October 27th, 2011


GRAPHS: Who Has the POWER?

Who Has the Money and Power? - (Live Science, Oct. 24)

Occupy Wall Street protests have been going strong in New York City for more than a month, with the "Occupy" movement going global, stretching from U.S. cities like Boston and Chicago to Auckland, New Zealand, Rome, Italy and Tokyo.

What's their message? According to the movement's website, "Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants."

And attention to these protests, along with national economic issues, has grown. According to a Pew Research Center poll the week of Oct. 13-16, 2011, 22 percent of Americans say they followed news about the anti-Wall Street protests very closely, up from 17 percent who said the same a week earlier. In addition, that same poll showed that 39 percent of Americans followed news about the U.S. economy very closely, followed by 29 percent saying they very closely followed the debate in Washington over jobs and the deficit.

The same upward trend in interested was found in both Democrats and Republicans in that poll, with 21 percent of Republicans reporting they followed news about the protests very closely, up from 12 percent the previous week. Among Democrats, 27 percent said the same, compared with 17 percent the week earlier.

In addition to pure interest, the public seems to be responding positively to the movement, according to a recent Gallup poll, a response that makes sense, wrote the president of the Pew Research Center, Andrew Kohut, in a New York Times article...


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* Bank take-over graph: GO HERE. Source: via malasadas
* Revealed: Proof that (a natural conspiracy of) interconnected banksters and mega-corp elites, (old-money families, etc.), have CRITICAL CONTROL over the global economy. - New Scientist
* The Ed Schultz UNIONS & INCOME INEQUALITY graph: http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2011/03/03/147994/unions-income-inequality/ Ed Show Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omOojQ3KOvU
PS: New site for NYC Occupy General Assembly: http://www.nycga.net
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Palestinian Bid for Full Unesco Membership Imperils American Financing

PARIS — The Palestinian bid for full membership in Unesco the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has put both Washington and the organization into an urgent bind.

United States legislation dating back more than 15 years mandates a complete cutoff of American financing to any United Nations agency that accepts the Palestinians as a full member. Unesco depends on the United States for 22 percent of its budget, about $70 million a year.

Neither the Obama administration nor Unesco wants the cutoff to happen, and diplomats are desperately negotiating with Congress, the Palestinians and other Unesco member states to find a resolution that will preserve the agency’s budget. But with a vote on membership coming as early as this week, time is running out.

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Mountie slapped for online office striptease

Ottawa officer also used RCMP equipment to watch porn

Ottawa RCMP staff sergeant has been docked 10 days pay after his boss learned he had used his office at headquarters to stage and videotape a striptease, in which he took his uniform off and then performed sexual acts in front of a web camera, the Ottawa Citizen has learned.

On a number of occasions from January 2006 to March 2010, RCMP Staff Sgt. Ronald Matthews used a police-issued computer to download, view and store adult pornographic material.

Matthews has admitted to disgraceful conduct, an internal charge under the RCMP Act. He used his work computer to watch porn on and off duty, and his RCMP-issued BlackBerry to send sexually explicit messages to his then girlfriend.

A Mountie for more than 30 years, Matthews also sent her the striptease video that he made after-hours at the force's national headquarters in Ottawa.

"In this video, S/Sgt. Matthews, while partially dressed in his RCMP uniform, is seen performing a striptease, exposing his genitals and performing sexual acts. This was done (in his office) and outside of normal working hours," according to RCMP internal affairs documents.

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Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Censors Science

Officials in Rick Perry's home state of Texas have set off a scientists' revolt after purging mentions of climate change and sea-level rise from what was supposed to be a landmark environmental report. The scientists said they were disowning the report on the state of Galveston Bay because of political interference and censorship from Perry appointees at the state's environmental agency.

By academic standards, the protest amounts to the beginnings of a rebellion: every single scientist associated with the 200-page report has demanded their names be struck from the document. "None of us can be party to scientific censorship so we would all have our names removed," said Jim Lester, a co-author of the report and vice-president of the Houston Advanced Research Centre

"To me it is simply a question of maintaining scientific credibility. This is simply antithetical to what a scientist does," Lester said. "We can't be censored." Scientists see Texas as at high risk because of climate change, from the increased exposure to hurricanes and extreme weather on its long coastline to this summer's season of wildfires and drought.

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Former Argentine naval officer Alfredo Astiz has been jailed for life for crimes against humanity during military rule in 1976-83.

Astiz - known as the "Blond Angel of Death" - was found guilty of torture, murder and forced disappearance.

Among his victims were two French nuns and the founders of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo human rights group.

Eleven other former military and police officers were also given life sentences for crimes against humanity.

Four others were jailed for between 18 and 25 years.

All worked at the Naval Mechanical School in Buenos Aires - known as Esma - which was the biggest secret torture and killing centre set up by the military during what became known as the "Dirty War".

Of the 5,000 or so prisoners taken to Esma, 90% did not come out alive.

(OP Note: This figure is incorrect. Of 5000 or so, there were maybe 150 survivors. I know this, because I'm related to one of them)

Some were killed by firing squad while others were thrown from planes - drugged but still alive - into the Atlantic Ocean.

More than 70 of those who did make it out were among the witnesses in the 22-month trial.

Astiz looked straight ahead and showed no emotion as the sentence was read out.

Among the others given life terms are Jorge Acosta, Antonio Pernias and Ricardo Cavallo.

Human rights groups had campaigned for years to bring the perpetrators to justice, and there were celebrations as the sentences were read out.

"We resisted. We never committed a crime. This is why this is just. They committed crimes. They are imprisoned," said Esma survivor Ricardo Coquet.

Astiz, 59, is one of the most notorious symbols of oppression during military rule in Argentina.

As a young naval intelligence officer he infiltrated the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo human rights group, which was set up to find relatives abducted by the security forces.

He then arranged the kidnap and murder of its three founders - Azucena Villaflor, Esther Ballestrino and Maria Ponce.

He had already been convicted in absentia in France for the murder of the French nuns Alice Domon and Leonie Duquet, who disappeared in Argentina in 1977.

In his defence, Astiz said he had acted to save Argentina from left-wing "terrorism", and he dismissed his trial as an act of political vengeance.

Human rights groups say 30,000 people were killed or made to disappear by the armed forces in their campaign against opposition activists and left-wing guerrillas.



Damn right it was vengeance, you disgusting little sack of shit. For what you did...for the shadow you cast, for the nightmares you give my mother to this day, for the little boy - my brother - whose future you stole when you and others like you tortured him to make her talk...for that and more, I hope you die alone and frightened, and if possible screaming.

Rot in hell. I'll spit on your grave when you have one, and may that day come soon.
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St Paul's Canon Chancellor Giles Fraser resigns in protest

ETA: As usual, the Guardian has a more thoughtful write-up:

The canon chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral, the Rev Dr Giles Fraser, has resigned in protest at plans to forcibly remove protesters from its steps, saying he could not support the possibility of "violence in the name of the church".

Speculation grew in the last 24 hours that Fraser, a leading leftwing voice in the Church of England, would resign because he could not sanction the use of police or bailiffs against the hundreds of activists who have set up camp in the grounds of the cathedral in the past fortnight.

Just after 9am on Thursday, Fraser tweeted: "It is with great regret and sadness that I have handed in my notice at St Paul's Cathedral."

In a statement to the Guardian, Fraser, who was appointed canon in May 2009, confirmed his resignation, saying: "I resigned because I believe that the chapter has set on a course of action that could mean there will be violence in the name of the church."

He is expected to take part in a service at St Paul's on Friday afternoon, the first since the cathedral closed its doors a week ago for health and safety reasons.

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Guardian source. Original source was the BBC. Mods, could we maybe have an "occupymovement" rather than "occupywallstreet" tag, as it isn't a US-only thing (and didn't even start there, if you count the Tel Aviv social justice tent city this summer)?
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Good News About Girl Joining Girl Scouts Clouded by Pronoun and Gender Fail

"Boy who identifies as girl, may be allowed to join Girl Scouts"

DENVER — Bobby Montoya, a 7-year-old boyfrom Denver, Colo., who identifies as a girl, may be allowed to join the Girl Scouts after initially being told no by a local troop leader.

Bobby identifies as a girl, and he’s a boy,” his mother, Felisha Archuleta, told KUSA-TV.

Archuleta still refers to Bobby as “he,” but said Bobby dresses and behaves like a girl.

“He’s been doing this since he was about 2 years old. He’s loved girl stuff, so we just let him dress how he wants, as long as he’s happy,” she said.

Archuleta said she went to sign Bobby up for Girl Scouts because his older sister had joined, and Bobby really wanted to join as well.

But Archuleta said a troop leader told her Bobby couldn’t join.
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Rob Ford denies calling 911 dispatcher names

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is denying he called a 911 dispatcher names during an emergency call on Monday, but admits he swore and apologized for expressing his frustration "inappropriately."

Ford issued a statement Thursday outlining his version of events surrounding 911 calls he made after Mary Walsh, part of the CBC-TV comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes, ambushed him in his driveway as the character Marg Delahunty, with cameras rolling.

"When I made the 911 call, I was concerned and upset. I was repeatedly told police were arriving soon," Ford said.

"In another call, I expressed frustration with the delay and said that I had to leave to go to city hall. I did use the f-word at some point as I expressed my frustration with the situation. After being attacked in my driveway, I hope I can be excused for saying the f-word. I never called anyone any names. I apologize for expressing my frustration inappropriately."

Ford's statement came after a report by CBC News that quoted sources who claimed Ford turned on the dispatcher who took one of the calls and said: “You … bitches! Don’t you f--king know? I’m Rob f--king Ford, the mayor of this city!

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Ahahahahahaha. I can't wait for the 911 tape to leak - so making a remix.
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Mom gets banned from McD's for being annoying

College instructor fighting bacteria banned from McDonald's
by Edythe Jensen The Arizona Republic

Chandler resident Erin Carr Jordan got a morning surprise from McDonald's this week and there were no eggs or muffins involved. It was a 7 a.m. hand-delivered letter from a lawyer prohibiting her from setting foot in eight Valley McDonald's and threatening her with criminal trespassing charges if she did.

The mother of four, a college instructor with a doctorate in developmental psychology, is on an unrelenting national crusade to clean up fast-food play areas, claiming the pathogens she found in them threaten children's health.

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Occupy the No-Spin Zone

Occupy the No-Spin Zone

One of the best things about Occupy Wall Street is the way it confuses and ignores the shrill pundit class.

By Dahlia Lithwick

I confess to being driven insane this past month by the spectacle of television pundits professing to be baffled by the meaning of Occupy Wall Street. Good grief. Isn’t the ability to read still a job requirement for a career in journalism? And as last week’s inane “What Do They Want?” meme morphs into this week’s craven “They Want Your Stuff” meme, I feel it’s time to explain something: Occupy Wall Street may not have laid out all of its demands in a perfectly cogent one-sentence bumper sticker for you, Mr. Pundit, but it knows precisely what it doesn’t want. It doesn’t want you.

What the movement clearly doesn’t want is to have to explain itself through corporate television. To which I answer, Hallelujah. You can’t talk down to a movement that won’t talk back to you.

I don’t purport to speak for anyone but myself here, although I spent time this weekend at Occupy Wall Street and my husband spent much of last week adding his voice to the protesters there. I saw an incredible array of people that defy any simple demographic characterization and a broad range of signs that made—imagine!—more than a single point. But if I may hazard an opinion, it would be this: One of the most fatuous themes of mainstream OWS coverage is the endless loop of media bafflement at this movement that doesn’t have a message. Here’s CNN’s Erin Burnett in a classic put-down of the OWS’ refusal to tailor its message to her. It takes a walloping amount of willful cluelessness to look at a mass of people holding up signs and claim that they have no message.

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By refusing to take a ragtag, complicated, and leaderless movement seriously, the mainstream media has succeeded only in ensuring its own irrelevance. The rest of America has little trouble understanding that these are ragtag, complicated, and leaderless times. This may not make for great television, but any movement that acknowledges that fact deserves enormous credit.

Source: Slate
Your sarcasm AMUSES me!

The death of a Time Warner worker sparks an outside investigation

Was the good Samaritan who tried to save her prevented from doing everything she could?

Hundreds show up at Time Warner Cable in Garfield Hts. They're applying for customer service jobs, like the one recently held by long time employee Julia Nelson.

Last month, Julia's daughter, Vianney, buried her mom, after the 67 year old woman died Sept. 8th at her desk, at Time Warner.

"She went to Time Warner and didn't come home," said Vianney.

What Vianney didn't know, is that more could have been done, to save her mother's life.

Garfield Hts. paramedics rush to the Time Warner Call Center off McCracken around 3 PM that day.

Meantime, as Nelson lay slumped at her desk, a fellow employee begins CPR but records confirm, when EMS arrives, the patient is not breathing and contrary to red cross training, CPR is no longer being performed.

So why did the employee stop CPR? well, we tracked her down. She wouldn't go on camera, but what she told us on the phone is shocking.

The women tells us, and other employees confirm, that a supervisor ordered her to end her life saving efforts, and "get back on the phone and take care of customers."

The woman who tried to save Julia Nelson tells us yet another boss warned her, she could be "held liable if something goes wrong."

But for anyone without formal medical training, no need to wait to administer CPR. The Red Cross's Phil Trimble say there's a good Samaritan law to protect you.

"It protects lay responders, everyday people from being sued in the event that they help out in an emergency situation," said Phil Trimble.

Employees tell us Time Warner does offer CPR classes but we've learned, CPR may not have been necessary to save Julia Nelson's life.

That's because a heart defibrillator was right down the hall. Hanging on the wall of the first aid room.

One problem. The door was locked. And we're told the only person who had the key was out of the building.

We've been in contact with Garfield Police. Chief Robert Sackett says they are reviewing the incident.

Time Warner won't say much about the incident, but did release this statement:

"Time Warner responded appropriately to a medical emergency. Our company has procedures in place to respond to emergencies. We are saddened by the loss of one of our employees who was a co-worker and a friend. Our thoughts are with the family during this difficult time."


In Which Herman Cain Tries Too Hard

Republican Presidential Candidates Name Their Favorite Movies
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Teal Deer:
Herman Cain: "The Godfather"
Michelle Bachman: "Braveheart"
Newt: "Probably 'Casablanca'"
Rick Santorum: "Field of Dreams"
Ron Paul: "I don't watch movies."
Rick Perry: "Immortal Beloved"
Mittens: "O Brother, Where Art Thou"

Dawit Isaak could be dead

The Swedish-Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak has been moved from the prison in Eritrea, says journalist Lars Adaktusson on Radio 1. Several people with insight fear that Isaak is dead.

The information has not been confirmed officially and it is also unclear where Dawit Isaak has been taken. Mehari Abraham, exiled Eritrean debater and journalist with TV-Zete in Stockholm, says that there is information that points to Dawit Isaak possibly being dead.
- We have been given information that he is no longer in his cell. He has been moved, or he is no more, Mehari Abraham tells Aftonbladet.

The sources who have told him that Isaak is no longer in the prison have been able to confirm deaths in the prison in fifteen earlier cases. Abraham is to have received this information during the October.Collapse )
source: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article13848271.ab

ETA: there are now people saying that these reports are old and that the regime might be spreading misinformation to weaken the criticism against it

Article from the Grauniad about the history of police response/brutality in Oakland

Oakland police: controversial history sets tone for city's discord

From the shooting of Bobby Hutton to the death of Oscar Grant, Oakland's police force has created its share of friction in a city with its share of problems

Oakland trouble
Oakland: the two-year prison sentence for OPD officer Johannes Mehserle over the killing of Oscar Grant led to a series of protests. Photograph: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

The Oakland police department (OPD) has long been one of the most controversial urban law enforcement agencies in America, with a string of high-profile criminal and brutality allegations going back decades.

It is also tough turf to police. Oakland is a city that has suffered from considerable urban blight, gang problems and drug issues. It is a historic centre of black American culture and radical black politics, having given birth to the Black Panther movement in the 1960s. There have been persistent reports of police criminality and abuse, especially aimed at the city's black population, where community activists say low-level police harassment is a fact of life. Latest census figures show black people make up the biggest single ethnic group in Oakland at 27.3%, with white people at 25.9% and Hispanics at 25.4%.

Despite having almost the same size populations in the city, however, white people account for only 16% of OPD vehicle stops, and 6.7% of motorists searched. Black people in Oakland, by contrast, account for a whopping 48% of vehicle stops, and 65.8% of motorists searched.

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Guardian Source

I thought this might be useful for some of us non-USers to put the events at Occupy Oakland into more context.
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Oakland Police Have Fucked With The Wrong People: Marines Enraged


Marines around the world are outraged by the injuries inflicted by police on Scott Olsen at Tuesday's Occupy Oakland protests. Olsen is in a medically-induced coma after getting hit in the head by a police projectile.

The following picture is taken from the Reddit thread "How I feel, as a United States Marine, about what occurred in Oakland."

This man is not alone. In the five hours since the thread went up there have been over 600 comments.

Here's an email from the man in the picture.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

My name is Jay C Gentile, and I'm the man in the picture on BI's front page. I'm sure you're a busy man so I'll try to keep my words to a minimum. I was wondering if you, as a journalist, and with the resources at your disposal, could tell me a reliable place where I can find updates about Scott Olsen's condition. "Occupy Wallstreet" movement aside, Marines share a bond that escapes the boundaries of the English language. I'd like to be able to "check up" on this young man, my brother, and keep up with his condition.

Thank you very much,

Semper Fidelis
-Jay C. Gentile

From what I understand Scott has been upgraded to Fair condition.

Source has chills. There is a video of the incident here (trigger warning for blood starting at 0:58).
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Teen Suicide Rant on the Rick Mercer Report

Every year in this country 300 kids take their own lives. It is a mind-boggling number. And this past week one of those kids was Jamie Hubley. He was 15, he was depressed and he happened to be gay.

And because this is 2011 we don't just read about a kid like Jamie, we can Google him and then the next thing you know, you’re sitting at home watching his videos on YouTube. And he was gay all right. He was a great big goofy gay kid singing Lady Gaga on the Internet. And as an adult you look at that and you go, you know what, that kid’s going places. But for some reason, some kids, they looked at that and they attacked. And now he's gone.

And because this story is all too familiar we know exactly what’s going to happen next. Grief counselors will go into the school, as they should. But what about the old fashioned assembly? You know, where the cops show up and there's hell to pay and they find out who’s responsible. You know like when the lunchroom is vandalized. Because the kids who bullied this boy, they know who they are. And more importantly other kids know who they are.

It's no longer good enough for us to tell kids who are different that it’s going to get better. We have to make it better now, that's every single one of us. Every teacher, every student, every adult has to step up to the plate. And that’s gay adults too. Because I know gay cops, soldiers, athletes, cabinet ministers, a lot of us do, but the problem is adults, we don't need role models. Kids do. So if you're gay and you’re in public life, I'm sorry, you don't have to run around with a pride flag and bore the hell out of everyone, but you can't be invisible either. Not anymore. 300 kids is 300 too many.

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Radio ad refuses serve to Obama supporters & Muslims

Posted on October 27, 2011 at 6:31 PM

MASON, Texas -- It was a message intended to bring in some extra business. A radio ad for a concealed handgun class at Keller's Riverside Store in Mason, located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, is causing controversy.

"We will attempt to teach you all the necessary information you need to obtain your C.H.L.," the ad stated.  Forty-five seconds in, the advertisement added a disclaimer.

"If you are a socialist liberal and or voted for the current campaigner in chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision as under the law." The ad continues, going on to say, "If you are a non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you the class with no shame; I am Crockett Keller, thank you and God bless America."
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Source includes video

Hi! This is my first post here so I apologize for any mistakes (I may have gone overboard with the tags. O_o). Usually lurked, but I joined and I knew I had to share this.