October 28th, 2010

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Virginia Congressman Owen Pickett dies at age 80

Former Congressman Owen Pickett dies
Updated: Wednesday, 27 Oct 2010, 11:33 PM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 27 Oct 2010, 11:23 PM EDT

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) - Former Virginia congressman Owen Pickett passed away Wednesday at the age of 80.

Pickett represented the 2nd Congressional District from 1987-2001.

Governor Bob McDonnell issued a statement on Pickett's death. "I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of my good friend Owen Pickett. Owen dedicated his life to public service. He was a patriot. He served the Commonwealth in the House of Delegates and our nation in the House of Representatives. That was his passion: service," said McDonnell.

The rest of the (for now brief) obit is here

Posted because Pickett was a long serving congressman here in the state and he'll be missed by a lot of people here in the 2nd District.

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President Obama on DADT: ‘I don’t think that the disillusionment is justified’

In a 45-minute meeting at the White House on Wednesday, a group of five progressive bloggers sat down with President Obama and individually asked questions pertaining to the current political climate looking towards the impending midterm elections, and the administration’s outlook on issues that are concerning voters.

The group included Joe Sudbay of AMERICAblog, John Amato of Crooks & Liars, Oliver Willis of OliverWillis.com, Barbara Morrill of DailyKos, and Duncan Black (aka Atrios) of Eschaton, all of whom were invited at the request of the White House.

Joe Sudbay, from AMERICAblog, covering issues of paramount concern to LGBT voters, took the opportunity to quiz the president on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” as well as same-sex marriage and Prop 8 in California.

Sudbay, in questioning the president, referring to the recent DADT court battle in California and the administration’s decision to appeal the injunction order ruling by U. S. District Court Judge Virgina Phillips, which declared the law unconstitutional, said:

“Which you know, there is a certain amount of disillusionment and disappointment in our community right now.”

President Obama replied:

“On ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ I have been as systematic and methodical in trying to move that agenda forward as I could be given my legal constraints, given that Congress had explicitly passed a law designed to tie my hands on the issue.

“And so, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think that the disillusionment is justified.

“Now, I say that as somebody who appreciates that the LGBT community very legitimately feels these issues in very personal terms. So it’s not my place to counsel patience. One of my favorite pieces of literature is ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail,’ and Dr. King had to battle people counseling patience and time. And he rightly said that time is neutral. And things don’t automatically get better unless people push to try to get things better.

“So I don’t begrudge the LGBT community pushing, but the flip side of it is that this notion somehow that this administration has been a source of disappointment to the LGBT community, as opposed to a stalwart ally of the LGBT community, I think is wrong.”

Read the full text of Joe Sudbay’s interview with the President, and the full transcript including all the blogger’s questions, at AMERICAblog.

i want joe biden i need joe biden

Prison Economics Help Drive Arizona Immigration Law

Last year, two men showed up in Benson, Ariz., a small desert town 60 miles from the Mexico border, offering a deal.

Glenn Nichols, the Benson city manager, remembers the pitch.

"The gentleman that's the main thrust of this thing has a huge turquoise ring on his finger," Nichols said. "He's a great big huge guy and I equated him to a car salesman."

What he was selling was a prison for women and children who were illegal immigrants.

"They talk [about] how positive this was going to be for the community," Nichols said, "the amount of money that we would realize from each prisoner on a daily rate."

But Nichols wasn't buying. He asked them how would they possibly keep a prison full for years — decades even — with illegal immigrants?
"They talked like they didn't have any doubt they could fill it," Nichols said.

That's because prison companies like this one had a plan — a new business model to lock up illegal immigrants. And the plan became Arizona's immigration law.
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If you can listen to the audio instead of reading, it's worth your time. I caught this on my way into work this morning and it adds a whole level of understanding when you hear Pearce stumbling over himself to justify his actions.

Bomb threat investigated on plane at Salt Lake airport

SALT LAKE CITY -- A SkyWest airplane headed to Salt Lake City from Helena, Mont. is isolated on the ground at the Salt Lake International Airport due to a bomb threat.

Airport spokeswoman Barbara Gann told KSL someone called in the threat to the airport Thursday morning. Details of the call have not been released.

All 46 passengers on board have left the plane and are being questioned and searched in an airport terminal.

Crews with a bomb-sniffing dog are going through the plane, looking for signs of a bomb or anything suspicious.

Other air traffic is not affected.


Hurricanes to lobby meteorologists for more intimidating names

As Hurricane Richard made landfall in Belize, Hurricanes everywhere have said people would take them more seriously if meteorologists started giving them more appropriate names, like Megatron, Napalm and Schwarzenegger.

Hurricane Richard is merely the latest in a long line of inappropriately named Hurricanes that sound more like guests at a middle-class dinner party than deadly storms.

As one storm expert explained, “Later this season we could have a Hurricane Paula, seriously. Sure, it might be capable of rampant monkey sex with an Aussie rock star, but it’s not the name for a storm that could kill thousands.”

“The most devastating Hurricane in living memory was called Katrina. KATRINA! Really? The most deadly hurricane in years should obviously have been called Hurricane Van Damme.”

Hurricane Names

The pro-Hurricane lobby have put together formal proposals for the reclassification of Hurricanes into groups that will finally mean something to non-weather experts.

Spokesperson Dwayne Williams told reporters, “We’ve spent months on this new scheme, so without further ado, I present the all new and improved Hurricane classification system.”
  • Hurricane Simon Cowell - The most vile of storms, will pick up shit from around the country and blow it directly into your front room every weekend evening between eight and ten.
  • Hurricane Katie Price - You don’t have to go looking for it, just stand around with a camera long enough and it will find you.
  • Hurricane Financial Sector - Starts out nicely, helping you dry your clothes, then turns nasty and takes your house away.
  • Hurricane Fritzl - A Hurricane that goes about its deadly business off the radar, with most of its damage done underground.
  • Hurricane Rooney - Goes for the old people first, clean-up tends to cost at least £150,000 a week.
  • Hurricane George Osborne - Has absolutely no idea what it’s doing, yet is immensely powerful. As a result is likely to cause misery for millions.
  • Hurricane Daily Mail - Mainly full of hot air, will make a small number of ill-informed people disproportionately angry, but will be ignored by the majority who realise it’s completely harmless.
  • Hurricane Benitez - Slow acting storm which takes several years to systematically destroy what might have taken decades to build, leaves behind a pile of crap before buggering off to somewhere much warmer.
  • Hurricane Lib Dem - Dangerous storm likely to flip at a moment’s notice if it thinks it can become more powerful going in a different direction.

Source: The Beeb, I think

Cameron to start wearing red nose in attempt to move debate away from cuts

David Cameron is to try and move the debate away from the swingeing cuts made last week during the comprehensive spending review, by wearing a red nose everywhere he goes.

The move is seen as the first sign of desperation on the part of the government to try and stop people calling them despicable shits every second of every single day.

A party insider said, “We saw it on a Derren Brown programme, I think he called it misdirection. We do something interesting over here, and you don’t see that we’re throwing you out of your house over there.”

“David is going to start with the nose, but if that doesn’t work and people are still just interested in all the money and services we’re taking off them, he’ll maybe move on to include a brightly coloured afro wig.”

Spending review

Critics are already calling the red nose a ’stunt’ - at least that’s what we think they shouted - claiming it shows the level of anger the government is facing over what are seen as draconian spending cuts across the board.

As one political commentator explained, “This is a genuine political debate, just because he wants to change the subject doesn’t mean we have… my God, did you see the size of his shoes? They’re like big red flippers!”

The first public outing of the red nose is due to be at a CBI speech delivered by the prime minister later today, though he will not be accompanied by his Chancellor who is so far refusing to wear the Power Rangers outfit provided for him.

Definitely real Source
Pride & Prejudice

Sakineh's son and lawyer tortured

The Islamic regime has tortured Sajjad and Houtan Houtan and the two German journalists have been transferred to Tabriz prison

According to information obtained by the International Committees against stoning and executions, Sajjad, the son of Sakineh and Houtan Kian, her lawyer, have been subjected to pressure and severe torture in a prison in Tabriz.

According to our sources, Houtan and  two German journalists, who at the time of arrest were interviewing Sakineh's son, were transferred to Tabriz prison on Tuesday October 26, 16 days after their arrest. The whereabouts of Sajjad remain unknown.

Our sources suggest that Sajjad, particularly during its first days of detention, was severely tortured, and that Houtan was harassed and beaten. The interrogations of Sajjad and Houtan have mainly been about their contacts with foreign media networks and the Campaign to Save Sakineh.

The International Committees against Execution and Stoning call upon all international humanitarian institutions, organizations, and people who have participated in the Campaign to Save Sakineh to condemn the Islamic regime for savagery and crime against these innocent people, and ask that they intensify their activities to free Sakineh, Sajjad, Houtan and the two German journalists.

Sajjad and Houtan’s only crime is their selfless attempt to save Sakineh’s life, this innocent woman who has been sentenced to death by stoning under medieval Islamic laws, who has suffered humiliation and 198 strokes of the lash. The two German journalists, held also in violation of all international laws, have done nothing but having met two Iranian citizens, Sajjad and Houtan, to write a report about real situation of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Sakineh and all four of those arrested [on October 10] must be released immediately and unconditionally.

The International Committees against Execution and Stoning finally call on all international institutions, organizations and people worldwide to actively participate in the campaign to free Sakineh and the other four.


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Olbermann: If The Tea Party Wins, America Loses (VIDEO)

Perhaps using a reverse echo of MSNBC's new slogan ("Lean Forward"), Keith Olbermann launched into the tea party on Wednesday night during a special comment that included a bumper-sticker-ready catch phrase: "Vote Backward, Vote Tea Party."

The "Countdown" host railed against the movement, using an analogy to call their candidates, "a group of unqualified, unstable individuals who will do what they are told, in exchange for money and power, and march this nation as far backward as they can get, backward to Jim Crow, or backward to the breadlines of the '30s, or backward to hanging union organizers, or backward to the Trusts and the Robber Barons."

How strongly does Olbermann feel? He spent nearly 20 minutes on his harsh indictment of the tea party.



I gotta say.....seeing all the crazy bundled up in one segment is tough to watch.  It certainly does provide lots of motivation to getting off your ass, and getting out there to vote.    As the fictional President Bartlet from The West Wing said, "Decisions are made by those who show up."  Truer words were never spoken, and let's hope it's more of those seeking sanity who show up rather than those stoking up the fear and nuttiness of the Tea Party candidates.



If they win, GOP plans to take their balls and go home.

GOP Leaders Tell Obama: There Will Be ‘No Compromise’

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who is in line to become a powerful committee leader should Republicans take control of the House of Representatives, made some waves last week when he said he wanted to work with President Obama after the midterm elections. “We have a real opportunity to get some things done,” he told the Wall Street Journal. Issa quickly refined his position, however, later telling ABC’s Top Line that “the word ‘compromise’ has been misunderstood.” He clarified that his job will be “getting America back to the center right where it exists.”

It seems the Republican leadership agrees with Issa — there will only be compromise if the President agrees to everything it wants. According to a Washington Post profile published yesterday, Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) “let out a long sigh when asked where he would look to work with Obama,” and then said “I came here to fight for a smaller, less costly and more accountable government, and to the extent that [Obama] wants to work with us in terms of where we’re going, I would certainly welcome it.” On Sean Hannity’s radio show yesterday, he made it much more explicit: “This is not a time for compromise, and I can tell you that we will not compromise on our principles,” he said.

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), appearing on CNN’s Parker Spitzer last night, was equally as strident, saying that in 1994 when the Republicans took control of Congress “there was altogether too much compromise,” and promised that “there will be no compromise” if Republicans take control after the midterms, specifically on issues like “repealing ObamaCare lock stock and barrel.Watch it:

Polls show Americans want Republicans and Democrats to work together in order to achieve progress on major issues, and at a meeting with some progressive bloggers at the White House yesterday, President Obama said he was willing to do that:

THE PRESIDENT: Look, the — I’m a pretty stubborn guy when it comes to, on the one hand, trying to get cooperation. I don’t give up just because I didn’t get cooperation on this issue; I’ll try the next issue. If the Republicans don’t agree with me on fiscal policy, maybe they’ll agree with me on infrastructure. If they don’t agree with me on infrastructure, I’ll try to see if they agree with me on education.

So I’m just going to keep on trying to see where they want to move the country forward.

If Obama “wants to see where they want to move the country,” GOP leaders are making clear they’re less interested in moving it than in defeating him.


I have to say that if there is one specific regard in which I totally disagree with the President, it's that he still keeps thinking he'll get any kind of cooperation out of the GOP.  I more or less said to hell with all of them months ago, and yet he still keeps trying.   That man must have the patience of a saint.

It's also an interesting strategy where they decide that their whole objective now is just to beat Obama.....rather than having objectives that are actually going to make a difference to regular people.  I have a feeling this will come back to bite them in the ass in short order.

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Writer Arundhati Roy threatened with arrest for ‘sedition’; English PEN speaks out

English PEN stands in solidarity with Arundhati Roy. English PEN, the writers association campaigning for free expression worldwide, today issues a statement in support of the writer Arundhati Roy, and urges the Indian authorities to rule out charges of sedition against her.

News reports from India state that Roy, the author of the Booker Prize winning novel The God of Small Things, will be arrested and charged with 'sedition' over comments she made on Kashmir.

In statement issued to news organisations and campaigners (reproduced below), Roy claims she said only "what millions of people here say every day" and that her comments against India's operations in Kashmir were made in support of her fellow countrymen.

Lisa Appignanesi, President of English PEN, said:

"Since June, Kashmiri journalists and broadcasters attempting to report on unrest in Indian-administered Kashmir have been subject to violence and gagging.

Booker Prize winning novelist Arundhati Roy has now stepped forward to draw the world's attention to the plight of Kashmiris. The truth of what is happening in Kashmir needs to be told. Brutality by the state, and the silencing of reporters, is no option for a modern India."

The author Hari Kunzru said:

"I'm concerned to hear that Arundhati Roy may face sedition charges. India trumpets its status as the world's largest democracy, but the  Indian establishment is notoriously unwilling to listen to dissident  voices. Whether or not one agrees with Roy's positions on Kashmir or the  Maoist insurgency in Central India, the issues she raises are important  and deserve to be debated. The willingness by elements of the Indian  establishment to use the legal system to intimidate critics is  lamentable. India's writers are an important part of the nation's  identity on the international stage. Supporting their right to free  speech goes hand in hand with applauding them when they win the Booker prize. One is meaningless without the other."

Laws of 'sedition' (criticising the state) are routinely used by governments all around the world to threaten critics of official policy and state actions. In former British colonies, these are based on archaic English laws. Last year, English PEN campaigned successfully to ensure the remnants of such laws were removed from the English statute books, but elsewhere in the Commonwealth they remain law.

Robert Sharp, Campaigns Manager at English PEN, said:

We urge the Indian government and the police to make a public statement, withdrawing the threat of charges against Arundhati Roy.

The laws of sedition are a sinister part of Britain's colonial legacy. India should not be using such laws to silence debate. We ask the Indian parliament to protect free speech by abolishing laws of sedition, as their colleagues elsewhere in the Commonwealth have done in recent years.


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Sarah Palin: I Will Run for President in 2012 if There's Nobody Else To Do It

ET's Mary Hart visits Sarah Palin at home in Wasilla, Alaska, where the former Republican vice presidential candidate tells ET she'll run for president in 2012 "if there's nobody else to do it."

The former Alaska governor, mom of five, and star of TLC's upcoming series "Sarah Palin's Alaska" says that when it comes to deciding whether to run: "It's going to entail a discussion with my family [and] a real close look at the lay of the land, to consider whether there are those with that common sense, conservative, pro-Constitution passion, whether there are already candidates out there who can do the job … or whether there's nobody willing to do it, to make the tough choices and not care what the critics are going to say about you, just going forward according to what I think the priorities should be."

"If there's nobody else to do it, then of course I would believe that we should do this," Sarah tells Mary, leaving the door wide open for a 2012 run, while also noting that if it turns out there are candidates "who can do the job," they would have her full support.

In ET's exclusive interview, Sarah comments for the first time on the New York Magazine cover story that referred to her as "Sarah Barracuda," and also shares how she deals with critics.

And while Sarah is hugely supportive of daughter Bristol's fancy footwork on "Dancing with the Stars," she won't be in the audience next week. Why? She'll be covering the mid-term elections for FOX News. She jokes to Mary, "Bristol and I will be competing for ratings, she with ABC, me with FOX News. ... She'll kick my butt. She will," Sarah says, laughing.

For more of our Sarah Palin exclusive, tune in to ET tonight. "Sarah Palin's Alaska," which chronicles some of Sarah's favorite facets of her home state and is produced by Emmy-winner Mark Burnett, premieres on TLC on November 14.


Pictured Below: America's Woe.


ONTDLicious Post: I Slept With Christine O'Donnell

Three years ago this week, an intoxicated Christine O'Donnell showed up at the apartment of a 25-year-old Philadelphian and ended up spending the night in his bed. Here's his story—and photos—of his escapade with the would-be Delaware senator.

I barely knew Christine when she turned up at my door at around eight o'clock on the night of Halloween. We'd met for the first and only time three months earlier when my two roommates and I signed the lease on our apartment: Christine's aunt owned the place we were moving into, and she happened to be up from Delaware visiting at the time. But we'd only spent about five minutes together that day and we hadn't spoken much, and I hadn't thought of her since.

Yet here she was standing outside my door with a friend. And both of them were pretty tipsy.

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Can we get a "putting the ontd back" tag? Also, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, I DON'T EVEN! POP THE POPCORN BECAUSE SHIT WILL GET REAL! ETA: At first glance I didn't realize how much this account supported the rape culture. I apologize if anyone has been offended by this.

[USA] Bisexual AZ Rep Kyrsten Sinema honored by Time Magazine

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is a three-term bi-identified LGBT AZ State Representative who is now running for State Senate.

openly bisexual Arizona State Represntitive Kyrsten Sinema (Credit: http://www.ksinema.org)In 2006 she chaired Arizona Together, the statewide campaign that defeated Proposition 107, which would have banned the recognition of same-sex marriage and civil unions in Arizona. In 2008, she also led the campaign against Proposition 102, a narrowed down version of Proposition 107 which sadly was approved by a narrow margin in the general elections of 2008.

Representative Sinema was just named one of Time Magazine's "40 Under 40", along with Colorado's Jared Polis she is one of only two openly LGBT people on this year's list.

Articles from the USA Bisexual Media
Kyrsten Sinema chats with Bi Social Network on Politics (w/Podcast Interview)
Time Magazine lists out bi politician as one of their “40 under 40″ (w/Video Interview)
Kyrsten Sinema on LGBT issues, October 2010 (Video Interview)


Kimberly-Clark Introduces Scott Naturals Tube-Free - the First Coreless Bath Tissue for the Home

Making it easier for consumers to take a "green step" at home, Kimberly-Clark today announced the introduction of the first toilet paper in the U.S. without the cardboard tube for use at home - Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue. This innovative product eliminates the cardboard tube that has been the central fixture of rolled toilet paper for more than 100 years - a simple step with major potential to eliminate millions of pounds of material from the waste stream. Scotts Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue is currently being tested exclusively at select Walmart and Sam's Club stores in the northeast U.S.

"The Scott brand was the first to put bath tissue on a cardboard tube - and is now the first brand to eliminate the tube," said Doug Daniels, brand manager of strategy and innovation for the Scott brand. "Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue performs as well as traditional rolled toilet paper - while reducing material in the waste stream."

U.S. households use an estimated 17 billion bath tissue tubes annually, equivalent to 160 million pounds of waste - equal to the weight of more than 250 Boeing 747 airliners. The cardboard tubes can be recycled - but often are not. In fact, in a survey by Scott Naturals brand of about 1,000 participants, over 85 percent said that they throw it out with the trash most often.

"By eliminating the tube, we are making it easy for consumers to help tangibly improve the environment, without compromising on product quality or performance," said Daniels. "We know that it all adds up, and we're helping our consumers make a positive impact."

Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue is easily placed on a regular tissue spindle and dispenses the same way as the traditional product. There is no change to the user's normal routine. The product will be priced the same as current Scott Naturals bath tissue with the tube.

This newest innovation from the Scott brand builds on the successful 2009 introduction of the entire Scott Naturals family of bath tissue, towels, flushable moist wipes and napkins - delivering the performance, quality and value consumers demand while providing meaningful environmental benefits -- that's Green Done Right.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Walmart and Sam's Club on the market test of Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue," said Daniels. "The introduction of the first tube-free bath tissue for the home is a green step forward that exemplifies K-C's commitment to sustainability and to developing products that meet the needs of today's environmentally conscious consumers."

"At Walmart, we know innovation that results in a more sustainable product will ultimately help save our customers money and reduce their impact on the environment," said Al Dominguez, Walmart vice president of household chemicals and paper goods. "The Scott Natural's Tube-Free bath tissue is another example of an item that helps Walmart move closer to its goal of selling products that sustain people and the environment."

"We are pleased we could work with the Kimberly-Clark team on the development of the new Scott Natural's Tube-Free bath tissue as part of our effort to make the products we offer more environmentally sustainable," said Jill Turner-Mitchael, senior vice president, Health and Wellness. "At Sam's Club, we believe in taking simple steps to saving green and look forward to sharing the success of this product with our supplier community to inspire others to think beyond the status quo."

The Northeast market test of Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue will be supported with a comprehensive marketing campaign including TV advertising, a partnership with MeetUp.com, FSIs, direct mail, in-store marketing and product demonstrations.

Source: Forbes
Beth Phoenix

Ark. school offical to resign over anti - gay Facebook remarks

This is an update on the original story about this guy.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A member of a northern Arkansas school board says he is resigning his seat after coming under fire for posting anti-gay remarks on his Facebook page, CNN reported late Thursday.

"I'm sorry I've hurt people with my comments," Clint McCance, vice-president of the Midland School District, told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "I'm sorry I made those ignorant comments and hurt people on a broad spectrum."

Commenting on a campaign to get people to wear purple to show support for bullied gay and lesbian youth, McCance posted on the social networking site that the only way he would wear purple is "if they all commit suicide."

The Arkansas Department of Education on Wednesday condemned the alleged posting by Midland School Board member Clint McCance and the Arkansas Times reported that about three dozen protesters rallied Thursday outside Midland High School calling for McCance's ouster.

Source. Don't read the comments

Good, he's doing the right thing by resigning. Too bad he can't necessarily retract the damage he did with his original Facebook statements
Chibis- Keith Gaga

Wecomics stole Glenn Beck's thunder.

Indie Sci-Fi Anthology Steals Glenn Beck's Thunder

On Tuesday, a self-published sci-fi anthology called Machine of Death appeared at the top spot on Amazon's best-seller list. This was no accident: the book's editors, including the Web comic authors David Malki and Ryan North, had encouraged everyone they knew to buy the book on its October 26 release date, in the hopes of generating a one-day sales spike and demonstrating that "internet people make things happen."

It would be fair to say that they accomplished this. One person who got the message was Glenn Beck, whose new book Broke also came out on October 26. When Beck discovered that he'd missed the top spot on Amazon, this, according to a transcript at the Machine of Death Web site, is what he had to say on Wednesday's Glenn Beck Program:

And I want to tell you that, um…our books are ALWAYS #1. And I find it REALLY fascinating, FASCINATING, that if you go to Amazon.com, Broke is number THREE. And the two books that are ahead of it — one is Keith Richards' Life, which is getting a TON of — you know, that's everywhere.

But this is a book about, you know, how he snorted his father's ashes, after death ... So that… 'culture of death.' And it’s an escape into the past, of, you know, the Woodstock stuff.

And then, the #1 book — TODAY, at least — is Machine of Death. And it's a — collected stories about, you know, people who know how they're gonna die. Haowww!

So you have DEATH — I know it's called Life, but what a life it is, really! It's a culture of death! OR, 'How do we restore ourselves?'

These are the — this is the left, I think, speaking. This is the left. You want to talk about where we're headed? We're headed towards a culture of death. A culture that, um, celebrates the things that have destroyed us. Not that the Rolling Stones have destroyed us — I mean, you can't always get what you want. You know what I'm saying? Brown sugar. I have no idea what that means.

Broke has since overtaken Machine of Death on Amazon's list; they're now at #2 and #4, respectively. For the record, Machine of Death is a collection of speculative stories about a machine that can tell you the cause of your eventual death, but not the time or place. It's got text and illustrations by celebrated comics artists like Kate Beaton, Randall Munroe, John Allison, and KC Green, and does not appear to align itself explicitly with Woodstock, Keith Richards, or the "culture of death" in either the American or Japanese sense. Glenn Beck, on the other hand, has long taken pains to establish himself as an advocate of life and survival.

I lol'd.

Also, Glenn Beck tried to hit up Malki for free copies of the Machine of Death afterwards.