March 9th, 2011


Survey Says: Tea Partiers are more likely to hold racist beliefs

(I understand what this central issue is here. In order to understand was "racist" means, one would need a basic grasp of the english language and perhaps, a dictionary.  Tea-partiers are handicapped in this debate from the get-go. ) Hey Media,  remember this? 

2010 Poll Finds Tea Partiers Have More Racist Attitudes

Story source; Newsweek,

Poll : Universtity of Washington 2010 Multi-state Survey on Race & Politics

Are tea partiers racist? That question has triggered a flood of impassioned commentary in recent months. Opponents depict the movement as a band of cranky old white people brimming with racial resentment, as evidenced by the inflammatory signs that pop up at their rallies and coded language about "taking our country back." Supporters say the movement is motivated quite simply by resistance to big government and that the occasional flashes of racism are overhyped by the media and representative of only a small fringe. As Gallup's Frank Newport recently wrote, "Each side of the political spectrum appears to have a vested interest in portraying the Tea Party movement in the specific way that best fits their ideological positioning." Yet neither side has had much empirical data to draw on.

So a new poll by researchers at the University of Washington caught my eye. The findings are sure to fan the flames further. "People who approve of the Tea Party, more than those who don't approve, have more racist attitudes," says Christopher Parker, a University of Washington professor who directed the survey. "And not only that, but more homophobic and xenophobic attitudes." For instance, respondents were askedOnlywhether they agreed with various characterizations of different racial groups.  35 percent of those who strongly approve of the tea party agreed that blacks are hardworking, compared with 55 percent of those who strongly disapprove of the tea party. On whether blacks were intelligent, 45 percent of the tea-party supporters agreed, compared with 59 percent of the tea-party opponents. And on the issue of whether blacks were trustworthy, 41 percent of the tea-party supporters agreed, compared with 57 percent of the tea-party opponents.
The survey, which included about 1,000 respondents in six battleground states (like Michigan and Nevada) and California, found similar margins on questions regarding Latinos. And tea-party supporters were far more likely than opponents to say that immigrants take jobs from people living here (59 percent agreed with that statement), that immigration from foreign countries should be decreased (53 percent agreed), and that undocumented immigrants in the U.S. should be deported immediately (45 percent agreed).

These results cast the tea-party crowd in a different light from other recent surveys. A March Gallup poll, for instance, showed that tea-party supporters "skew right politically" but that "demographically, they are generally representative of the public at large." Tea-party backers were 79 percent white, while the country as a whole is 75 percent white. In other categories, like age, education, and employment, they also appeared similar to the average American adult. The University of Washington study, however, suggests that in terms of their views, the tea partiers aren't quite so mainstream after all. Which is sure to provide fresh ammo to the movement's critics.

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NPR chief ousted after exec's racism remarks

NPR president and CEO Vivian Schiller has resigned in the wake of comments by a fellow executive that angered conservatives and renewed calls to end federal funding for public broadcasting.

The chairman of NPR's board of directors announced this morning that he has accepted Schiller's resignation, effective immediately.

NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik said in a tweet that Schiller was forced out by the board.

A hidden-camera video of an NPR executive calling the tea party racist and saying the network would be better off without federal money has led to that executive's immediate resignation.


The head of US National Public Radio (NPR) has resigned amid a row over a "sting" video showing an NPR executive deriding conservative activists.

Vivian Schiller quit the NPR board on Wednesday. NPR's media reporter described her as being "ousted".

US conservatives have long claimed NPR bears a liberal bias, and Republicans have sought to cut the public element of its funding stream.

The service receives about 2% of its budget from the US government.

Source. Another Source. Yet a third source!

The third source is the longest but says generally the same thing as the other two & the prior post here.

This is so enraging, I understand it as a move to protect NPR's federal funding, but I'm enraged nonetheless. Why is it that being called racist has gotten so many people from NPR fired, but a party based on racism suffers zero consequences for their racist actions?
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Embryo swap mother of all mix-ups

I found this an interesting read.


Carolyn and Sean Savage were on their fourth round of IVF when they discovered she was pregnant - with another couple's child. Emma Brockes talks to them about what happened next.

In some US states, Carolyn Savage would be called the ''natural mother''. In others she is known as the ''birth mother''. The fertility industry generally refers to her as a ''gestational carrier'', a term she finds abhorrent. It's a complicated situation. In February 2009, while undergoing IVF, Savage was mistakenly implanted with the fertilised egg of another couple. She carried the baby to term and, after giving birth, handed him over to his ''genetic parents''. If she doesn't know exactly what she is to 18-month-old Logan, she does know this: ''I took him from 12 cells to a living, breathing human being.'' The 41-year-old pauses. ''That's a big deal.''

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*betty draper reading

On Texas Dept of Agriculture site, posters call for land mines, vigilantes & rabid weasels on border

On State Website, Calls for Vigilante Justice

* by Julian Aguilar

Texans advocating extreme solutions to secure the border — including land mines and booby traps on Texas farmland along the Rio Grande — have a new forum to share their views: a website operated by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples launched last week to allow ranchers and farmers living on or close to the border to share stories, pictures and videos that document their daily struggles with drug cartels and undocumented immigrants. Staples said the purpose of the site, which can be accessed from the agriculture department’s web page, is to give the producers of the nation's food and livestock a portal to pressure the federal government to pay closer attention to their security.

But they're not just sharing their stories. A message board where site visitors can register, log in and post their proposed solutions includes calls to violence.

User jcarrott suggests: “The most well known fighters of our Revolutionary war were not trained, they used hide and shot tactics that would work great today… If we — Americans — start shooting the bad guys, they will get the message!"

2$Bill offers methods like "watch groups, community patrols, land mines, tiger traps and roving packs of rabid [weasels]."

BTKKilla is more succinct, advising: “Killem all!!!! They are destroying or great country.”

Agriculture Department spokesman Bryan Black said the message board is there to “offer transparent, open debate and positive suggestions." But he acknowledged that hateful language and talk of vigilante justice is unacceptable, and said the department is working to delete those posts. Black pointed to a site disclaimer noting that comments from readers are “in no way intended to represent the views of the Texas Department of Agriculture, Commissioner Staples or TDA staff.”

But some federal lawmakers are still uneasy. U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-El Paso, called the site nothing more than a propaganda campaign that contradicts what crime statistics reflect about the Texas border. "The website leaves the impression that Texas border communities are dangerous, when, in fact, cities such as El Paso, McAllen, and Brownsville are safer than most other cities in Texas, including Austin,” he said. “Our state is facing a $27 billion budget crisis, and our state leaders are wasting scarce tax dollars to support a platform that portrays rural Texas like rural Afghanistan.”

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helmetkid wtf

Christian Crees Tear Down Sweat Lodge

By Valerie Taliman, Indian Country Today

When Redfern Mianscum built a sweat lodge in his Cree community last October, he was hoping it would bring about spiritual healing. Instead, it brought criticism and a controversial ban on Native spirituality and sweat lodges.

Mianscum agreed last fall to build a ‘mitutsaan,’ or sweat lodge, in the backyard of a friend, Lana Wapachee, so their families would have a place to pray in the traditions of Cree spiritual teachings. “The sweat lodge helped me turn away from alcohol and things that were hurting my family,” said Miascum, who returned to Cree traditions four years ago after his family suffered the loss of a baby. “I went back to the healing methods of our ancestors, and it turned me around for the better,” he said. “I wanted to share that with my family and others who believe this way.”

A few days after the sweat lodge was constructed, Christian members of this James Bay Cree community circulated a petition, signed by about 130 people, demanding that it be torn down. “We further request that no native spirituality be allowed in our community such as pow wows and spiritual practices, and [that we] not even allow any person to come into our community to bring these kind of practices to confuse our youth,” it stated. “Our concerns are for our youth, our children and grandchildren. We have raised them with the Word of God and we will continue to do so. They know the difference between the Word of God and spiritual practices.”

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I didn't see a tag for "First Nations" :(
why do you hate us so much?

11-Year-Old Raped, Blame Goes to Dress Style and Mother

Vicious Assault Shakes Texas Town

CLEVELAND, Tex. — The police investigation began shortly after Thanksgiving, when an elementary school student alerted a teacher to a lurid cellphone video that included one of her classmates.

The video led the police to an abandoned trailer, more evidence and, eventually, to a roundup over the last month of 18 young men and teenage boys on charges of participating in the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl in the abandoned trailer home, the authorities said.

Five suspects are students at Cleveland High School, including two members of the basketball team. Another is the 21-year-old son of a school board member. A few of the others have criminal records, from selling drugs to robbery and, in one case, manslaughter. The suspects range in age from middle schoolers to a 27-year-old.

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It's rare that the reaction of the surrounding community disgusts me almost as much as the crime itself, but this is just... beyond.

Centennial of Women's Vote in California

Centennial of Women's Vote in California is 2011: Berkeley Celebrations Planned

By Steven Finacom
Tuesday March 01, 2011

In June of 1908, as Berkeley prepared to ceremonially lay the cornerstone of a new City Hall, a group of local women registered a protest. They weren’t against the building itself, but wanted to use the occasion bring attention to the cause of Women’s Suffrage, the campaign to achieve voting rights for women.

California—and most of the United States—did not, at the time, grant women the vote.

The Berkeley Political Equality League, under the leadership of Mary McHenry Keith, proposed placing a letter to the future in the cornerstone.

“We…hereby commit the cause of Equal Suffrage for man and woman to the judgment of future generations, in the confidence that in after years whoever shall read these lines will wonder that so late as the year 1908 the women of California were political serfs; they were taxed without representation, governed without their consent, and classed under the law with idiots, insane persons, criminals, minors and other defective classes…We, about to die, greet you, the inheritors of a better age, men and women of the future Berkeley, equal before the law, enfranchised citizen; co-operating in all public service.”

The all male Town Trustees ultimately looked askance at the proposal and the letter wasn’t included in the City Hall cornerstone. But this month, 103 years later, Berkeley’s early equal rights crusaders will finally have the last official say.

On Tuesday, March 8, 2011, the Berkeley City Council will proclaim a resolution in that same City Hall commemorating the 100th anniversary of women winning the vote in California in 1911, calling it a “triumph that has been partially forgotten or ignored, and has for too long been denied its rightful place in the history of our state.”

The resolution is sponsored by Susan Wengraf and Linda Maio, the two women who currently serve on the nine member City Council.

How women won the vote in California will be a focus of both statewide and local celebration and educational activities over several months. Activities will climax in October, the anniversary of the October 10, 1911, statewide election when women won the right to votes by a narrow margin.

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Just had to share this! One hundred years of California women voting! Wooot. The lovely image at the top there is an example of the rather sophisticated ad campaign suffragists in California waged -- it used the cutting edge graphic style of Art Nouveau. As you can see, the woman in it is posed before the place where the Golden Gate Bridge would be built about twenty years later! It was already iconic then, and the image was meant to speak to the state pride of male Californian voters, particularly those in the Bay Area.

Wherein WI GOP Senator Scott Fitzgerald is a Tool (again)....Let Me Count the Ways

Wis. GOP Leader Scott Fitzgerald: 'Are Our Recall Statutes Legit?'

Wisconsin state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) expressed his frustration with the state's recall laws, during a press conference on Tuesday.

Fitzgerald's off-the-cuff comments sounded less like he was mulling any actual prospective efforts to change the law, but rather seemed more a show of irritation that a significant number of his caucus members -- those last elected in 2008 -- are being targeted for recalls by Democrats, in the battle over Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal and its anti-public employee union provisions.

At one point, Fitzgerald was asked whether the wave of recall signature drives could lead to Republicans losing their newly-won majority. "No, I don't believe so," said Fitzgerald. "I mean, what I do believe is that we're taking those recalls seriously, and we're making sure that we have everything available to those senators to make their case.


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Weasle-like tactics....when you don't like the direction the game going, question the rules of the game.

How Dems are winning: Mark Miller keeps his cool, Scott Fitzgerald blows up

Sometimes, it is simply best to let the members of the Wisconsin Senate speak for themselves about the dispute between the Republicans and the 14 Democrats who have refused to provide a quorum to pass Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.

Early Monday, Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller, D-Monona, wrote a letter offering to negotiate with Walker and Republican legislative leaders.

Within hours, the governor had held a press conference in which he dismissed and derided Miller’s offer. Then Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, replied to Miller with what seemed to us to be one of the crudest letters seen in modern political discourse.

But we’ll let readers decide who is serious about resolving the impasse and who is playing politics.

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"How on earth do you sleep at night, David Cameron?"

The One Show is hardly known for its rigorous questioning. David Cameron's appearance last night was -- for the most part -- no different. He answered questions on happiness (rating his own at six), the royal wedding (Sam Cam will be buying the gift as she "wears the trousers") and whether an owl or a cat would be better at catching the Downing Street rat. But all that changed in the final seconds.

After thanking the Prime Minister for coming on the show, presenter Matt Baker says, still smiling: "Just one more question -- how on earth do you sleep at night?" Cameron, remaining calm, blithley talks about the importance of a good night's sleep.

The obviously unscripted intervention (listen to the gasp of co-presenter Alex Jones) could go either way, but judging from the reaction on Twitter, it was well-received by the public. One must wonder whether Baker's bosses feel the same way.

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Glad to see Matt's not got any less awesome since leaving Blue Peter...

Maryland House rejects amendments to marriage equality bill; delegate announces he’s gay

The Maryland House of Delegates on Wednesday rejected four amendments to the state’s marriage equality bill, and voted to advance the bill to a third — and possibly final — reading, on Thursday.

Under the bill, same-sex couples in Maryland would be granted the same marriage rights as heterosexuals. The bill could come up for a vote and final approval in the House as early as Friday.

The amendments, any of which could have sunk the bill’s chances for passage, included one that would have changed the name of the bill from the Civil Marriage Protection Act to the “Same-Sex Marriage Act.” That was rejected 52-85.

Another amendment that would have “required” a public referendum on same-same marriage was also defeated.

The other amendments that were rejected would have exempted organizations from providing adoption, foster care, or social services if doing so would “violate the entity’s religious beliefs,” and that public school teachers would not “be required to teach the materials (related to same-sex marriage) and a parent shall be given an opportunity to have the parent’s child excused from the instruction under certain circumstances.”

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Supervillian Goes to Fox News and Explains Their Evil Plan to Destroy Obama on Air

At Least No One Can Accuse Fitzgerald of Not Being Transparent...

WI Senate GOP Leader Admits On-Air That His Goal Is To Defund Labor Unions, Hurt Obama’s Reelection Chances

A prank call from a man purporting to be petrochemical billionaire David Koch to Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) a few weeks ago revealed that Walker had crafted his “budget repair” bill in a bid to crush the labor unions. The revelation was at odds with the GOP’s public argument, that removing collective bargaining rights has something to do with the state’s budget deficit.

In an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly moments ago, State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-WI), one of Walker’s closest allies in the legislature, confirmed the true political motive of Walker’s anti-union push. Fitzgerald explained that “this battle” is about eliminating unions so that “the money is not there” for the labor movement. Specifically, he said that the destruction of unions will make it “much more difficult” for President Obama to win reelection in Wisconsin:
FITZGERALD: Well if they flip the state senate, which is obviously their goal with eight recalls going on right now, they can take control of the labor unions. If we win this battle, and the money is not there under the auspices of the unions, certainly what you’re going to find is President Obama is going to have a much difficult, much more difficult time getting elected and winning the state of Wisconsin.

Fitzgerald’s transparent effort to defund his political opponents by stripping the rights of teachers and nurses is facing a backlash. In a few months, the defunders may be deposed. Following a report by ThinkProgress that several pro-Walker state lawmakers are eligible for recall, progressive activists around Wisconsin began filing the paperwork to remove eight GOP state senators from office.

Missouri GOP Wishes to Go into Time Machine, Back to the 19th Century

Now Republicans want to repeal child labor laws
by teacherken

for ontd_political

From Senate Bill 222 as proposed in the Missouri Senate, we note that the bill would repeal certain sections of law related to child labor, specifically:

To repeal sections 294.021, 294.022, 294.024, 294.027, 294.030, 294.040, 294.045, 294.051, 294.054, 294.060, 294.070, 294.080, 294.090, and 294.100...

So what do these sections contain? How about 294.021:

[294.021. No child under fourteen years of age shall be employed or permitted to work at any occupation at any time; except as provided in this chapter.].

those brackets mean this is a section of law whose repeal is proposed, and thus a child under 14 were no longer be limited in being able to be employed.

And it gets worse.


[294.024. A child may not be employed during the regular school term unless the child has been issued a work certificate or a work permit pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.]

Thus a child could now be employed during the school term without a work permit.

It gets worse. I am not going to quote all of what is being eliminated.

It's pretty bad.

A child under 16 can work in motels/hotels - and without restrictions on hours - now that should raise some eyebrows.

No work permits would be required for those 15 or 16.

The authority of the Director of the Division of Labor Standards to oversee employers of children is eliminated.

Of course, this is not intended for "our kids" as the proponents of such legislation might put it. But obviously it is a waste of taxpayer money to educate the children, when they can be put to work - at low wages, with no union protection, no proper government supervision - perhaps as a means of providing cheap and compliant labor for some of their constituents, or even themselves?

We need to fix our schools. We do not need to be putting our children to work.

We should be holding the Republican party everywhere responsible for the idiocy of any and all of its elected officials and candidates.

Like the idiot who proposed this bill.


OP NOTES: I don't have other more in-depth sources. There is another source but it sources back to Daily Kos.
Also: Ummmm... wtf GOP/Republicans. How far back do you want to go?! Are women still allowed to vote, jw
One more thing: Yes the picture is not from the 19th century, it's from the beginning of the 20th, but I still thought it would be a good picture to post. The child in the window is a tie salesman. The picture is from here:

Abortion=Breast Cancer

WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of protesters rallied at the Indiana statehouse on Tuesday in opposition to restrictive abortion measures that would, among other things, require doctors to tell pregnant women about a controversial theory that says having an abortion could lead to an increased risk of breast cancer.

House Bill 1210, introduced by Indiana state Rep. Eric Turner (R), would make abortions illegal after 20 weeks. The Senate has already passed a similar bill, but it is awaiting action in the House.

The bill would also require physicians to inform a pregnant woman seeking an abortion that the fetus could feel pain and require patients to view an ultrasound. A patient could get out of doing so only if she stated her refusal in writing.

Turner was not available for comment on Wednesday, but he recently said, "The vast majority of both the Senate and House are pro-life legislators, and I think we truly represent Hoosier constituents."

But one of the most controversial portions of the bill is the part that would require doctors to inform women about the risks of abortion, including "the possibility of increased risk of breast cancer following an induced abortion and the natural protective effect of a completed pregnancy in avoiding breast cancer."

Indiana wouldn't be the first state to promote this theory. According to the Guttmacher Institute, five states -- Alaska, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia -- currently include mentions of a link between abortion and breast cancer in written counseling materials.

In 1999, Nevada Republican Sharron Angle -- who was then in the state Assembly and recently lost the U.S. Senate race against Harry Reid -- proposed a similar measure requiring doctors to make the abortion-breast cancer link.

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The stupid hurts sooooo very much.

Teach the Controversy

Congress hopeful, Art Robinson, says OSU is targetting his children

CORVALLIS, Ore., -- Art Robinson believes Oregon State University professors are enacting "political payback" on his children after he announced he would run against Democrat incumbent Peter DeFazio in 2012.

Robinson says his children are in danger of dismissal from O.S.U.'s grad school program. His son, Joshua Robinson, cannot find an advisor in the Nuclear Engineering Department, and could be removed from the Ph.D. program.

Art Robinson says the changes in behavior towards his children happened after he announched he'd run against DeFazio again in 2012.

Oregon State University has released a statement regarding the claims, calling them "baseless" and having "no merit."

In 2010, DeFazio beat Robinson for the 4th District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Art Robinson started a website outlining the issues at

Oregon State University has released an official response to the claims.


mus | like a bird in a cage

British royal family fights unwanted Prince Andrew distractions as wedding nears

LONDON - Less than two months before a fairytale wedding anticipated by much of the world, Britain's royal family finds itself fighting an inconvenient distraction: revelations that Prince Andrew, the queen's second son, is friends with a convicted sex offender, was photographed with a teenage prostitute, and has been accused of ties to Moammar Gadhafi's Libyan regime.

The Duke of York also hosted the son of the Tunisian dictator shortly before a popular uprising drove him from power — and the buildup of embarrassment has sparked calls that he be stripped of his role as special U.K. trade representative.

Buckingham Palace is in damage control mode as it attempts to keep the public's focus on the April 29 wedding between Prince William and tabloid favourite Kate Middleton, his university sweetheart.

British officials have rallied to Andrew's defence. The foreign secretary expressed his "confidence" in Andrew on Sunday, and a U.K. trade official voiced support for the prince to remain in the position, saying he does a "very valuable job."

But pressure is mounting and there is growing speculation over how long Andrew can hang on to his post.

Andrew has courted trouble before: His much-publicized divorce from Sarah Ferguson, her subsequent missteps, massive debt, a tell-all interview and a videotaped attempt to sell a U.K. tabloid access to Andrew stand in stark contrast to the glow surrounding William and Kate Middleton's courtship and upcoming nuptials.

Since becoming a special trade representative in 2001, Andrew has also drawn criticism for reportedly taking lavish trips in his role as an unpaid trade ambassador.

The latest revelations in the British media have centred on Andrew's friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and claims that Andrew also had close ties to Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, one of the Libyan leader's sons.

Photos recently published in the British media show Andrew strolling in a park with Epstein — the New York billionaire jailed for soliciting underage prostitutes in Florida. Most recently, a photograph emerged showing Andrew with his arm around the waist of the teenage prostitute at the centre of that case.

While there has been no suggestion of any wrongdoing on the part of Andrew, the sum of events has prompted some soul-searching over whether the prince is a suitable representative for U.K. interests abroad.

"The duke recognizes that his association with Jeffrey Epstein was, in retrospect, unwise," a person familiar with the matter said, noting that it can be understood Andrew will not be photographed with Epstein again anytime soon.

But that's not placating some who say enough is enough. Last week, British lawmaker Chris Bryant claimed that Andrew had close links to Seif Gadhafi. Bryant called for Andrew to be fired, telling the House of Commons, "Isn't it time we dispensed with the services of the Duke of York?"

Buckingham Palace on Sunday rejected Bryant's claims, saying Andrew's interactions with the Gadhafi regime — and Tunisia's ousted dictatorship, too— fell within the mandate of his job as special trade representative.

"It was part of the British government's engagement with Libya at the time," a palace spokesman said on customary condition of anonymity.

The spokesman confirmed Andrew met Moammar Gadhafi twice. Both meetings were of public record and should not come as news, the spokesman said, adding that Andrew is "fully committed to his role as special representative."

"It is understood that he has the support of the government behind him," the spokesman said.

Government officials backed up that claim Sunday, citing Andrew's role in nurturing business interests.

"The Duke of York has made a valuable contribution to British business," a spokesman for government trade body UKTI said. "We continue to support him," he added, on customary condition of anonymity.

Foreign Secretary William Hague also expressing his full confidence in Andrew's work.

"I'm not an expert in ... the embarrassments," Hague told the BBC. "But certainly I've seen around the world a lot of good that he has done for this country."


Heath smoking

Anti-gay rights senator Roy Ashbury comes out

A conservative US state senator who has voted against gay rights measures during his 14 years in office has announced he is gay.

Republican Roy Ashburn came out during a radio interview in California, where he sits on the state legislature. He has been on leave since his arrest last week on suspicion of driving under the influence. Mr Ashburn said his votes reflected the way his constituents wanted him to vote, not his own “internal conflict”.

“I am gay… those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long,” the 55-year-old divorced father-of-four told KERN radio.

Mr Ashburn said he felt the need to address rumours that he had visited a gay nightclub before his arrest on suspicion of drinking and driving in Sacramento on 3 March. Last year, Mr Ashburn opposed a bill to establish a day of recognition to honour murdered gay rights activist Harvey Milk. He has also voted in the statehouse against efforts to expand anti-discrimination laws and recognise out-of-state gay marriages.
Mr Ashburn, who represents California’s 18th district, said he does not plan to run for any public office after his term ends later this year.

Here's to hoping this hateful bigot will never, ever get laid. GAY EMBARGO!
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Another follow-up on the UWaterloo anti-woman posters

University of Waterloo campus police, staff and over a hundred students and community members met Friday to discuss the posters, which are now part of a criminal investigation.

Student Anne Marie Begin told the meeting, "For a lot of people this has highlighted the fact that every day this campus is not safe."

Now staff and students are sharing the anger, fear and frustration that has resulted, and how they hope the situation will be handled.

The posters were put up around campus last week, covering the student election campaign signs of female candidates. The image was also sent in a fake email claiming to be from the university's president.

The image of Marie Curie included a message that read ""THE TRUTH. The brightest Woman this Earth ever created was Marie Curie, The mother of the Nuclear Bomb. You tell me if the plan of Women leading Men is still a good idea."

Dan Anderson, director of University of Waterloo (UW) Police Services, says "Both of these acts we view as criminal. The act of putting the posters up, we view as mischief. The act of sending the message out under the president's name is impersonation under the criminal code."

The criminal acts are a cause for concern for a number of campus groups, especially those representing women.

Sukriti Nagpal is a volunteer at the UW Women's Centre. She says they kept the doors at the centre closed Friday "mainly for the safety, because of the posters, then the email, and then the Facebook thing that showed up. It's kind of like, almost scary."

Some have gone so far as to say the anti-feminist sentiment is almost as scary as what led to the deadly Montreal Massacre at the Ecole Polytechnique in 1989.

Begin says "It's the same ideology underlying the Montreal Massacre as underlying these posters, and the Facebook and email that women shouldn't be leaders, women shouldn't be at university."

Cathleen DiFruscio is also a volunteer at the Women's Centre, she says "The events of the Montreal Massacre sort of escalated in a similar way. And again, these things don't come out of nowhere. So it's a fair concern to say that things could escalate."

Campus police say they are doing their best to track down the person or people responsible.

Anderson says "We are using forensics to see if we can identify who is hanging them up that way. We have a number of cameras, quite a number of cameras on campus. We're reviewing videotape to see if we can, again, identify who's hanging them up."

If a student is responsible, campus police say he or she could be expelled.

In the meantime police say they have cameras set up and help lines available across campus, and officers are conducting extra patrols in the school's buildings.

Source (includes video)

I know I've been sort of spamming you guys with this story, but I wanted to include this article because it's a lot less biased (i.e. it actually mentions student concerns) than the previous articles, and includes footage of the meeting.

Australian Government sets new workplace gender rules

The Federal Government says it will not do business with companies not actively pushing gender equality in the workplace.

Reforms announced today include spot checks on businesses to assess fair pay and working conditions for women.

Businesses with more than 100 staff will be required to report on how many workers are female and how their conditions compare to male employees.

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ABC News

Have to say, I'm pretty damn excited about this!
Suzumiya Haruhi

Dalai Lama to relinquish political role

The Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, said Thursday that he will pass the reins of political power to the elected prime minister of the self-proclaimed Tibetan government in exile.
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Source:Los Angeles Times


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Source:The Guardian


An interesting note: I tend to look through Google News and browse over a few alternate articles before posting. The first hit for Dalai Lama was about his retirement. The second, however, was a fascinating set of articles about how China has declared that Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, does not have a right to choose his successor any way he wants and must follow the historical and religious tradition of reincarnation.
Suzumiya Haruhi

David Broder, 81, dies; set 'gold standard' for political journalism

David S. Broder, 81, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The Washington Post and one of the most respected writers on national politics for four decades, died Wednesday at Capital Hospice in Arlington of complications from diabetes.

Mr. Broder was often called the dean of the Washington press corps - a nickname he earned in his late 30s in part for the clarity of his political analysis and the influence he wielded as a perceptive thinker on political trends in his books, articles and television appearances.

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Rest of the lengthy article @ The Washington Post

Further reading: The Los Angeles Times has a more tl;dr obituary.
The Atlantic has some reflections from his colleagues.