative Jewish leaders he would veto a gay marriage bill if it's passed by the Legislature.

Paladino drew a distinction between himself and Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo, saying he boycotted the gay pride parade while Cuomo marched.

"I didn't march in the Gay Pride parade this year. My opponent did. There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. That's not how God created us, and that's not the example that we should be showing our children - and certainly not in our schools," Paladino said.

He went on to zing Cuomo for allowing his daughters to also march in the gay parade.
"My opponent took his daughters to march in a homosexual parade," Paladino scoffed.

Asked whether such comments are appropriate given Saturday's stunning charge that nine members of a sadistic Bronx gang tortured a gay man and two gay teens, Paladino said he does not support gay bashing.
"Don't misquote me as wanting to hurt homosexual people in any way. That would be a dastardly lie. My approach is live and let live," Paladino said.

Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto ripped Paladino as a homophobe "unfit to represent New York."
"Mr. Paladino's statement displays a stunning homophobia and a glaring disregard for basic equality," Vlasto said.

He said the comments "along with other views he has espoused make it clear that he is way out of the mainstream and is unfit to represent New York."

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/10/10/2010-10-10_carl_paladino_in_blast_at_gays_nothing_to_be_proud_of_in_being_a_dysfunctional_h.html#ixzz1202sTEPg

Frissin' rissin' rassin' bigot, prepare to lose big in November.

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Bite me [America]
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Because I want to make exorbitent amounts of money, that's why.

I Can Afford Higher Taxes. But They’ll Make Me Work Less.

AN important issue dividing the political parties is whether to raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 a year. Democrats say these taxpayers can afford to chip in a bit more. Republicans say raising taxes on those who already face the highest marginal tax rates will hurt the economy.

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flames on the side of my face

I'm glad you choose to be middle class. That totally puts me on your side. Tell me more about how selfish you are, oh great Harvard alumnus. Talk to me about how you want more money, at the expense of the people on the bottom, and then try harder to convince me that I'll suffer if we don't pander to your selfish ass.

Is the Role of Women in al-Qaeda Increasing?

Supporters of Pakistani political party Muttahida Qaumi Movement take part in a rally demanding release and condemn the verdict against alleged Al-Qaeda suspect Aafia Siddiqui, in Karachi, Pakistan on Tuesday, Sept 28, 2010
A US court sentenced Aafia Siddiqi to jail for attempting to kill US federal agents

In the last week of September, the As-Sahab Foundation, which disseminates al-Qaeda messages and propaganda, released a video clip showing a group of militants launching mortar attacks on Pakistani army sites. The attacks and the clip were attributed to Aafia Siddiqui.

Siddiqui, 38, is a neuroscientist who had studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, before returning to Pakistan and marrying a relative of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.On 24 September 2010, she was sentenced in the US to 86 years for trying to kill American government agents in Afghanistan in 2009. Jihadist groups are reportedly seeking to stir up feelings of anger in Pakistan against the decision of the US court, as well as exploiting sensitivities surrounding a Muslim female being taken captive, in order to increase recruitment and support.
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SOURCE: www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-11484672