October 27th, 2010


Rand Paul Supporter Tim Profitt Wants Stomping Victim To Apologize To HIM

Tim Profitt, the Rand Paul supporter behind the white sneaker that notoriously stomped on a MoveOn activist’s head in Kentucky, sought to play down the importance of the incident Tuesday, and went so far as to ask the victim for an apology.
“I don’t think it’s that big of a deal,” Profitt told WKYT. “I would like for her to apologize to me to be honest with you.”
While the victim, Lauren Valle, said Tuesday that she believed the campaign workers’ violent reaction to her presence there was “premeditated,” Profitt told WKYT that he thought Valle was following a strict protocol with the intent of creating controversy.
“She’s a professional at what she does,” Profitt said, “and I think when all the facts come out, I think people will see that she was the one that initiated the whole thing.”
He then blamed the forceful downward motion of his foot on the head of Valle as a function of chronic back pain, a claim he has made before:
“I put my foot on her, and I did push her down at the very end, and I told her to stay down. I actually put my foot on her to — I couldn’t bend over because I have issues with my back,” Profitt said.
Profitt, who was once touted proudly by the Rand Paul campaign as its Bourbon County coordinator, has since been cut off from the Tea Party-backed Republican Senate candidate.


Edit: Who the hell does this guy think he is? Dick Cheney?

Holy shit...RIP :(

Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner dies

Argentina's former President, Nestor Kirchner, has died after suffering a sudden heart attack, doctors say.

Mr Kirchner, 60, who had been operated on in September for heart problems, died in the southern Argentine city of El Calafate, local media reported.

His wife, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, is the current president of the country.

Mr Kirchner served as president from 2003 to 2007, and was being tipped to stand for election again in 2011.

The couple had faced some criticism within Argentina for appearing to get around presidential term limits by stepping aside for each other.

A lawyer by training, Mr Kirchner served as mayor of Rio Gallegos, his hometown in Argentina's Patagonian south, before becoming governor of the wider region - the oil and gas-rich province of Santa Cruz.

He was elected president after Argentina had seen a series of presidents come and go following a major financial crisis in 2001.

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I literally just heard about this--WTF. RIP to one of Argentina's fairly decent presidents in the last 50 years (granted, he and his wife have a lot of problems, but it was during his administration that the laws protecting the Dirty War criminals were overturned).
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People abroad hurt by Canadian mining can now complain to new federal office

With Canadian mining companies facing allegations of environmental and human-rights abuses on different continents, the federal government has opened an office to settle foreign-based disputes.

A new ombudsman's office, which opened for business last week, is ready to field complaints from people in developing countries concerned over Canadian resource operations in their region.

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Gov. Christie cancels ARC tunnel (again)

There is no light at the end of this tunnel.

Gov. Chris Christie today terminated the over-budget Hudson River commuter train tunnel, America’s largest public works project, ending for now the two-decade-old quest to expand rail capacity between New Jersey and midtown Manhattan.

"It's a dollars and sense issue. I cannot place, upon the citizens of the state of New Jersey, an open-ended letter of credit," Christie said.

It was the second time the governor killed the tunnel this month. He scrapped the project on Oct. 7, saying his advisers were projecting overruns of $2.3 billion to $5.3 billion beyond the $8.7 billion tunnel price tag.

The next day, at the urging of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Christie agreed to give the project a grace period while federal officials searched for cost alternatives to help New Jersey pay for the project that was most recently projected to cost at least $9.78 billion.

The federal government and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey had each allocated $3 billion for the project and New Jersey committed $2.7 billion — including $1.25 billion in New Jersey Turnpike Authority money.

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Gay priest ice cream ad banned for ‘mocking Catholics’

An ad for ice cream which showed two priests about to kiss has been banned after it was ruled to be offensive to Catholics.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the ad, for Antonio Federici ice cream, was likely to cause “serious offence”.

The company has already been censured for ads showing pregnant nuns and priests and nuns in seductive poses.

According to the ASA, six people complained at the gay priests ad, which had the tagline “We believe in salivation”.

The ASA said that it “considered the portrayal of the two priests in a sexualised manner was likely to be interpreted as mocking the beliefs of Roman Catholics and was therefore likely to cause serious offence to some readers”.

Antonio Federici, which is a Catholic company, argued that the ad did not mock Catholicism but reflected “grave troubles” in the church such as the issue of gay priests.

The company said it believed many people found these issues more offensive than an ad which “celebrated” homosexuality and added that it would continue to challenge the “troubled” Catholic Church.

Source: Pink News
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Fox News donates $1million to Republican Governors Association

The Cash Question: Murdoch, Fox, and the GOP
Rupert Murdoch, who has never been shy about making his political views known, has voted with his sizable checkbook.

Murdoch's News Corp. has made a $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association, triggering swift criticism from Democrats that a contribution of that magnitude casts a shadow on his media properties, particularly Fox News.

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Source has lots more and is worth a read.

looking for my surprised face brb

ETA: Originally I wrote the headline to read "Fox News donates $1million to RNC," which was incorrect. Fixed now.
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Marie Claire Done Goofed


So I'm sure by now most of you have at least heard of this article, which led to this controversy. And now Marie Claire has blessed us with their superior insight on where they stand in regards to shaming and bullying fat people:

Marie Claire sex and relationship blogger Maura Kelly drew the ire of the internet yesterday with her post about CBS sitcom Mike & Molly titled “Should ‘Fatties’ Get a Room? (Even on TV?),” in which she concluded, yes, “fatties” should get a room because overweight people “gross” her out. Kelly’s post has since received nearly 1,000 comments, and unsurprisingly, the vast majority of them pillory her.

Some commenters are so upset with the mag for publishing the post that they claim they are canceling their subscriptions. One even called for a boycott of Marie Claire until Kelly was fired.

So what does Marie Claire EIC Joanna Coles think of the piece? We asked her yesterday at Banana Republic’s spring show.

“Maura Kelly is a very provocative blogger,” Coles told us. “She was an anorexic herself and this is a subject she feels very strongly about.”

Coles said the mag has received over 28,000 email responses to the piece, and that Kelly was “excited and moved by their responses.”

While Coles made clear that she hasn’t actually seen Mike & Molly, she added “I’m concerned about a show that makes fun of large people.”

I haven’t seen the sitcom in question either, and yes, the show has its naysayers, but the critical response has been positive in regards to the way it addresses issues around weight. “Mike & Molly is significant as the second fictional series in recent months to take weight not as a sideshow but rather as a central, animating subject, surpassing even the efforts made by Roseanne in the 1980s and ’90s,” Ginia Bellafante wrote in her review of the sitcom for the New York Times. “Huge, a drama about teenagers at a fat camp, which appeared this summer on ABC Family, displayed a similar sensitivity, a tone aimed at correcting for the reflexive cultural judgments levied against the overweight at a time when obesity has been cast as one of the greatest blights of our age.” “I didn’t take it as making fun at all, and I think I’m really sensitive to that stuff,” actress Melissa McCarthy, who plays Molly, told the Chicago Tribune in August.

Coles went on to rightfully point out that Kelly has since updated her post, profusely apologizing for being “insensitive” and coming off as a “bully.” She also acknowledges that her struggle with anorexia may have had a part in what she calls her “extreme reaction” to the show.

Do you accept her apology? And has Coles done the right thing by standing by the post?


There's no fatphobia tag?

Homophobia kills [might be triggering re. homophobic attacks]

“QUE-EER! QUE-EER! QUE-EER!" This was the charming greeting I had chanted at me by a group of men on a stag do last Sunday morning as I nipped out for the papers. I knew they were stags because they were wearing T-shirts with ‘Mark’s Stag 2010’ emblazoned across them, possibly in case they forgot who they were with and what they were doing.

I know it’s hardly a manly thing to admit, but I felt genuinely frightened, not only because a bunch of blokes aggressively calling you out isn’t exactly the most sedate way to start your day of rest, but because in these sorts of situations you never know how they’re going to play out. By their very nature, they are scarily volatile and a spot of verbal abuse can quite easily turn physically ugly in a split-second, so understandably I was anxious I might get the shit kicked out of me.

This time, I was lucky – although it depends on your definition of luck – and it stopped at the name-calling, but there have been more than enough times in the past when it has escalated to spitting, punching, kicking and, my own personal favourite, headbutting. Once, I was beaten up so badly The Boyfriend actually didn’t recognise me. I’m not sure how many times throughout my life I’ve been queer bashed because why would you keep a tally of something so traumatic? The fact it’s up to tally levels, though, means bigots sticking the homophobic boot in has happened way too much.

That’s why I’m so vocal about homophobia and the effect it has because I live it, up close and personal and let me tell you it ain’t pretty. Actually all the abuse I’ve been getting lately is starting to get me down. I’ve noticed I’m becoming much more wary about going out and when I am out I’m obsessively vigilant, which is a bit sad really, but it’s how it’s made me feel. If I’m feeling like that as a hardened middle-ager, imagine how badly you’d feel if you were a teenager on the cusp of coming out. I’m betting pretty apprehensive and vulnerable.

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Source: GaydarNation
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Pakistani-born Virginian held in Metro terror plot

A Pakistani-born Virginia man was arrested by the FBI on Wednesday on suspicion of taking part in what he thought to be plans for a simultaneous al Qaeda attack next year on multiple Northern Virginia Metrorail stations, the Justice Department said.

Farooque Ahmed, 34, of Ashburn, was taken into custody on charges he attempted to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization, collected information to assist in planning a terrorist attack on a transit facility, and attempted to provide material support to terrorists.

Officials said that at no time was the public in danger during what appears to be a sting operation and that the FBI was aware of Mr. Ahmed's activities and closely monitored them until his arrest.

If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 50 years in prison. Mr. Ahmed was scheduled to make his first court appearance Wednesday afternoon.

"It's chilling that a man from Ashburn is accused of casing rail stations with the goal of killing as many Metro riders as possible through simultaneous bomb attacks," said Neil H. MacBride, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

"Today's arrest highlights the terrorism threat that exists in Northern Virginia and our ability to find those seeking to harm U.S. citizens and neutralize them before they can act," he said.

In a nine-page indictment handed up by a federal grand jury in Alexandria, prosecutors say Mr. Ahmed told someone he thought was an al Qaeda member that he planned to complete the hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in November and that he "might be ready to travel overseas to conduct jihad in January 2011."

Authorities say that on April 18, Mr. Ahmed drove to a hotel in the Dulles area of Northern Virginia, met with someone he thought was an al Qaeda courier and provided the person with a list of locations for future meetings.

On May 15, at a hotel in Herndon, authorities say, Mr. Ahmed agreed to watch and photograph a Washington, D.C., hotel and the Arlington Cemetery Metrorail station to obtain information about their security and busiest periods.

According to the indictment, Mr. Ahmed participated in surveillance and recorded video images of Metrorail stations in Arlington on four occasions in May and in July.

He met the person he thought was an al Qaeda member at a hotel room in Sterling, Va., on July 19 and delivered a memory stick with videos of the station. During the meeting, he also agreed to conduct similar surveillance to assess the security and peak travel times at the Court House and Pentagon City stations, also located in Arlington.

The indictment says he told the person he thought to be his contact that he planned to raise $10,000 to support their "brothers overseas," even if he had to deceive people about the true purpose of the money. Mr. Ahmed told the contact he would send the money in $1,000 increments "in order to not raise any red flags."

The indictment says Mr. Ahmed again met his contact on Sept. 28 in a Herndon hotel room, where he delivered a thumb drive with images he had collected of the two Metro stations in the course of his observations. It further says Mr. Ahmed told the contact he thought that "between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. would be the best time to stage an attack to cause the most casualties."

He also provided diagrams he drew of the Arlington Cemetery, Court House and Pentagon City Metrorail stations and made suggestions as to where explosives should be placed on trains "to kill the most people in simultaneous attacks planned for 2011."

The indictment says Mr. Ahmed, a naturalized U.S. citizen, told his contact he was available to meet with a courier sometime between Wednesday and Friday to deliver the results of surveillance he conducted on Oct. 21 at the Crystal City Metro station.

The case is being investigated by the FBI's Washington field office Joint Terrorism Task Force, which includes 35 agencies in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.


The title and some parts of the post updated to reflect changes at the source.

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Foreigners victims, perpetrators of sekuhara
Japan sees progress on sexual harassment, but stories suggest it still has a long way to go

When "Tracy," an American then in her late 20s, started her career in Japan as a JET instructor at a high school in Kagoshima nearly 20 years ago, nothing in her training could have prepared her for what she witnessed.

The Japanese teacher she worked with at the school — one of the few women who taught there — would constantly be asked by her male colleagues when she would be getting married. Male students would call her anonymously and proposition her for sex. Condoms were left on her computer keyboard every morning, and every morning she would brush them into the bin in quiet humiliation as the other teachers chuckled.

Soon Tracy too became a victim of harassment. At a bonenkai (end-of-year party), one of the vice principals sat next to her and grabbed her breasts. "Why do you hide these?" he said, as all the men burst into laughter.

She responded by gesturing towards his crotch and asking, "Why do you hide this?"

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I was not surprised to read that one of the women worked at NOVA; there's a reason that sketchy as hell company went bankrupt (and for the record, when a creep cornered me in a stairwell on my way to work when I worked for Aeon, another of the big English Conversation Schools, as soon as I got to work and managed to say what had happened, the Japanese staff--all women--were telling me to go the police and report the guy, and asked if I wanted to go home instead of working. So not every place is staffed by insensitive jerks.)

And boys at the junior high I worked at had their moments of sekuhara, but they were like that with everyone, male AND female teachers. They used to try and shock me (PROTIP: When sensei is actually a slasher, trying to shock her by bouncing up and down on another boy's lap and yelling "Fast ride! Slooooow ride!" while varying your bouncing speed is not going to work so well) and nearly every ALT I knew, male and female, got grilled intensively on their sex life and has had to deal with kids, male and female, having grabby-hands.

The street harassment thing...yeah, it happens, and people do ignore it as "not my problem/don't get involved," and it extends to a lot more than just ignoring harassment. Likewise, cops are a joke and there's a lot of feeling women are just pressing charges and the like for money (because many times with pervs on the train, if they get caught, they'll try to pay the woman off rather than have her go to the police, and the police seem to encourage it.)
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Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert's Satellite Rallies

Can’t make it all the way to Washington, D.C. for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on October 30th, 12 PM - 3 PM EST? GO TO ANY OF THE SATELLITE RALLIES BELOW!

October 22, 2010: Stephen Kurczy from the Monitor wrote the following:
Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' goes global, sparking events all the way to Mt. Everest

Kittie Brown's gathering in Paris will be one among more than 800 happening in 67 countries as Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' gains global appeal.


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Well Fuck You Too

Tony Perkins: Gay Teens Resort to "Depression or Suicide" Because They Know They're "Abnormal"

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins recently gave an unsympathetic diagnosis for the recent surge in teen suicides caused anti-gay bullying: they resort to extreme measures because they're battling with the internal understanding that homosexuality is, in fact, "abnormal."

Speaking with NPR for a piece about how religious movements fit into the anti-gay bullying equation, Perkins's analysis of the situation appeared the least forgiving.

Perkins told NPR that gay rights groups were exploiting the concern over anti-LGBT bigotry to build momentum for their movement, an argument that he has made before.

"There's no correlation between inacceptance of homosexuality and depression and suicide," Perkins told NPR.

Here's how Perkins explained the issue:

"These young people who identify as gay or lesbian, we know from the social science that they have a higher propensity to depression or suicide because of that internal conflict," he says.

Homosexuality is "abnormal," he says, and kids know it, which leads them to despair. That's why he wants to confront gay activism in public schools. For example, his group supports the Day of Truth, when Christian high-schoolers make their case that homosexuality is a sin.

Tony Perkins was given a platform to make a similarly uncompassionate polemic in the Washington Post earlier this month, on National Coming Out Day, no less. The paper later explained, over Twitter, that the editorial was their attempt to "cover both sides" of the debate.


These teens killed themselves, which is horrible enough, but how DARE you deny it has nothing to do with your bigotry and hatred.

I can't find words to fully describe how upsetting it is that this asshole, along with several other people on the far right (like the article posted here earlier about that guy on the school board), have absolutely NO human decency left and are saying such awful things in the face of a tragic epidemic.

Obama, Jon Stewart and Change

President Obama took his campaign get-out-the-vote blitz to “The Daily Show” on Wednesday, telling the host, Jon Stewart, that he never promised transformational change overnight.

“When we promised during the campaign change you can believe in, it wasn’t change you can believe in in 18 months,’’ Mr. Obama said. “It was change you can believe in but were going to have to work for it.”

The 30-minute interview, before a wildly enthusiastic crowd of 550 at the Harman Center for the Arts in downtown Washington, a short drive from the White House, was Mr. Obama’s first appearance on the show as president, though he was also a guest during his run for the White House in 2008. The president used the appearance to defend his agenda and make a pitch for people to get out and vote; Mr. Stewart used the interview to press the president with the critique he often hears from the left, by characterizing his agenda as timid – a characterization the president fiercely resisted.

“You ran on very high rhetoric, hope and change, and the Democrats this year seem to be running on, ‘Please baby, one more chance’,’’ Mr. Stewart said at one point. At another, he asked the president if he was now running on “Yes we can, with certain conditions.’’

Mr. Obama replied, “I think I would say, ‘Yes we can, but –“

Mr. Stewart, laughing, cut the president off. Mr. Obama jumped in again, finishing his sentence: “But it’s not going to happen overnight.”

For Mr. Stewart, the interview was part of the run-up to the Rally to Restore Sanity and the March to Keep Fear Alive that he and his fellow Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert are hosting on the National Mall this Saturday. For Mr. Obama, it was another step in an intense effort to get Democrats – and especially young people –to the polls, and Mr. Obama closed the interview by making a pitch for them to do just that.

“Can I just make a plug just to vote?’’ the president asked, as Mr. Stewart tried to wrap up. “Go out there and vote Nov. 2. A lot of you have early voting in your states; make sure you make use of it.’’

Of course, when you are president of the United States and you appear on a fake news program, you can expect to get tweaked, and Mr. Stewart did not disappoint.

“So here you are, two years in, and the question that raises in my mind is, ‘Are we the people we were waiting for?’’ Mr. Stewart asked – a riff on Mr. Obama’s much-repeated campaign line. “Or,’’ Mr. Stewart went on, as the audience laughed, “Does it turn out those people are still out there and we don’t have their number?’’

The interview went longer than Mr. Stewart expected – so long, in fact, that the show’s producers decided to cut out the original introduction Mr. Stewart taped, which include a riff of him fiddling with a pen and drumming his fingers on the table while making the president wait, and his introduction of Mr. Obama as “White House chairman of the council of Economic Advisers Austan Goolsbee’s boss.’’ A spokeswoman for the show said it was the first time the show consisted of a single interview.

Late-night television has come a long way since Bill Clinton, then a presidential candidate, played his saxophone for Arsenio Hall during his campaign for the White House in 1992. The lines between entertainment and news are increasingly blurred – in part because Mr. Obama has been willing to bring his presidential platform to settings his predecessors might have regarded as unconventional, to say the least.

Last, year, Mr. Obama became the first sitting president to appear on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. Over the summer, he dished with Whoopi Goldberg and other doyennes of daytime television on ABC’s “The View.” (“I wanted to pick a show that Michelle actually watches,’’ he told them.)

Getting out the vote is “on the top of every to-do list of every person working in a campaign at any point in the country,’’ and The Daily Show appearance is a part of that effort, the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs told reporters this week. Mr. Obama, he said, “hasn’t been shy about going to the places where people are getting their information and trying to make his case.”


Can't wait to watch this!!

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Three Tales of Erotic Political Slash w/ Illustrations!

Courtesy of the Boston Phoenix!

Slash fiction is a rich literary tradition. Ever since Spock first called Kirk his t'hyla, fans have hypothesized the gay exploits of ostensibly straight fictional characters and celebrity personae. The utter lunacy of the 2010 election cycle — backstabbing, demon sheep, witches — seemed to lend itself to the genre. So behold: three terrifying erotic tales starring some of our favorite hacks (and some of our favorite pundits).

Brief excerpts follow:


Trailing a lacquered nail across Christine's hand, Sarah handed her a glass of something green. Christine sipped her drink. It tasted like Bartles & Jaymes, with a hint, underneath, of decay. And then Sarah had winked at her, and the world swam and went black.

THE PEOPLE'S SEAT: John Kerry/Scott Brown

"John! John, it's okay! I'm here . . ." Someone was pulling him to his feet. It was Scott. "I followed you," Scott had said, and before John could protest, the younger man had scooped him up and was carrying him to his truck, parked nearby. The scent of Scott's leather barn jacket filled John's nostrils and stirred his groin as Scott helped him into the cab. "I was worried," Scott cooed, suddenly very close.


One evening, Anderson Cooper, Jon Stewart, and Rachel Maddow got kidnapped by aliens.

We want to see how you Earth people have sex, the aliens said. (They didn't actually speak English — it was more of a telepathic thing.)

Jon raised his eyebrows at the other two pundits. They looked away. "This always happens," Anderson muttered.

For the rest of the stories and MORE wonderful artwork, please visit the source web site:


Please send encouragement and comments to letters@phx.com
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Enjoy your newfound fame, McCance!

Arkansas officials condemn anti-gay comments on Facebook
By the CNN Wires Staff
October 27, 2010 10:25 p.m. EDT

 Da charming one (No, not really)

(CNN) -- The Arkansas Department of Education has condemned anti-gay comments made by a local school board member and posted on a social networking site.

Midland School District Vice President Clint McCance wrote on his personal Facebook page that he wanted gay people to commit suicide, according to The Advocate, a newspaper focusing on gay news. McCance used the terms "queer" and "fag" repeatedly, promised to disown his own children if they were gay, and stated that he enjoys "the fact that [gay people] often give each other AIDS and die."

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Antigay Arkansas School Official Clint McCance Has 'a Family to Consider' Video

by SheWired Editors | Article Date: 10/27/2010 6:03 PM

The Arkansas school board member who advocated on Facebook for gays to kill themselves told the editor of the Arkansas Times he has yet to release a statement because he has family to consider.

Clint McCance made headlines Tuesday when The Advocate reported on his Facebook message, protesting being asked to wear purple in honor of teens who have taken their lives by saying he’d wear the color “is if they all commit suicide.”

He has yet to grant an interview, but spoke he briefly with Arkansas Times editor Max Brantley.

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more sauce (Pic of the charmer came from this source)

If he were my dad, I'd move out of the house and stay out for as long as I need to.  This is one kind of attention I would not want on me at all.