November 13th, 2010


Repeal the 26th Amendment!

Jimmy Carter was such an abominable president we got Ronald Reagan, tax cuts, a booming economy and the destruction of the Soviet Union.

Two years of Bill Clinton and a Democratic Congress got us the first Republican Congress in half a century, followed by tax cuts, welfare reform and a booming economy –- all of which Clinton now claims credit for.

Obama's disastrous presidency has already produced Republican senators from Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Illinois; New Jersey's wonder-governor Chris Christie; and the largest House majority for Republicans since 1946.

We deserve more. Clinton only threatened to wreck the health care system; Obama actually did it. We must repeal the 26th Amendment.

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Do these people even think about what pours out of their mouths?

With all due respect, Cindy McCain is a liar. The only question is when she lied - today, or yesterday.

Yesterday, Cindy McCain - the wife of US Senator John McCain - released a video in which she criticized the US government "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," policy, and suggested that it gave bullies an incentive to bash gay youth, who then try to kill themselves.

Our political and religious leaders tell LGBT youth that they have no future.
They can't serve our country openly.
What's worse, these laws that legislate discrimination teach bullies that what they're doing is acceptable.
Our government treats the LGBT community like second class citizens, why shouldn't they?
Today, Cindy McCain is suddenly tweeting how pro-DADT she is (clearly, her homophobic husband, who is leading the charge on trying to filibuster the effort to repeal DADT, got to her). Which means, of course, that by her own words she now thinks she is responsible for gay kids committing suicide. Here is the two-faced Cindy McCain today:

Did she lie today or lie yesterday? Either way, she's a liar, and she should be removed from the NOH8 video because, as of right now, Cindy McCain is a hater. Not to mention, great message she just sent to gay youth. If someone pressures you, cave and support hate.

I can't believe I defended this woman over the past 24 hours to people who tweeted me, and messaged me on Facebook, and said she was a fraud. I argued that she had a done a great thing. And now we see the real Cindy McCain: Hateful two-faced homophobic fraud.

Her lying homophobic face needs to be yanked from that video immediately.

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Burma releases Aung San Suu Kyi

Supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi in Rangoon (13 November 2010)

The military authorities in Burma have released the pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

She has appeared in front of a crowd of her supporters who rushed to her house in Rangoon when nearby barricades were removed by the security forces.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner has been detained for 15 of the past 21 years.
Earlier, Ms Suu Kyi's lawyer warned that she was highly unlikely to accept a conditional release if it excluded her from political activity.
The government has restricted her travel and freedom to associate during previous brief spells of liberty, and demanded she quit politics.
She was originally due to be released from house arrest last year, but a case involving an American who swam across Inya Lake to her home, claiming he was on a mission to save her, prompted the latest detention.
Last Sunday, the political party supported by the military government won the country's first election in 20 years. The ballot was widely condemned.
'Work together' Since Saturday morning, crowds of people had been waiting anxiously for news of Ms Suu Kyi's fate near her home and the headquarters of her now-banned National League for Democracy (NLD) party. Many wore T-shirts sporting the slogans "We stand with Aung San Suu Kyi".

By late afternoon, a stand-off had developed between armed riot police and several hundred people who had gathered on the other side of the security barricade blocking the road leading to her lakeside home. Some of them later sat down in the road in an act of defiance.

As tensions rose, reports came in at about 1700 (1030 GMT) that the security forces had started removing the barricade.
Soon after, official cars were seen entering the compound, and unnamed officials then said that the release order had been read to Ms Suu Kyi.
Hundreds of people then surged forward and rushed towards her home to greet her.
Ms Suu Kyi then appeared on a platform at the gate of her compound, wearing a traditional lilac dress. The crowd chanted, cheered and sang the national anthem.
"There is a time to be quiet and a time to talk. People must work in unison. Only then can we achieve our goal," she told the crowd.
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The beeb is amazed@source

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This Week in Crazy

This week in crazy: Glenn Beck

The king of conspiracy shamelessly attacks George Soros -- and finally nabs the award he was born to win

SATURDAY, NOV 13, 2010 11:01 ET

Shocking but true: Glenn Beck has not yet been the subject of "This Week in Crazy," the feature that was essentially created to honor 2009's Craziest Man. This week, though, as if he knew that his usual conspiracy-mongering, fake tears and suffocating paranoia just weren't cutting it anymore, Beck aired a series of shameless attacks on George Soros that seemed ripped from the pages of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The message? Financier and philanthropist George Soros is a "puppet master" secretly at the center of a vast conspiracy that aims to destroy our economy and take over the nation through deceit. The proof? A lot of selectively edited quotes, wild innuendo and the fact that Soros "collapsed regimes" in "four other countries."

Beck knows full well that Soros dedicated his life to promoting democracy in Communist nations, which an avowed anti-socialist like Beck should theoretically be championing him for. But Soros is a progressive, and in the Beck world, progressives are socialists are Maoists are Communists are totalitarians, so any enemy of Soros is a friend of Glenn Beck's. Insanity makes strange bedfellows. Look who Beck quotes to support his argument that Soros is one of the secret rulers of the world:
He's known as the man who broke the bank of England. The Prime Minister of Malaysia called Soros an unscrupulous profiteer. In Thailand, he was branded the "economic war criminal." They also said that he "sucks the blood from people."

The prime minister of Malaysia went on to say: "We do not want to say that this is a plot by the Jews, but in reality it is a Jew who triggered the currency plunge, and coincidentally Soros is a Jew." (The other quote, about how Soros is a bloodsucking something-or-other, speaks for itself.)

I don't think people who read secondhand accounts of the specials -- or even those who read the transcripts -- can grasp how weird and shameless the entire spectacle was. There were puppets strewn about the set. The camera always watches Beck watching whatever we're supposed to be watching. Beck blatantly flirted with classic anti-Semitic tropes, knowing he'd be called on it but confident his friends would have his back. His taunting response to criticism: If he's a lying anti-Semite, why would Rupert Murdoch allow him on the air?

But the craziest bit of the entire thing came when Glenn Beck accused Soros -- a 14-year-old Jew in Budapest attempting, during the war, to survive the Holocaust -- of collaborating with the Nazis and "helping send the Jews to the death camps." Yes, that happened. Repeatedly.

Even Beck's allies in the Anti-Defamation League seemed taken aback by this -- though they affirmed that they still supported Beck the following day.

The fact that, for reasons of partisan convenience, half the media and the Anti-Defamation League ignore or pretend to not see fairly blatant repurposing of ancient anti-Semitic propaganda on a major cable news network by a prominent pundit? That makes me feel like this week's craziest person.
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Gaza flotilla: FAIL! Held aid workers 'treated like terror suspects'

Seven British aid workers held captive on a ship in the Libyan sea, including six people from London, have been told they may be treated as "terrorists" when they reach land, sources on board have said.

The volunteers, part of the Road to Hope convoy bringing aid to Gaza, say they were taken by force from Derna Harbour in Libya on Thursday after a payment dispute with the ship's captain. The convoy also included mother-of-three Laura Stuart, from Barnet, north London, who is not on board the ship.

After more than 24 hours at sea, the captives - who are being held in a small cabin on the ship's lower deck - arrived in Greek waters on Friday morning, where the ship was boarded by a group of Greek commandos. It has now anchored at Piraeus, near Athens, but it may be hours before the aid workers can leave the vessel.

Ellie Merton, London liaison for the convoy, said she was "extremely concerned" after receiving SOS messages from those on board the Strofades IV. "They are being treated like terror suspects by the Greek commandos, who have taken control of the vessel.

"They are not being held at gunpoint as some people are reporting, but there are guns on board and we are extremely concerned. I have been sent text messages and Facebook messages from the group and we just want to know what their status is and whether they are going to be safe or not."

One of the volunteers, Irishman Ken O'Keefe, who was involved in the Mavi Marmara attack earlier this year, wrote on Facebook: "We are being labelled 'terrorists' by the captain on the ship and we are hearing the Greek authorities may treat us as such." He later added: "There are Greek commandos in a Zodiak following the ship, shades of the Mavi Marmara. The commandos look edgy, spread the word, we want to return to Libya."

Charity worker Tauqir Sharif, 23, from Walthamstow in London, is also on board and said the aid workers had been "body searched" on Friday morning by the commandos. "Six of us are Muslims and have beards, it's not looking good," he told the BBC.

Mr Sharif said a Greek warship and coastguard vessel began following the ship as it approached the harbour. British nationals on board the Strofades IV include Mustapha El-Guerbouzi, Yunus Malik, Raheal Parveez, and Nagib Elgarib Elbarrami, all from London, and Kieran Turner, who lives in Liverpool.

Mr Turner, 38, the leader of the convoy, said in a message: "At one point we managed to get hold of a ship's radio, and got through to a nearby tanker. Through the tanker we sent out distress messages requesting help, and these got passed onto two Nato warships in the area. We've been given one meal, of sorts, since the ship left Derna. We've got access to water, but it's not drinking water."

Khalid Mohamed Omar Ali, whose hometown has not yet been reported, is also from the UK. Algerian Aziz Mekkati, and David Callender from Ireland are the two other captives on board.


And no help from IDF...
Oookay then...

McDonald's and PepsiCo to help write UK health policy

The Department of Health is putting the fast food companies McDonald's and KFC and processed food and drink manufacturers such as PepsiCo, Kellogg's, Unilever, Mars and Diageo at the heart of writing government policy on obesity, alcohol and diet-related disease, the Guardian has learned.

In an overhaul of public health, said by campaign groups to be the equivalent of handing smoking policy over to the tobacco industry, health secretary Andrew Lansley has set up five "responsibility deal" networks with business, co-chaired by ministers, to come up with policies. Some of these are expected to be used in the public health white paper due in the next month.

The groups are dominated by food and alcohol industry members, who have been invited to suggest measures to tackle public health crises. Working alongside them are public interest health and consumer groups including Which?, Cancer Research UK and the Faculty of Public Health. Collapse )

Seriously, what.
I thought even the Tories were better than this.
Knives for a pro.

Sight of Meat Puts People at Ease, Study Suggests

That feeling of goodwill when family and friends gather for the Thanksgiving meal may be due to the fact that the sight of meat on the table calms people, a new study suggests.

The researchers in the psychology department at McGill University in Montreal were surprised by their finding. They had expected that seeing meat would make people more aggressive.

"I was inspired by research on priming and aggression, that has shown that just looking at an object which is learned to be associated with aggression, such as a gun, can make someone more likely to behave aggressively," study author Frank Kachanoff said in a McGill news release.

"I wanted to know if we might respond aggressively to certain stimuli in our environment not because of learned associations, but because of an innate predisposition. I wanted to know if just looking at the meat would suffice to provoke an aggressive behavior," he explained.

Kachanoff thought meat would trigger aggression in people because he believed this type of behavior would have helped our primate ancestors survive.

The study included 82 males who sorted sets of photos while listening to a person read a script. Some sets of photos were of ready-to-eat meat while others had neutral imagery. Every time the script reader made an error, the participants could use various levels of sound to inflict punishment.

Contrary to what the researchers expected, the participants who sorted photos of meat were calm.

"In terms of behavior, with the benefit of hindsight, it would make sense that our ancestors would be calm, as they would be surrounded by friends and family at meal time," Kachanoff said. "I would like to run this experiment again, using hunting images. Perhaps Thanksgiving next year will be a great opportunity for a do-over!"

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ONTD_Political's PotD: November 13, 2010.

With marijuana on the ballot in four U.S. states this November, most prominently California's Proposition 19, which would fully legalize the substance, the legalization of marijuana has become a hot topic of discussion in North America. If pot were to become legal in California, it is unclear how that would affect the ongoing drug wars in neighboring Mexico - whether it would increase, decrease, or have little effect on the widespread violence. What is clear is that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has declared that the federal Justice Department will continue to prosecute those who use or distribute recreational marijuana, regardless of any change to state law. Collected here are photos from the past year of marijuana in the news, for both medicinal and recreational purposes, and some of the legal entanglements involved.
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First transgender athlete to play in NCAA basketball

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Washington (CNN) -- George Washington University junior Kye Allums will play women's basketball again this year. But he will now play the role of a brother, not a sister, to his teammates.

Everything will be the same when he takes to the court in the university's season opener later this month. Just that Allums, 21, will be identified as a man, becoming the first openly transgender player in NCAA Division I basketball.

"This means a lot," Allums said in a statement. "I didn't choose to be born in this body and feel the way I do."

The 5 foot 11 inch guard from Hugo, Minnesota, said the university has been supportive of his decision. But he will not be permitted to undergo testosterone therapy as long as he is competing.

A report last month from the National Center on Lesbian Rights and the Women's Sports Foundation provided guidance on the matter, saying that transgender student athletes "should be allowed to participate in any gender-segregated sports activity so long as that athlete's use of hormone therapy, if any, is consistent with the national governing body's existing policies on banned medications."

Robert Chernak, senior vice provost at George Washington, said the university is fully accepting of Allums decision to live as a male student.

Kye has informed the university that he will not begin any medical or drug protocols while a student-athlete," Chernak said. "Kye will continue to be a member of the women's basketball team.

"Kye has informed his teammates, and the university, with Kye's consent, has informed athletics staff and others, as appropriate."
Allums grew up as a tomboy and later tried behaving and dressing the way teenage girls do, according to an interview with Outsports, an online gay sports site.

"I decided to transition, that is change my name and pronouns because it bothered me to hide who I am, and I am trying to help myself and others to be who they are," Allums said in his statement.

In his sophomore year, he began telling people he was a man trapped in a woman's body.

"I told my teammates first, and they, including my coaches, have supported me," he said. "My teammates have embraced me as the big brother of the team. They have been my family, and I love them all."

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<i> applause all around - to him for living his truth, to his teammates and coach for being like whatever dude, no big deal, do you<i>