December 5th, 2010

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My Good Friend, Go Takayama, Wrongfully Imprisoned in Cambodia

From the National Press Photographers Association:

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA (December 3, 2010) – Photojournalist Go Takayama, 28, a visual journalist from Japan who is a graduate of Ohio University's School of Visual Communication and who has interned at several American newspapers, has been jailed in Cambodia after taking pictures for a story he was working while participating in the Angkor Photo Workshops.

After photographing a married couple inside a home on the evening of November 23, 2010, Takayama was stopped on the street by undercover police and detained until additional police arrived, Angkor Photo Workshop organizer Jessica Lim told News Photographer magazine today. They confiscated his camera along with 78 photographs from his memory card, which have been admitted as evidence in an accusation charging Takayama with producing pornographic content. He has been under arrest and in prison since that night.
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from the Phnom Penh Post:

The Siem Reap provincial court will try a Japanese man next week on charges of producing pornography, though the defendant claims the photos were part of an inoffensive project shot in connection with the recently-concluded Angkor Photo Festival.

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Go is a very good friend of mine and [info]art_house_queen's. We all went to university together and have remained friends since. He is like a long-distance older brother. He's kind, funny and intelligent. He is an amazing friend and dedicated photographer. He is not famous, he's not rich; he's just an average person living his life.

Some of our other friends have set up a Facebook . The first and easiest step is to contact the embassies in Cambodia, the United States and Japan. From there, we are set to begin a defense fund to help with all costs associated with his case.

I am hopeful that some of my fellow ontd_pers will take an interest in this case and send an e-mail to the Cambodian embassy in your country on his behalf.

Information on how to contact your local embassy:

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From Free Go: To those struggling to figure out what to write when contacting embassies, photojournalist and attorney Matt Slaby has put together a form letter below:

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Go's blog is located here. Please have a look at his portfolio and essays. That is the true Go.

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Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque

IRVINE, CALIF. - Before the sun rose, the informant donned a white Islamic robe. A tiny camera was sewn into a button, and a microphone was buried in a device attached to his keys.

"This is Farouk al-Aziz, code name Oracle," he said into the keys as he sat in his parked car in this quiet community south of Los Angeles. "It's November 13th, 4:30 a.m. And we're hot."

The undercover FBI informant - a convicted forger named Craig Monteilh - then drove off for 5 a.m. prayers at the Islamic Center of Irvine, where he says he spied on dozens of worshipers in a quest for potential terrorists.
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LEGAL ANALYSIS: What to expect as Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel hears Proposition 8 oral arguments

December 5th, 2010

Are you ready for a gay ol’ time? The holiday season is shaping up to be quite gay, indeed.

Last week, the Pentagon released its long-awaited report detailing how ending the ban on openly gay service would be no big deal. And, at 10 am on Monday, Dec. 6, Ted Olsen, David Boies and their legal team head to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals courtroom in San Francisco to argue that marriage equality should return to California.

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The possibilities discussed above are by no means the only ones, only the more likely ones. I know I will be glued to my TV tomorrow watching this (and not only because I'm writing a major research paper on the case). Perry is unique for a number of reasons, and tomorrow should be pretty good.
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Homeland Sec. Secretary urges passage of DREAM Act

The DREAM Act will strengthen the U.S. economy and its military and allow the Department of Homeland Security to focus its enforcement resources on removing "dangerous criminal aliens" from the country, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on a conference call, urging Congress to pass the legislation.

Saying the nation's immigration system "does not work the way it ought to," Napolitano said passing the DREAM Act would not be a substitute for much-needed comprehensive immigration reform, but it would allow young people who were not responsible for immigrating illegally to this country and who want to go to college or join the military to adjust their immigration status and provide a path to citizenship without fear of deportation. This would be possible only after a vigorous background check.

"The laws themselves need to be updated," she said. "They need to be updated and reformed. One of the reforms that can take place is the Dream Act which takes out of the universe of those, as it were, who would be subject to enforcement action, it takes out of that group those who are the least culpable."

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Black ballet: Pointe break

Ballet is typically a white upper-class pursuit, right? Hannah Pool on a company trying to change all that…

Cira Robinson started "pancaking" her ballet shoes when she was 18: "I use foundation. The colour is Caribbean coffee – it's basic cheap make-up, but it works. Pointe shoes come only in the traditional pink, unless they're red for a show. It would look strange if there was a pink shoe at the end of a brown leg, so it helps with the line. My pointe shoes are brown because my skin is brown."

Robinson is one of eight dancers with Ballet Black, the company started in 2001 by Cassa Pancho with a mission to "provide dancers and students of black and Asian descent with inspiring opportunities in classical ballet". Of Trinidadian and British parentage, Pancho studied classical ballet at the Royal Academy. "All through ballet school I was really aware of the lack of black people around me," she says. "So for my dissertation I thought I would interview black women working in ballet and see what they had to say – but I couldn't find a single black woman working in ballet, and that really stunned me. When I graduated, I decided, very naively, to do something about it myself."

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The Guardian, with profiles and photos of their members
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WikiLeaks founder Assange has encrypted Guantanamo documents, will release them if arrested - NYPOST

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has circulated across the internet an encrypted “poison pill” cache of uncensored documents suspected to include files on BP and Guantanamo Bay.
One of the files identified this weekend by The (London) Sunday Times — called the “insurance” file -- has been downloaded from the WikiLeaks website by tens of thousands of supporters, from America to Australia.
Assange warns that any government that tries to curtail his activities risks triggering a new deluge of state and commercial secrets.
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only positive reveal from wikileaks, tbh

American embassy-report disses foreign affairs minister Carl Bildt.
"Carl Bildt has limited political skills, and his suit is too large compared to his power.

In the Wikileaks-documents that were released a week ago, the view that American diplomats have on the world's leaders is revealed.

Among other things, the French president Nicolas Sarkozy is described as an emperor without clothes, and Russia's prime minister Vladimit Putin is described as an alfamale.

Now there are reports of how the Swedish foreign affairs minister Carl Bildt is described in the American diplomatic reports that are sent home to Washington. And the description is anything but flattering.

Carl Bildt is apparently "respected, has much knowledge of the surrounding world and an impressive network of contacts". But Bildt also has "limited political skills" and "puts on a suit that is to big compared to the power he has".

To make him happy and to get close to him, one should "play on Bildt's desire to play on a high level".
Before a visit to the USA the former American president George Bush was advised to flatter Bildt by pretending to be impressed by his international deeds.

source: (translated by me)

hahahahaha. After all the depressing leaks, uncovering the politicians' Burn Book is pretty funny..