September 3rd, 2011

Golden Girls: The Other Bea

K-Y To Air Its First Commercial Featuring Lesbian Couple

If K-Y Brand ads have sought to communicate anything to us over the years, it's that a good bottle of lube is the key to a successful relationship. And in a few days, the company will explicitly extend that message to a particular demographic.

On September 5th, K-Y -- which promises to make that "big moment even bigger" -- will air its first ever ad campaign to feature a lesbian couple on national television.

In the ad, partners Alex and Emma explain that what's kept them together through the years has been good communication ... and K-Y INTENSE, Emma interjects. (Because a couple in possession of good lube must be in relationship bliss.) Cue the fireworks (literally) followed by a shot of Alex and Emma collapsed in a bed.

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From the Bastille to the boulevard: The long history of Jewish revolt

Fired by ideology and taking action by means of protests, manifestos or even violence, Jews have historically played an important role in fomenting change in the economic, political and social order of the societies in which they live.
By Shuki Sadeh, Ido Efrati

One hot day in the summer of 1967, a young, frizzy-haired guy named Abbie Hoffman tried to go into the visitors' entrance of the building in which the New York Stock Exchange is located. When the guard stopped him, Hoffman said: "We are Jews and you are an anti-Semite who is not letting us in." The disconcerted guard let Hoffman and his hippie-friends go up to the visitors' gallery.

At this point the group began its provocative protest: They pulled out stacks of dollar bills and released them into the air over the trading floor and then filmed the traders as they scrambled and grabbed at the bills falling from the sky.
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Alabama school backs down over student’s gay rights t-shirt

A school in the US state of Alabama has backed down after telling a student she could not wear a gay rights t-shirt.

Sara Couvillon, a student at Hoover High School in Birmingham, threatened school officials with legal action when she was told not to wear the shirt for her own safety.

The 15-year-old, assisted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), argued that she had worn the ‘Gay? Fine by me’ t-shirt frequently and had never experienced harassment or threats.

The SPLC wrote to the school and the city’s education board to warn they could face a federal lawsuit. School administrators quickly backed down.

Sara said: “I’m very relieved and I feel like this is a major victory for the LGBT community in Alabama. This was not just about me – it was about encouraging people to be brave in standing up for themselves and standing up for their rights.”

Sam Wolfe, a staff attorney at the SPLC, said: “We are incredibly happy that the officials at Hoover High School acted so quickly to restore the rights of this brave student.

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Dark Side of the Moon

Puritan Pundits Should Chill Out

Puritan Pundits Should Chill Out -- Here Are 5 Reasons I'm Happy I've Had Lots of Casual Sex

Things don't have to be permanent to be valuable. A fleeting moment can have as much value as a stone monument.

August 28, 2011
| The phenomenon of women who have sex for its own sake seems to baffle many people. It's widely believed that women have sex for love, commitment, poor self-control, to manipulate men, to please men, to make babies, to sooth their low self-esteem, and just about any reason at all other than their own pleasure. (While men, of course, are rutting horndogs who just want to stick it in the nearest wet hole available.) Sex, according to this trope, is by its nature a commodity that women possess and men are trying to obtain... and the phenomenon of women who are "giving it away," who are defying these assumptions and treating sex as a pleasurable interaction between equals, is making the media piss all over themselves.
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