August 25th, 2011

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The Evangelicals Engaged In Spiritual Warfare

An emerging Christian movement that seeks to take dominion over politics, business and culture in preparation for the end times and the return of Jesus, is becoming more of a presence in American politics. The leaders are considered apostles and prophets, gifted by God for this role.

The international "apostolic and prophetic" movement has been dubbed by its leading American architect, C. Peter Wagner, as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Although the movement is larger than the network organized by Wagner — and not all members describe themselves as part of Wagner's NAR — the so-called apostles and prophets of the movement have identifiable ideology that separates them from other evangelicals.

Two ministries in the movement planned and orchestrated Texas Gov. Rick Perry's recent prayer rally, where apostles and prophets from around the nation spoke or appeared onstage. The event was patterned after The Call, held at locations around the globe and led by Lou Engle, who has served in the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders of the NAR. Other NAR apostles endorsed Perry's event, including two who lead a 50-state "prayer warrior" network. Thomas Muthee, the Kenyan pastor who anointed Sarah Palin at the Wasilla Assembly of God Church in 2005, while praying for Jesus to protect her from the spirit of witchcraft, is also part of this movement.

On Wednesday's Fresh Air, Rachel Tabachnick, who researches the political impact of the religious right, joins Terry Gross for a discussion about the growing movement and its influence and connections in the political world.

Tabachnick says the movement currently works with a variety of politicians and has a presence in all 50 states. It also has very strong opinions about the direction it wants the country to take. For the past several years, she says, the NAR has run a campaign to reclaim what it calls the "seven mountains of culture" from demonic influence. The "mountains" are arts and entertainment; business; family; government; media; religion; and education.

"They teach quite literally that these 'mountains' have fallen under the control of demonic influences in society," says Tabachnick. "And therefore, they must reclaim them for God in order to bring about the kingdom of God on Earth. ... The apostles teach what's called 'strategic level spiritual warfare' [because they believe that the] reason why there is sin and corruption and poverty on the Earth is because the Earth is controlled by a hierarchy of demons under the authority of Satan. So they teach not just evangelizing souls one by one, as we're accustomed to hearing about. They teach that they will go into a geographic region or a people group and conduct spiritual-warfare activities in order to remove the demons from the entire population. This is what they're doing that's quite fundamentally different than other evangelical groups."

Rick Perry's Rally

The organizers of Perry's rally were from ministries founded by two apostles/prophets of the movement — The Call, and the International House of Prayer founded by Mike Bickle. Bickle, who led part of Perry's event, has claimed that Oprah Winfrey is a precursor of the Antichrist, and Engle has claimed that gay people are controlled by "demonic spirits." Both have served on the Council of Prophetic Elders initiated by Wagner.

"Lou Engle [has spoken] at length about how one of his sons has started an International House of Prayer in the Castro district of San Francisco and that his son is now expelling demons from homosexuals, and supposedly then this cures them of their homosexuality," says Tabachnick. "He has also held [prayer rallies] around the world."

One of Engle's previous rallies took place in Uganda in May 2010, shortly after an anti-homosexuality bill had been proposed.

"Various people got on the stage [at his rally] and promoted the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda, which is a very draconian bill that would allow for executions for certain offenses, and would also allow for people who don't report homosexual history to be jailed," she says. "The apostles have had a long history in Uganda, and some of them have had close relationships with both political and religious leaders there. In fact, an apostle in Uganda takes credit for promoting the anti-homosexuality bill and was recognized by the parliament in Uganda when the bill was introduced."

Engle has another rally planned in November in Detroit. The purpose of the prayer rally, says Tabachnick, is to "fight the demonic spirit of Islam."

"In other words, [they want] to conduct spiritual warfare against the spiritual demons which they claim hold Muslims in bondage and keep them from converting," she says. "Of course, this is expressed in terms of love. They say 'We don't hate Muslims. We love Muslims. But we hate that they are in spiritual bondage and don't convert to Christianity.' "

A 'Different' Evangelicalism

Tabachnick, who has been researching and writing about the apostles for a decade, says her own religious background has helped her with her research. She grew up as a Southern Baptist and converted to Judaism as an adult.

"Having the Southern Baptist background and growing up in the Deep South has helped me to be able to do this research and has also helped me realize something that might not be apparent to some other people looking at the movement," she says. "This is quite radically different than the evangelicalism of my youth. The things that we've been talking about are not representative of evangelicalism. They're not representative of conservative evangelicalism. So I think that's important to keep in mind. This is a movement that's growing in popularity, and one of the ways they've been able to do that [is because] they're not very identifiable to most people. They're just presented as nondenominational or just Christian — but it is an identifiable movement now with an identifiable ideology."

Interview Highlights
On the issues of the international "apostolic and prophetic" movement

"[Their issues are] anti-abortion, anti-gay rights — but they also have ... the belief that government should not be involved in social safety nets, that the country is becoming socialist, if not communist ... — all of what we've come to call 'Tea Party issues' of very small government. In the case of the apostles, they believe this because they believe that a large government that handles the safety net is taking away what is the domain of the church and of Christianity."

On dominionism

"Dominionism is simply that Christians of this belief system must take control over the various institutions of society and government. Some things that make this group unique is that they have some unusual concepts of what they call spiritual warfare that have not been seen before in other groups. Spiritual warfare is a common term in evangelicalism and in Christianity, but they have some unique approaches and some unique spins on this that distinguish them from other groups."

On Thomas Muthee's video series

"The process [in these videos] is that the people come together, repent, pray together, expel the demons from their community — which they describe in terms of witches and witchcraft — and then the community undergoes a transformation in which there can be miraculous healing, the growth of very large vegetables [and] the end of corruption and crime. What was totally missed by the press was that Muthee was an international leader in the [NAR] movement at the time and recognized because of his role in this series of videos."

On the topics at Rick Perry's rally

"The major topics at these events [are] anti-abortion, anti-gay rights and the conversion of Jews in order to advance the end times. And this was very visible at Perry's events as these apostles led all of these different prayers and repentance ceremonies at [his rally]."


I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do if Perry wins the election, all I know is that I do not want to live in the America that he wants to create

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Bayard Rustin, organizer of the March on Washington, was crucial to the movement

By Steve Hendrix, Published: August 21

It was around this point in August 1963, in the sweltering days before the March on Washington, that Eleanor Holmes Norton was waiting for someone to say something really nasty about her boss.

She was a march volunteer. The boss was Bayard Rustin, the march’s chief organizer and the man widely viewed as the only civil rights activist capable of pulling off a protest of such unprecedented scale.

And he was gay. Openly gay. That year again? 1963.

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GDL - Yay beer!

College to ask applicants' sexual orientation


Elmhurst College has become the first in America to ask prospective students about their sexual orientation.

The school's admission application now asks whether an applicant considers himself a member of the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) community.

Applicants have the option of saying they would prefer not to answer the question.

The dean of admissions says knowing a student's sexual orientation can help the school direct the student to appropriate resources; LGBT students may also qualify for special scholarships.

Source and another source with more info.

Statement from Elmhurst College.

This is my alma mater, so it's nice to see EC making the news for something positive. EDIT: Or not so positive. I was admittedly focusing on the scholarships bit, didn't consider the highly problematic aspects of this. :/


Lesbian mother in Virginia removed as den leader from son’s Boy Scout troop

Denise Steele has been living in Loudoun County for more than a decade, becoming involved with the community, especially through being part of her son’s Boy Scout troop for the past six years.

Steele started out in Boy Scouts as a den leader for her son, Jackson, 12, for his school, Horizon Elementary. No other parent would step up to the plate to take on the responsibility of leading a Cub Scout troop.

In retrospect, the situation was probably good – her son’s troop excelled at everything, including accomplishing badges and winning the Blue and Gold Award all five years, one of the highest awards for Boy Scouts.

Above all, like any mother, Steele put her son first and wanted to make sure he had a great time in scouts.

But in June, Steele’s chances to further bond with her son through scouting were dashed.

The mother was removed from the troop after one of the other assistant scout masters discovered Steele is a lesbian.

Steele has been in a domestic partnership with Jackie Funk for the past 19 years. The two reside in Potomac Falls with their two children, Jackson and Jaden, 9, and Steele’s nephew Will, 10.

Steele’s homosexuality has never been an issue with her in the past in regards to leading her son’s Boy Scout troop – it may have even opened some eyes to it.

“Some of the guys would come down and ask her advice,” Funk said. “Being a woman, forget about the gay part, it didn’t matter. They respected her for her committment and what she offered and how much she put into it. They respected her.”

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Not noted in the article, but let's not forget that this is not the first time the Boy Scouts has been homophobic to members or their family: this is the organization that went all the way to the Supreme Court to make sure they could specifically bar gay troop leaders after all. Fuck them with a hot iron rod.

Animals at National Zoo in DC clustered together, let out cry before East Coast quake

Her name is Iris, and with her straight, elegant, red-orange hair she is beyond dispute the prettiest orangutan at the National Zoo. She’s calm, quiet, unflappable. “Iris lives the life of a queen,” says great-ape keeper Amanda Bania.

On Tuesday afternoon, the queen lost her cool.

It happened a little before 2 p.m. Primate keeper K.C. Braesch was standing just a few feet away when Iris emitted a loud, guttural cry, known to scientists as belch-vocalizing. Iris then scrambled to the top of her enclosure.

Braesch stepped back and scanned the enclosure to see what might have agitated the ape. Was it Kiko, the male? Although generally a lump, Kiko can turn into a hothead and throw things. But no, Kiko was lounging.

Then — all this had happened within about five seconds — Braesch felt the earthquake.

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A progressive case for Obama's foreign policy greatness? - Glenn Greenwald

At The Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky today says that while President Obama "hasn’t been much of a domestic-policy president from nearly anyone’s point of view" (he apparently hasn't read Steve Benen or Ezra Klein lately), the war in Libya highlights how "one can see how he might become not just a good but a great foreign-policy president."  Tomasky's argument is somewhat cautious and expressly contingent on unknown, future events, but is nonetheless revealing -- both in what it says and what it omits -- about how some influential progressives conceive of the Obama presidency.

First, I'm genuinely astounded at the pervasive willingness to view what has happened in Libya as some sort of grand triumph even though virtually none of the information needed to make that assessment is known yet, including: how many civilians have died, how much more bloodshed will there be, what will be needed to stabilize that country and, most of all, what type of regime will replace Gadaffi?  Does anyone know how many civilians have died in the NATO bombing of Tripoli and the ensuing battle?  Does anyone know who will dominate the subsequent regime?  Does it matter?  To understand how irrational and premature these celebrations are in the absence of that information, I urge everyone to read this brief though amazing compilation of U.S. media commentary from 2003 after U.S. forces entered Baghdad: in which The Liberal Media lavished Bush with intense praise for vanquishing Saddam, complained that Democrats were not giving the President the credit he deserved, and demanded that all those loser-war-opponents shamefully confess their error.  Sound familiar?

No matter how moved you are by joyous Libyans (just as one was presumably moved by joyous Iraqis); no matter how heinous you believe Gadaffi was (he certainly wasn't worse than Saddam); no matter how vast you believe the differences are between Libya and Iraq (and there are significant differences), this specific Iraq lesson cannot be evaded.  When foreign powers use military force to help remove a tyrannical regime that has ruled for decades, all sorts of chaos, violence, instability, and suffering -- along with a slew of unpredictable outcomes -- are inevitable. 

Tomasky acknowledges these uncertainties yet does not allow them to deter him, but that makes no sense: whether this war turns out to be wise or just cannot be known without knowing what it unleashes and what follows.  Just as nobody doubted that the U.S. could bring enough destruction to Iraq to destroy the Saddam regime, nobody doubted that NATO could do the same to Gadaffi; declaring the war in Libya a "success" now is no more warranted than declaring the Iraq War one in April, 2003.

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Also, the damage of the "Look Forward, Not Backward" approach here:


Evidence of 'mass execution' in Tripoli

Al Jazeera has found evidence of a possible mass execution of political activists in Libya.

Visiting a hospital in Tripoli on Thursday, Al Jazeera's James Bays said he saw the bodies of 15 men suspected to have been killed a few days earlier as the rebels closed in on the Libyan capital.

"The smell here is overpowering," Bays said from the hospital where a number of bodies lay.

"I have counted the bodies of 15 men we were told there were 17 here. Two bodies were taken away by relatives for burial."

"We are told these men were political activists who have been arrested over the last few days and weeks and being held near the Gaddafi compound. When the opposition fighters started to enter the compound we are told they were killed.

"Everyone I have spoken to who has looked at these injuries, all the medical staff, they say they believe that the injuries they see on the bodies of these men have the hallmark of a mass execution."

Bays said there were no forensic scientists at the hospital. Doctors there had taken photos of the exit and entry wounds on the bodies, with the intention of showing it to an expert at a later stage.

Hunt for Gaddafi

The grisly discovery came amid rumours that rebels had surrounded a Tripoli building where Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader now on the run, is reportedly hiding along with some of his sons.

"They are together. They are in a small hole," Muhammad Gomaa, one of the fighters involved in the battle near Bab al-Aziziya - Gaddafi's compound that was overrun by the rebels - told Reuters. "Today we finish. Today we will end that."

However, Al Jazeera's Sue Turton reporting from Tripoli, said "at the moment, these are rumours, we cannot confirm whether those reports are true or not".

Meanwhile, fierce fighting continued across the capital on Thursday, Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reported.

Fighting was concentrated along the perimeters of Bab al-Aziziya and in the neighbouring Abu Salim district, where Gaddafi reportedly released, armed and paid former prisoners to fight for his regime.

"Rebels have managed to enter the Abu Salim neighbourhood; clashes are taking place and rebels are pushing very hard," Khodr said.

Rebel reinforcements also streamed into Tripoli from other cities to join in the fight against remnants of Gaddafi's forces.

A rebel spokesman told Al Jazeera that "Libyan territory is 90 to 95 per cent under the control of the rebellion".

Cash reward

The rebels are determined to find Gaddafi, and have offered amnesty and a reward to anyone who kills or captures the 69-year-old Libyan leader.

In Benghazi, the National Transitional Council (NTC) told a news conference on Wednesday that Libyan business people had contributed $1.7m for the cash reward.

"The NTC supports the initiative of businessmen who are offering two million dinars for the capture of Muammar Gaddafi, dead or alive," Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the NTC chief, said.

Meanwhile, in an audio message broadcast on loyalist TV channels on Thursday, Gaddafi again called on his supporters to march on Tripoli and "purify" the capital of rebels, who he denounced as "rats, crusaders and unbelievers," Reuters reported.

In an earlier audio address broadcast on Wednesday by the al-Rai television channel, he said Tripoli residents should repel the rebels' advance.

Al Jazeera's Turton reported on Thursday that locals were very worried about attacks by pro-Gaddafi supporters across the city.

"There are check points popping up all over the city. Locals are managing to get hold of weapons to police their streets," she said.

"There is a lot of nervousness … people are very worried that Gaddafi loyalists are coming through these streets

"We've been told about clashes as rebels try to regain control of Abu Salim, the pro-Gaddafi neighbourhood that took a lot of casualties yesterday when rebels took on Gaddafi loyalists there."

The fight for Sirte

Elsewhere in the country, rebel commanders said they are readying fresh attempts to advance against Gaddafi's forces in his hometown Sirte, 360km east of the capital and to break a siege of Zuwarah, a town to the west.

Jacky Rowland, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Ras Lanuf, 200km from Sirte, said rebels there were assembling heavy weaponry in anticipation of an assault on the Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte.

However, Scott Heidler, Al Jazeera's correspondent in the eastern city of Benghazi, said there had already been a stop to rebel advancement towards the Gaddafi stronghold.

"So we are facing a battle in the coming hours," he said.

Rebels advancing towards Sirte were also blocked on Wednesday in the town of Bin Jawad as loyalists kept up stiff resistance.



Survivor tells of mass killing Also, obviously, upsetting descriptions.

Eric Cantor likes to dangle natural disaster aid for fun and profit


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Wednesday that he intends to look for offsets if federal aid is needed to help areas of his Virginia district that were damaged in an earthquake Tuesday.

“There is an appropriate federal role in incidents like this,” the Republican said after touring the damage in his district. “Obviously, the problem is that people in Virginia don’t have earthquake insurance.”

The next step will be for Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) to decide whether to make an appeal for federal aid, Cantor said. The House Majority Leader would support such an effort but would look to offset the cost elsewhere in the federal budget.

“All of us know that the federal government is busy spending money it doesn’t have,” Cantor said in Culpeper, where the quake damaged some buildings along a busy shopping thoroughfare.

He ended a trip in Israel on Tuesday and quickly returned home after the magnitude-5.8 earthquake hit his Congressional district. It was also felt north in Washington, D.C., and New York City and south in North Carolina.

Cantor did not offer specifics on potential offsets, but his view is in line with House Republicans’ approach to disaster aid this year.

Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.) the chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security, used unspent funds from the fiscal 2009 stimulus law to offset about $1 billion in proposed fiscal 2011 emergency money intended to help the Southeast after a series of destructive storms. The provision for that disaster aid is in the fiscal 2012 Homeland Security appropriations bill, which the House has passed and the Senate has not taken up.

Although Aderholt’s district was among the hardest hit, he stressed the need to offset the emergency spending.

In years past, Congress has provided disaster relief outside normal budget caps and without offsets.

Sauce still has plaster chips in it from Tuesday.

Congressman Cantor has done this before, but this is a part of his district that was affected. Now I can't wait to see how long it takes him to blame Obama for blocking the aid when they can't find/agree on an offset.
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Miami judge awards Cuban exile $2.8bn for father's forced suicide after Castro revolution...

((There are some interesting photos at the source that I was unable to post at this time due to my internet connection.))

Miami judge awards Cuban exile $2.8bn for father's forced suicide after Castro revolution... but he'll never see a cent of it

*Gustavo Villoldo's wealthy father forced to kill himself to save his sons by anti-capitalist Cuban regime in 1959

*He avenged father's death by helping to capture Che Guevara - and was tasked with secretly burying him

By Chris Parsons

Last updated at 7:25 PM on 25th August 2011

A Cuban exile whose family were persecuted by Fidel Castro's regime has been awarded $2.8billion damages after his father was forced to commit suicide at the height of the 1959 Communist revolution.

Gustavo Villoldo's father was told by Castro's key lieutenant Che Guevara to take his own life and return his wealthy family's fortune to the state or his two young sons would be executed.

Now over 50 years since Mr Villoldo's tormented father killed himself at Castro's request, his son - who later avenged his father by helping to capture Guevara - has been given the payout after a landmark court ruling.

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Aussie scientists defeat dengue fever danger

Aussie scientists defeat dengue fever danger
Brian Williams, The Courier Mail

AUSSIE scientists have had a big victory in the global war on dengue fever, a mosquito-borne virus infecting up to 100 million people a year.
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The headline makes this sound like this is a definite solution, which certainly hasn't been proven yet. This is still really good news, though.
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Attempted rapist refuses to resign, claims he isn't gay

Phillip Hinkle, the 64-year-old Republican lawmaker, admits he met with 18-year-old Kameryn Gibson at a hotel in the hope of having “a good time.”

Reports of the encounter emerged two weeks ago, after Gibson had posted an advert on website Craigslist, looking for a “sugga daddy”.

Mr Hinkle responded with offers “to make it worth [your] while” in cash, and added: “I am an in shape married professional, 5’8″, fit 170 lbs, and love getting and staying naked.”

He said he could not be a permanent sugar daddy but could offer him $80 for the evening, or $140 if it were “a really good time”.

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Ugh. btw here's the original post that details more of what happened and why this douche is indeed an attempted rapist.</i>
Pride &amp; Prejudice

Dominique Strauss-Kahn could take hotel maid to court over accusations

The former French presidential candidate, known as DSK, is considering filing his own civil claim to counter one filed by Manhattan housekeeper Nafissatou Diallo, his lawyer Benjamin Brafman said.

‘Because she did lie, and he has suffered enormous damages as a result of those lies,’ Mr Brafman added.

But, while Ms Diallo’s account has been recounted in legal interviews, the married 62-year-old does not want to detail his version of events, Mr Brafman added.

‘What happened in that room, so long as we have now confirmed that it wasn’t criminal, is really not something that needs to be discussed publicly,’ he said.

‘You can engage in behaviour that you’re not proud of, and maybe some people might consider it inappropriate – it doesn’t mean that you committed a crime. And it’s not something that you may want to discuss.'

Charges, including attempted rape, against Mr Strauss-Khan were dismissed by a New York court on Tuesday.

The case could not be pursued because of doubts about the maid’s credibility and a lack of other evidence to prove a forced sexual encounter in the hotel room Mr Strauss-Kahn was staying in.

Ms Diallo was not truthful about several aspects of her life and changed her account of what she did right after she claimed she was attacked, they added.

Mr Strauss-Khan resigned his IMF post, spent five days in jail and six weeks under a high-priced house arrest before he was freed on July 1.

SW - Raining Troops

Stupid people doing stupid things to prepare for imaginary emergency.

Stocking up on light ahead of bulb phase-out

Karen DeCoster is thinking of entering the lighting business.

DeCoster, a certified public accountant from Detroit, has no experience in the field, but after hoarding 100-watt incandescent bulbs for months, she’s hoping to sell them on Craigslist for a profit.

Starting in January, the traditional 100-watt incandescent bulbs that many Americans look to when lighting their homes will become a hot commodity. New federal efficiency standards, passed as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, will make the production of these bulbs illegal then, followed by 75-, 60- and 40-watt bulbs in later years.

As the new standards gain publicity, concerned consumers, as well as members of the design community, are stocking up on the bulbs they’ve come to know and love. The new, more energy-efficient alternatives to the traditional incandescent bulbs — including halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescents known as CFLs and LED bulbs — are considered by many to cast a harsh, overly bright glow or too weak of a light. Other complaints include their expense, while some medical experts say CFLs can exacerbate or trigger migraines.

“I despise fluorescents; it’s too bright of a light, too obnoxious,” DeCoster said in an interview with “These edicts always come from the government. It’s an attack on civilization. It’s a condemnation on our standard of living.”

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light sauce

First they came for the incandescent light bulbs,
and I didn't speak out because I preferred LEDs.
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Big shocker: Republican makes no sense

NH Sponsor Of Minimum Wage Restriction Law: Young People Are ‘Not Worth The Minimum’

This year, newly-elected Republicans in the New Hampshire legislature pushed a bill to restrict the state’s minimum wage law to the lowest federally mandated amount. The bill, backed by GOP leadership, was vetoed by Gov. John Lynch (D-NH), but still passed by an override vote in both chambers. New Hampshire will continue to have the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour, a $15,000 salary for a full-time worker.

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Does her logic make sense to anyone???
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Even more misogynistic fail

Special prosecutor: No charges for Prosser, Bradley in fracas

Neither Supreme Court Justice David Prosser nor fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley will face criminal charges for a June altercation that broke out as the judges were considering Gov. Scott Walker's union bargaining law, a special prosecutor has determined.

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In case people forgot about this incidence, I still cannot believe the "She charged at me, so I put my hands up to defend myself" excuse because there is no way a choke hold would result from that. Also, fuck Prosser.

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13 Protesters Arrested in Wisconsin Capitol

“This is the people standing up saying, ‘We’re not going to take it anymore,’ ” said one of the demonstrators.

Turmoil returned to Madison, WI, on Thursday as 13 protesters ended up being arrested after refusing to leave the capitol building after another demonstration against Governor Scott Walker.

They were charged with unlawful assembly, and some also were charged with resisting arrest and obstructing an officer, said Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs.

“There is a difference between being nice and docile, between being nonviolent and being used,” said Damon, one of the protesters who was arrested.

“This is the people standing up saying, ‘We’re not going to take it anymore,’ ” said one woman who was also arrested.

“Are you going to sit there and wave signs, or are you going to do something that makes a difference?” said another person before being arrested.

The arrests occurred after about 1,000 people massed in front of the capitol at 5:00 p.m. to protest the fact that Walker’s cuts in take-home pay were actually taking effect today.

Bill Franks, a senior steward for AFT-Wisconsin, told those in the crowd to back their unions.

“We’re going to redemocratize Wisconsin,” Franks said, to loud applause. “The dogs of recall are on the governor’s tail. I say it’s time to release the hounds.”

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