August 11th, 2011

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ONTD_P's Photo of the Day: August 10, 2011.

Women's World Cup | The Big Picture | The Boston Globe
After an emotional run through the tournament that few predicted, Japan emerged as the unlikely champion of the FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011. After enduring the triple disasters of the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima Diaichi nuclear catastrophe, Japan rejoiced in the first good news in months. The final came in dramatic fashion against the United States in a penalty shoot-out after the score was tied 2-2 in regulation. Sixteen countries fought for the title in Germany, resulting in the first Asian world champion. Collected here are images of the games, fans, and celebration.

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Jury recommends death sentence for Cleveland serial killer

Jurors in Cleveland, Ohio, recommended that convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell be sentenced to death on Wednesday.

Cuyahoga County Judge Dick Ambrose read the recommendations in court Wednesday. The judge, who will deliver his ruling at 9 a.m. Friday, can overrule those recommendations and impose a life sentence.

Jurors on July 22 convicted Sowell of 11 counts of aggravated murder and more than 70 other charges, including abusing corpses and kidnapping.

The convictions ended a saga that began in October 2009 with the discovery of the first two victims' remains inside Sowell's home in Cleveland. He eventually was accused of killing at least 11 women ranging in age from 25 to 52.

Prosecutors were seeking the death penalty and the 12-person jury voted unanimously to recommend a death sentence be imposed for each of the slayings.

As part of the sentencing phase, and in addition to testimony from prosecution and defense witnesses, Sowell was able to make a statement on his own behalf without being under oath or facing cross-examination from prosecutors.

In 2009, police found the bodies of 11 women at Sowell's Cleveland home -- all of them strangled to death.

Jury selection began in June for Sowell's trial in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Sowell pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Sowell's lawyers asked for life in prison, but parole was not an option because Sowell is classified as a "sexually violent predator."

During the penalty phase of his trial, Sowell said he was "sorry."

"I know that may not sound like much. But I truly am sorry from the bottom of my heart."

During his trial, Sowell maintained a candid banter with members of his defense team as he recounted claims of childhood abuse -- both physical and sexual.

Sowell said his childhood "was like a war," with his mother and grandmother constantly arguing, yelling and "whopping" the children.

He said the lack of nurturing in his home made him unable to stand physical contact or any signs of affection

Sowell said he sought an escape and joined the Marines. He said he married and the couple had a daughter, but that his wife "was touchy-feely" and he never got used to the physical contact.

Eventually their relationship dissolved and in 1985, Sowell began a 15-year sentence for attempted rape.

After his release from jail, Sowell said, his health began to fail.

Sowell said in 2007, he suffered a major heart attack and began hearing voices.

He did not elaborate on the crimes for which he was convicted.

"I don't know what happened, it's not typical of me," Sowell had said. "I can't explain it and I know it's not a lot, but it's all I can give."

There was applause in the courtroom after the sentencing recommendations were read.


It's my first post, so I apologize for mistakes with tags etc. but I really felt compelled to post some news on a trial I feel is being under-reported.
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The Most Depressing Pay Gap Statistic You’ve Seen Today

It's great to know that when I finally earn my Phd, I will be making as much as a man with a Bachelor's. *sigh*

Chart of the Day: The Most Depressing Pay Gap Statistic You’ve Seen Today

This is from the most recent report [PDF] from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, “The College Payoff: Education, Opportunity, Lifetime Earnings.” Just in case you missed that red text on the chart, here it is for you in black and white: “Women have to have a PhD to make as much as men with a BA.”
The study also starts off by noting, “The findings are stark: Women earn less at all degree levels, even when they work as much as men. On average, women who work full-time, full-year earn 25 percent less than men, even at similar education levels. At all levels of educational attainment, African Americans and Latinos earn less than Whites.”
Oh, and in case you were wondering if getting a college degree is worth it, “Having some postsecondary education, even without earning a degree, adds nearly onequarter of a million dollars to lifetime earnings,” the study says.

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Life of Ohio boy born on 9/11 shows new normal

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Xavier Montjoy sits on his bed in a T-shirt and shorts, his side-swept blond bangs and dark-rimmed glasses framing squinted hazel eyes and furrowed brows. He's trying to recount how his parents recently explained that Sept. 11, 2001, had meaning beyond being the day he was born, but all he remembers at the moment is that they said something about planes crashing in three parts of the country.

In his life, he says, it's just not a big deal.

Like the millions of children born in the past decade, he's never known a world untouched by that day's terrorist attacks. He's played baseball and soccer and hates math like generations before him but is growing up in a new normal shaped by the events of that day and the people behind them. In this world, the military has deployed several of his relatives overseas, and security officers maintain tighter border security and enforce travel restrictions that leave fliers standing in security lines in socks or bare feet at the airport near his house on a tree-lined Columbus street.

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To a point, this is how I felt as a child growing up and not being able to emotionally grasp events such as the Berlin Wall coming down or the Challenger Explosion in the same way my mother did, because I hadn't been born yet.  I think it really is important that families sit down with their children and add a personal side to these major events.
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Shock over 'respectable' lives behind masks of UK rioters

London (CNN) -- Before they started appearing in court, most people assumed London's rioters and looters were unemployed youths with no hope and no future.

So there was much surprise when details of the accused began to emerge, and they included some from wealthy backgrounds or with good jobs.

Those passing through London's courtrooms on Tuesday and Wednesday -- some courts sat overnight to cope with the numbers -- have included a teaching assistant, a lifeguard, a postman, a chef, a charity worker, a millionaire's daughter and an 11-year-old boy, newspapers reported. The tabloid Sun newspaper wrote in its opinion page on Thursday of the "sick" society described by Prime Minister David Cameron: "The sickness starts on welfare-addicted estates where feckless parents let children run wild."

But its front-page headline told a different story about the accused: "Lifeguard, postman, hairdresser, teacher, millionaire's daughter, chef and schoolboy, 11."

The Daily Mail reported: "While the trouble has been largely blamed on feral teenagers, many of those paraded before the courts yesterday led apparently respectable lives."

The upmarket Daily Telegraph devoted its page three to the case of Laura Johnson, the 19-year-old daughter of a company director who pleaded not guilty to stealing £5,000 ($8,000) of electrical goods, under the headline: "Girl who has it all is accused of theft."

The newspaper said she lived in a converted farmhouse in the leafy London suburb of Orpington, Kent, with extensive grounds and a tennis court, had studied at one of the best-performing state schools in the country and now attends the University of Exeter.
Reporter Andrew Gilligan wrote in the Daily Telegraph: "Here in court, as David Cameron condemned the 'sickness' in parts of British society, we saw clearly, for the first time, the face of the riot: stripped of its hoods and masks, dressed in white prison T-shirts and handcuffed to burly security guards.

"It was rather different from the one we had been expecting."

He added of the defendants at Highbury Magistrates Court in north London: "Most were teenagers or in their early twenties, but a surprising number were older. "Most interestingly of all, they were predominantly white, and many had jobs."

Most newspapers highlighted the case of Alexis Bailey, a 31-year-old learning mentor in an elementary school, who pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal at an electrical store in Croydon, south of London. It was reported that Bailey surrendered to police without stealing anything. The youngest defendant so far -- an 11-year-old boy -- also gained much attention in newspapers. The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, from Romford, east of London, admitted stealing a £50 ($80) trash can from a department store, the Guardian reported.

The Daily Mail highlighted the cases of Barry Naine, a 42-year-old charity worker charged with burglary; postman Jeffrey Ebanks, 32, and his student nephew Jamal Ebanks, 18, allegedly caught in a car stuffed with electrical goods near a looted Croydon store. It also reported that Jason Matthews, a 35-year-old new father arrested in a Tesco supermarket, told police he "was not one of the bad ones" and needed diapers for his baby; and that Christopher Heart, a 23-year-old scaffolder and father of two, shouted "sorry for the inconvenience" and broke down in tears after admitting burglary at a sports shop in east London.

Lifeguard Aaron Mulholland, 30, wept as he appeared in court accused of joining thieves in a cell phone shop, the Daily Mail reported. The Sun reported that an organic chef, Fitzroy Thomas, 43, and his 47-year-old brother Ronald, denied smashing up a branch of the Nando's chicken restaurant chain.

The Metropolitan Police in London said on its website on Thursday that 401 people have been charged so far. Greater Manchester Police said five men aged between 46 and 23 had already been jailed for their part in the disorder. West Midlands Police said 26 people, including a 44-year-old man, had appeared before an overnight court session in relation to the disorder in Birmingham.


How fucking spoiled do you have to be to take advantage of a person's death by destroying someone else's community that you're clearly not a part of and stealing from someone else's business when you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth?

I hate people. 

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Dylan Ratigan lets out an epic rant on-air

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan is mad as hell about the U.S. financial crisis--and he's not gonna take it anymore!

While convening a roundtable discussion on the market meltdown on his eponymous MSNBC show on Tuesday, Ratigan exploded.

"We've got a real problem!" an exasperated Ratigan shouted. "This is a mathematical fact! Tens of trillions of dollars are being extracted from the United States of America. Democrats aren't doing it, Republicans aren't doing it. An entire integrated system, financial system, trading system, taxing system, that was created by both parties over a period of two decades is at work on our entire country right now. And we're sitting here arguing about whether we should do the $4 trillion plan that kicks the can down the road for the president for 2017, or burn the place to the ground, both of which are reckless, irresponsible, and stupid."

"I'm sorry to lose my temper," he continued. "But, I tell you what, I've been coming on TV for three years doing this, and the fact of the matter is that there's a refusal on both the Democratic and the Republican side of the aisle to acknowledge the mathematical problem, which is that the United States of America is being extracted."

Later, on the show's website, Ratigan called it his "epic 'Network' moment."

Sources: MSNBC / Youtube / Yahoo

Putin 'discovers Greek urns' on scuba dive

Russia's hard man Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pulled on a wetsuit Wednesday and went scuba diving at an ancient Greek Black Sea site in the latest populist stunt preceding next year's elections.

State news reports said he descended just two metres (6.6 feet) and "luckily" discovered two sixth century urns in full presence of the media, because the water was so clear.

Television footage showed two moss-covered vases with ear-like handles sitting neatly next to each other on top of the sandy bottom as Putin swam into view.

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Wow, he's a veritable Aquaman ain't he?


The Help and Why It' So Problematic...

The Truth about the Civil Rights Era
by Martha Southgate

I resisted the fictional and soon-to-be cinematic juggernaut that is The Help for quite some time. In an otherwise extremely positive review in 2009, EW summed up my feelings quite well: ''The backstory is cringeworthy: A young, white first-time author — inspired by her own childhood relationship with her family maid in Jackson, Miss. — sets out to write a novel from the point of view of black maids in the midst of the civil rights era.'' Cringeworthy indeed. Further, the plot of the book itself — young white woman encourages black housekeepers to tell their truth through the vehicle of a book the white woman writes — I found both implausible and condescending to those maids. An oral history of black maids published in 1962? I don't think so. I'm acquainted with intelligent readers — both black and white — who enjoyed the book. I also greatly respect the talented actresses in the film who have proclaimed their affection for it. But I still couldn't get on board. When I took a closer look at what Kathryn Stockett hath wrought, I didn't much like what I saw — but The Help is only a symptom, not the disease.

There have been thousands of words written about Stockett's skills, her portrayal of the black women versus the white women, her right to tell this story at all. I won't rehash those arguments, except to say that I found the novel fast-paced but highly problematic. Even more troubling, though, is how the structure of narratives like The Help underscores the failure of pop culture to acknowledge a central truth: Within the civil rights movement, white people were the help.

The architects, visionaries, prime movers, and most of the on-the-ground laborers of the civil rights movement were African-American. Many white Americans stood beside them, and some even died beside them, but it was not their fight — and more important, it was not their idea.

Implicit in The Help and a number of other popular works that deal with the civil rights era is the notion that a white character is somehow crucial or even necessary to tell this particular tale of black liberation. What's more, to imply that what the maids Aibileen and Minny are working against is simply a refusal on everyone's part to believe that ''we're all the same underneath'' is to simplify the horrors of Jim Crow to a truly damaging degree.

This isn't the first time the civil rights movement has been framed this way fictionally, especially on film. Most Hollywood civil rights movies feature white characters in central, sometimes nearly solo, roles. My favorite (not!) is Alan Parker's Mississippi Burning, which gives us two white FBI agents as heroes of the movement. FBI agents! Given that J. Edgar Hoover did everything short of shoot Martin Luther King Jr. himself in order to damage or discredit the movement, that goes from troubling to appalling.

Why is it ever thus? Suffice it to say that these stories are more likely to get the green light and to have more popular appeal (and often acclaim) if they have white characters up front. That's a shame. The continued impulse to reduce the black women and men of the civil rights movement to bit players in the most extraordinary step toward justice that this nation has ever known is infuriating, to say the least. Minny and Aibileen are heroines, but they didn't need Skeeter to guide them to the light. They fought their way out of the darkness on their own — and they brought the nation with them.

·Southgate's fourth novel, The Taste of Salt, will be published in September.


As you know, The Help has been given a lot of media blitz leading up to the premiere of the movie yesterday. It doesn't help that this book is one of the most popular in the world currently, which I found from a friend who's in the publishing industry. I feel frustrated because my own late great-grandma was what you called 'the help' back in Alabama in the 30s to 50s and it was a pretty hard life, facing with racism and humiliation every day. It was rather heartbreaking when she told me these stories when she was still alive. So I am not comfortable with a book written as another tale where the white woman puts herself  in 'danger' and becomes the savior of these black women by making (and profiting) the accounts they deal with working with middle to upper class white women.

There is a great
Racialicious article criticizing the book with a link (linked for your convenience!) at the bottom with more detailed criticism about how the Help oft bungled about race and its portrayal of Black women and the problematic promotion of it.
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One of the roots of Somalia's famine -> American Imperialism

THE EAST African nation of Somalia is the site of an unfolding humanitarian nightmare--a massive famine that has cost tens of thousands of Somali lives in the past few months, according to the United Nations.

Over 3 million people are affected right now, with more than 10 million at risk across the Horn of Africa. According to the BBC, roughly 640,000 children are acutely malnourished in Somalia, and at least six in every 10,000 children die each day.

Antonio Guterres, head of the UN refugee agency, declared in July that Somalia was the "worst humanitarian disaster'' on the globe. The UN officially designated the crisis a famine, the first time it has adopted that designation since 1984.

Thousands of Somalis have poured into refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. The population of the largest refugee camp in Kenya, Dadaab, is growing by more than 1,300 a day--it could reach as high as half a million. According to the BBC, "Parts of the capital, where there are camps for displaced people, were last week among three areas newly declared by the United Nations to be suffering famine."

The UN also says that more than 4 million Kenyans are threatened by starvation. On August 4, the UN's Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit said that famine was "likely to persist until at least December 2011."

U.S. officials have laid responsibility for the mass starvation at the feet of the al-Shabab rebels who control southern Somalia, including south central Somalia and the Lower Juba region, where the famine is at its worst. Al-Shabab--which has been battling Somalia's U.S.-backed Transitional Federal Government for the past four years--has been labeled a terrorist organization and a wing of al-Qaeda by the U.S.

Washington claims the group is responsible for exacerbating drought conditions by blocking aid routes into the most affected areas. The rebels reversed an earlier decision to lift a ban on some international agencies, prompting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to claim on August 4 that al-Shabab was "preventing assistance to the most vulnerable populations in Somalia."

But there is much more to this story. Blame for the crisis in Somalia lies squarely with the U.S. Somalia is suffering from a severe drought that has created much scarcity and hardship--but decades of Western intervention lie at the heart of this crisis.


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 Britain's liberal intelligentsia has smashed virtually every social value

So now the chickens have well and truly come home terrifyingly to roost. The violent anarchy that has taken hold of British cities is the all-too-predictable outcome of a three-decade liberal experiment which tore up virtually every basic social value.

The married two-parent family, educational meritocracy, punishment of criminals, national identity, enforcement of the drugs laws and many more fundamental conventions were all smashed by a liberal intelligentsia hell-bent on a revolutionary transformation of society.

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I just read that whole article and I'm still no closer to working out what exactly the "liberal intelligentsia" is. But, as ever, thank you for your wonderful insight, Melanie. Much appreciated. 


Paying Back Loans is Just Another Form of Soshialisum!!

The Tea Party Way to Fix Debt: Guys, Just Default Your Loans. Overcharge Your Credit Cards. And If Creditors Come Calling Tell Them Your Family Took a Vote and Refuse to Pay for It!

Tea Party Rep: Bank Should Have Known I Wouldn't Be Able To Repay $2.2 Million Loan

Tea Party aligned Georgia Rep. Tom Graves (R), who castigates Washington for fiscal irresponsibility, reached an out of court settlement Wednesday after he was sued for defaulting on a $2.2 million loan -- which his attorney argued is the bank's fault for lending him the money in the first place.

Graves and his business partner Chip Rogers -- who is the state Senate's Republican majority leader -- took out a $2.2 million loan from the Bartow County Bank in 2007 to buy and renovate a local motel. The project soon went belly-up.

The bank, which has since failed and had its assets taken over, sued Graves and Rogers for defaulting. The two Republicans then countersued, "accusing [the bank] of improperly declaring the loan in default after reneging on a promise to refinance it at more favorable terms," according to Jeremy Redmon and Aaron Gould Sheinin of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution .

In June, Simon Bloom, the attorney for Graves and Rogers, argued in a court filing that the default was the bank's fault because it lent the pair the money knowing full well they couldn't pay. Bloom cited a deposition in which bank officials saw Graves and Rogers' financial records, and then had them sign personal guarantees so they'd "'have some skin in the game' presumably meaning a sense of personal obligation for the debts ... even though they clearly could not fulfill the obligation." Graves and Rogers said they were unaware of that particular filing.

The case was settled out of court on Wednesday, and a Graves spokesman called the case "fully resolved in an equitable and fair manner."

Graves and Rogers bought the motel through a limited-liability company, which they transferred to John Edens in 2009. They say that as a result they're not responsible for the loan repayments -- or for the $41,500 in unpaid taxes, penalties and interest owed the town and county for the motel. The AJC reports that Edens fell behind on electricity payments and had to shut the motel down. He then stripped it of anything of value.

The city says the abandoned site has become a nuisance, and estimates it would cost $100,000 of taxpayer money to tear it down.

Graves, who won a special election in 2010 to replace Rep. Nathan Deal (R), voted against the House bill to raise the debt ceiling on August 1st. TPM readers will also remember Graves' dire warnings about President Obama's mechanical "autopen" that he feared could one day be used to sign phony legislation.
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The rich are different — and not in a good way, studies suggest

The 'Haves' show less empathy than 'Have-nots'

By Brian Alexander contributor
updated 8/10/2011 9:12:12 AM ET

Psychologist and social scientist Dacher Keltner says the rich really are different, and not in a good way: Their life experience makes them less empathetic, less altruistic, and generally more selfish.

In fact, he says, the philosophical battle over economics, taxes, debt ceilings and defaults that are now roiling the stock market is partly rooted in an upper class "ideology of self-interest."

“We have now done 12 separate studies measuring empathy in every way imaginable, social behavior in every way, and some work on compassion and it’s the same story,” he said. “Lower class people just show more empathy, more prosocial behavior, more compassion, no matter how you look at it.”

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Sounds like Rick Perry is still trying to take some attention from the Republican happenings in Iowa. Hours before the big GOP debate in Ames tonight, Perry's people are putting out the word that the Texas governor will indeed announce he is seeking the presidency in a speech in South Carolina on Saturday.

CNN, citing an unnamed Republican familiar with Perry's plans, noted that "previous reports had indicated that Perry would use a speech at the conservative RedState Gathering in Charleston to make his intentions clear, but would stop short of officially announcing a presidential bid. But the Republican source told CNN that Perry will be in the Republican presidential race on Saturday."
Perry is also making weekend appearances in New Hampshire and Iowa, the two states with the opening contests in the race for the Republican nomination.

Fox News is also reporting Perry's imminent announcement, citing sources as saying "this is it" and Perry will make "a definitive announcement that he is in the 2012 race for the presidency Saturday."

"The language is significant," Fox reports. "For several days the Perry camp has said he would signal his intentions and announce later."
Fox, by the way, is sponsoring tonight's debate with the previously announced Republican candidates.
It starts at 9 p.m., and we'll be blogging away here at OnPolitics, so please tune in.


This is basically just confirmation of what we already knew. This douche.
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When "recovery" means "austerity"

HAVE YOU heard? The job market is on the mend. The U.S. Labor Department (USLD) reported that July 2011 posted 117,000 new jobs created for that month, dropping the unemployment rate to 9.1 percent. Leading some optimistic economists to now cry again "Recovery!"--or, at the very least, "Stability."

But for many Americans, this light at the end of the tunnel is just another bend in a crushing spiral of unemployment and under-employment.

What the USLD report does not account for is that fewer people were working this year in June, adding to the numbers of "discouraged workers" who have given up the job hunt, and who do not then configure into July's figures. Nor does it account for the possibility that some of these workers will come out of the woodwork drawn by the illusion of a better job market only to be turned away next month by a decrepit economy. No matter which language you try, this doesn't spell "recovery."

The news from the USLD came hot on the heels of a bone crunching "compromise" between Democrats and Republicans to raise the debt ceiling at the expense of $2.1 trillion from the federal budget over the next 10 years and was quickly followed by downgrading of the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+ by Standard and Poor's.

While this incremental slide might not belie a tremendous slip in the United States' status as a world power, the contexts of the slide--an ongoing crisis, ineffective government, two enduring wars and several smaller ones--speaks volumes to the maligned prestige of the American empire.

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Romney: "Corporations are people"

DES MOINES — Mitt Romney’s visit to the Iowa State Fair on Thursday may have been the best debate prep session he could’ve hoped for.

Romney’s appearance at the fair’s soapbox grew unusually testy when in a question-and-answer session a few angry people heckled the Republican presidential candidate over his declaration not to raise taxes. They urged the campaign frontrunner to raise taxes on the wealthy to help fund entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Romney explained that one way to fulfill promises on entitlement programs is to “raise taxes on people,” but before he could articulate his position of not raising taxes, someone interrupted.

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Should we probably have a Debbie Wasserman Schultz tag since she's the current DNC chair?

Cory Gardner (R-CO): If a Successful Company Wont Share the Wealth, Just Find a New Jub!

It's So Easy, Even a CEO Can Do It!

Matt Finkelstein reports on a tete-a-tete between Rep.Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) and one of his constituents that evidently went down at a Monday town hall meeting. In the exchange, the constituent expresses her concern that she might lose her job to outsourcing that's aided and abetted by tax-break incentives. Gardner's solution? Find another job!

CONSTITUENT: But what about my job? I want to keep it. Not new jobs. I want to keep my job.

GARDNER: Well, make sure that your business is successful. We need to make sure that we're —

CONSTITUENT: They're successful by training those Vietnamese and I want to learn. They make me work 45 hours a week and they don't pay for training anymore. They used to pay for two weeks of training every year. They quit paying for training three years ago. But they're training — they're giving these people technology, they're giving them what I want to know, and I don't have time to learn.

CONSTITUENT 2: And they get tax incentives to do it.

GARDNER: To go back to the question, if that company can succeed, I would hope that they would share their success with you. If they are not, maybe that's not a great company to work for.

The unemployment rate is over 9 percent, and there are currently five job seekers for every job opening, but, yeah, now is a great time to get glib about changing employers.

Mitt Romney says that "corporations are people" and Ezra Klein reliably informs us that as far as U.S. law is concerned, this is true. So what sort of people are corporations? Well, they are people whose "profits hit an all-time high at the end of 2010." And evidently, they're also people who hate their country.
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A tortured choice in famine: Which child lives?
Source - Associated Press
Updated 03:12 p.m., Thursday, August 11, 2011

DADAAB, Kenya (AP) — Wardo Mohamud Yusuf walked for two weeks with her 1-year-old daughter on her back and her 4-year-old son at her side to flee Somalia's drought and famine. When the boy collapsed near the end of the journey, she poured some of the little water she had on his head to cool him, but he was unconscious and could not drink.

She asked other families traveling with them for help, but none stopped, fearful for their own survival.

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Legally married gay man facing imminent deportation

Gay man born in Australia is facing imminent deportation despite being legally married
Source - NY Daily News
By Nancy Dillon
Thursday, August 11th 2011

LOS ANGELES - A gay California man born in Australia but legally married to his American husband is facing imminent deportation after federal authorities denied his request for spousal residency.

The case is garnering international attention because the couple helped pioneer gay marriage in Massachusetts in 2004 - and the Australian husband has become the primary caregiver for his AIDS-afflicted spouse.

U.S. citizen Bradford Wells, 55, and Anthony John Makk have lived together 19 years and got engaged the day marriage was legalized in Massachusetts, Wells told the Daily News.

They married there two months later on July 22, 2004.

Makk has been living in the U.S. on legal visas ever since but was denied a green card July 26 because immigration officials are bound by the federal Defense of Marriage Act - which defines marriage as between a man and a woman only - not state laws.

He was told he must leave the country Aug. 25.

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Moron Links Riots to "Traditional Family Values" BS....

 The riots remind us that polygamous societies are naturally violent

As they say in Hackney, when God closes a door he sometimes smashes open a window. The UK riots, bad as they are, may be a turning point for Britain – the shock we needed to change course. We can no longer ignore the existence of people over whom the rest of us have little control, and who fear no figures of authority.

Fathers are, of course, major authority figures, and the issue that was first raised by Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1965 may be up for debate once again. As that unlikely moral crusader Guido Fawkes has pointed out (with a hat-tip to Andrew Neil), in areas like Tottenham up to 80 per cent of children are raised without a father. Where there are few other figures of male authority around, that is deeply problematic.


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(Source: Torygraph Blogs)

Just to clarify, my reaction to pretty much anything in bold is a very loud "y'what?". (To bold any more would be to simply highlight the entire article.)

- Looks like this guy has bought into the amateur evolutionary psychologist's caveman fantasy, as if male identity today revolved around how good you are as a "hunter-gatherer".
- He also seems to confuse patriarchy with planned social engineering.
- And since when is arguing over a girl polygamous????
- And he seems to be very confused as to what aspects of human behaviour evolved naturally and which aspects had to be forced on us by the Church. Apparently monogamy had to be forced upon us, but jealousy about other partners did not. Teensy bit inconsistent there.
- Feminism does what????
- "These kids and their rap music..."

The sorts of people who most likely started the violence are much more likely to attack you for "looking at their bird/bloke" than to advocate free love and multiple partners. Still, I find it amusing that anyone was even idiotic enough to write this cr*p and/or crafty enough to get it published.

David Cameron: Not Incompatible To Cut Police and Beef Up Policing.

UK riots: David Cameron defends police cuts in Commons sitting

PM says cuts programme will free up frontline police officers as he unveils post-riot security measures in emergency sitting

David Cameron has dismissed Labour calls for a rethink on government plans to impose cuts of 20% on the police as he addressed an emergency sitting of the House of Commons after the riots across England.

A bipartisan atmosphere in the Commons was briefly broken when the prime minister said that the cuts were "totally achievable" without reducing the number of frontline officers.

Cameron's remarks, which followed unease about the planned police cuts among ministers, came as he announced a series of measures in response to the "most appalling scenes" in English cities.


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So let's get this straight his plans to improve policing while cutting funding are:
- Rather than training more officers, just bring in the army whenever things get tough.
- Publish images of suspects and let these new vigilante groups sort them out.
- Randomly stop people's internet access at the drop of a hat.
- Free up police by laying off those employed to sort out the admin work. (What?)
- Change the culture of young people.

Wow, what a plan....