March 12th, 2012

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Flight attendant on plane rants about crashing

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A female flight attendant who started ranting about a possible crash over the public address system of an American Airlines plane on Friday was subdued by passengers and crew as the plane returned to the gate, passengers said.

The incident at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport led the pilot to taxi back to the gate, where police and FBI agents took the unidentified flight attendant for a psychiatric evaluation, airport spokesman David Magana said.

Passengers who arrived later at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport said the attendant had begun babbling about technical problems with the plane, saying "Captain, I can't be responsible for crashing this plane."

"No one was responding, and then when she said 'crash' twice, we knew something was wrong," said an unidentified passenger, whose comments were broadcast on WBBM radio in Chicago.

"She said she was bipolar, so we continued to hold her until police arrived. When they showed up they put the cuffs on and got her off the plane," another unidentified passenger said. [OP: A few other sources indicate that the woman says she did not take her daily medication that day.]

The attendant also spoke about losing friends in the September 11, 2001, terror attacks on the United States.

"She said she just wanted to save people and that she wouldn't be responsible if the plane crashed," passenger Whitney Bessler was quoted as saying by the Dallas Morning News.

"She was screaming bloody murder," passenger Bethany Christakos told the Dallas Observer.

Another female attendant suffered minor injuries during the altercation on board the Chicago-bound plane, Magana said.

The FBI and airport police both said they did not plan to charge the attendant with any crime.

It was an "unfortunate but non-violent confrontation involving a flight attendant aboard an aircraft preparing for takeoff," and no one was seriously injured, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, a union, said in a statement.

American Airlines, a unit of AMR Corp, issued a statement saying the incident involved "some of the cabin crew" and said "two flight attendants were taken to local hospitals for treatment."

Tim Smith, a spokesman for the airline, declined further comment, saying the incident was being investigated, and he apologized to passengers.

When the flight finally got under way with a new cabin crew, passengers who wanted drinks were served for free, Christakos said.

Source would've asked for that drink.

(after a few requests I've removed the YouTube clip of the incident [no visual of the woman, just audio and the passengers' reactions])
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Women's HERstory Month Day Twelve: Dolores Huerta and the Rights of Farm Workers

Dolores C. Huerta is the co-founder and Secretary-Treasurer of the United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO ("UFW"). The mother of 11 children, 14 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, Dolores has played a major roll in the American civil rights movement.

Dolores Huerta was born on April 10, 1930 in a mining town in northern New Mexico, where her father, Juan Fernandez, was a miner, field worker, union activist and State Assemblyman. Her parents divorced when she was three years old. Her mother, Alicia Chavez, raised Dolores, along with her two brothers, and two sisters, in the central San Joaquin Valley farm worker community of Stockton, California. Her mother was a businesswoman who owned a restaurant and a 70-room hotel, which often put up farm worker families for free.

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It is because of Delores Huerta that migrant workers and even to a degree Latin@ people in general have any rights at all in this country. Vote on any legislation you can to keep or strengthen what Delores has started.
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‘Doonesbury’ creator Garry Trudeau discusses divisive strips about abortion

Only once in the long history of “Doonesbury” has Garry Trudeau’s syndicate ever intensely objected to one of his story arcs. It was 1985, and the subject was abortion.

Starting Monday, amid heated debate about pre-termination ultrasound and sonogram bills in Virginia and Texas, Trudeau, whose comic strip has about 1,400 clients, will tackle the politically sensitive issue of abortion head-on.

“To ignore it,” Trudeau told The Washington Post, “would have been comedy malpractice.”

The result is that many newspaper editors have been weighing whether to run this week’s “Doonesbury.” The Oregon­ian in Portland is among at least several papers that won’t be running the series. In a note to readers Friday, the editors said Trudeau “went over the line of good taste and humor in penning a series on abortion using graphic language and images inappropriate for a comics page.” The paper is directing readers online if they want to read the strip.

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Source at WashPo. I heard about some papers dropping out this week and was pleasantly surprised to hear that any mainstream comic was even covering this. (Oh, and the arc appears to begin today.)

New This Week In Blackness - #SELMA2012

Hey ontd_political

It's been a while--I know. Last week I had the opportunity to cover the #SELMA2012 march (video dispatches found here). I found this interesting because many people I spoke to was unaware of the historic retread of the Selma to Montgomery march of 1965. Outside of a small select group of media outlets the march went largely ignored by mainstream media. I decided to dust off my infinite white background and drop a new This Week in Blackness about the march against Voter Suppression and draconian immigrant rights laws...

And as I've told y'all before--I run a show called "Blacking It Up" (a bunch of y'all already listen ;-) I keep forgetting to post new eps in here!) so feel free to jump into our communities on Twitter and Google+! If you've never listened you can subscribe on iTunes or listen via Stitcher Radio!

I will attempt not to take so long in returning!

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Activists tap court to block Japan reactor restart

Activists tap court to block Japan reactor restart

A group of Japanese citizens said they would file a lawsuit Monday to prevent the restart of a nuclear power plant, a day after the first anniversary of the country's atomic disaster.

The group of 259 citizens are to file the suit in Osaka District Court seeking an injunction that would block the reopening of utility Kansai Electric's nuclear power plants Oi Unit 3 and 4 in central Fukui prefecture.

On Sunday, tens of thousands rallied near Japan's crippled Fukushima plant demanding an end to nuclear power after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami sparked meltdowns at the stricken plant.

The tsunami swamped cooling systems at the Fukushima site and sent three reactors into meltdown, spewing radiation into the environment.

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Japan currently just does not have the ability to function with all the nuclear plants shut down - Kansai Electric is saying that, without nuclear plants up and running, there's going to be a massive power shortage, around 25%ish IIRC, this coming summer. But the scales really have fallen off of a lot of folks' eyes about the safety of nuclear power. It's gonna be interesting to see how this plays out the closer and closer we get to summer.
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Harper's omnibus crime bill passes the house of commons...

Tories' crime bill passed by House

The Conservative government's controversial crime bill passed a final vote in the House of Commons Monday, a few days later than the government expected.

The Tories had planned to pass Bill C-10 last Wednesday, but the NDP was able to delay the last day of debate until Friday and push the final vote to today.

Prior to the final vote, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said he was disappointed by the opposition tactics."These are very reasonable measures. They go after those who sexually exploit children, people in the child pornography business and it goes after drug traffickers, so this will be welcomed particularly by victims, those involved with law enforcement, and as we know, Canadians are supportive of what we are doing in this area," Nicholson told reporters.

He said once the bill becomes law the government will consult with the provinces to decide on timelines for implementing its various measures.

"We're going to space a number of them out," he said.

The bill had been sent back to the Commons by the Senate because of amendments made to the part of the bill that gives Canadians the ability to sue perpetrators and supporters of terrorism.

Three hours of debate

After taking up more than three hours of debate by reiterating his party’s opposition to the omnibus crime bill, NDP MP Jack Harris proposed a motion to reject the Senate amendments. The Conservatives were able to defeat the motion and pass the bill by a vote of 154-129.

Harris said Bill C-10 will not deter criminals and he predicts there will be more crimes and victims because of it.

More people will be put behind bars, and for longer, and will be released without rehabilitation and will be more likely to commit more crimes, said Harris.

"There are a whole series of problems with the bill that can't get our support," he said.

Harris said the provinces are going to have to carry most of the costs and that the federal government isn't co-operating with them on that front.

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae said passing the bill marks a "step backwards."

He said the Conservatives are trying to micromanage the Criminal Code and are making unnecessary changes.

"It makes no sense for the government to be going in this direction. It's not a real crime prevention strategy, it's a prison promotion strategy, it's an incarceration strategy, that I think will prove to be a very costly mistake for Canada," said Rae.

The safe streets and communities act, as the legislation is called, combines bills that were introduced separately in previous sessions of Parliament but never passed. It makes a number of major changes to the justice and corrections systems, and several of the measures have been controversial.

Critics oppose mandatory minimum sentences

The toughening of jail sentences and the introduction of new mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug and other offences are among the measures opposed by critics.

Louise Arbour, former justice at the Supreme Court of Canada, is one of those critics and a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, a group that studies and makes recommendations on national drug policies around the world. She told CBC News on Monday that mandatory minimum sentences are generally "bad criminal law policies."

They preclude judges from considering the specific circumstances of the offender and the offence and tie their hands, Arbour said. With marijuana-related offences, mandatory minimum sentences "go completely against the modern thinking by world leaders about the direction that the so-called war on drugs should take after 40 years of failure," she said.

The government says it is targeting drug traffickers, but Arbour says mandatory minimum sentences won't put a dent in what is a global problem. In her opinion, the safe streets and communities act is "a very costly enterprise that is based on ideology rather than science and progressive experimental initiatives that Canada is very famous for," Arbour said.

The opposition parties have supported the part of C-10 that toughens sentences for child sex offenders and they wanted those proposals separated from the bill, but the government kept C-10 as a complete package.

Nicholson and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, the other lead minister on the bill, have always defended it by saying it will lead to improved safety for Canadians and better protection for victims and that it will give more appropriate punishments to offenders.


Fuck them for dragging Canada backwards -The Harper government's views of crime (specifically drug crime) and punishment are so completely backwards it isn't even funny.  Also, by creating a bill containing tougher drug laws AND stiffer sentences for sex offenders, they can conveniently claim that anyone who opposes this supports sex offenders, 

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Women's HERstory Month Day Twelve (Part 2): A Woman for her time.

In honor of New York’s upcoming Pride parade this weekend, I wanted to highlight a real badass woman whose tireless work has often been pushed to the side in queer and activist history: Sylvia Rivera. Rivera was a transgender activist and founding member of the Gay Activists Alliance and the Gay Liberation Front, as well as the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries. She was also the woman who once climbed the walls of New York City Hall, in a dress and heels, to crash the city council meeting on one of the first pieces of gay rights legislation proposed by GAA. She was no joke and was not about to take things quietly.

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(So I've begun to realize that I have so many things queued up for this month that occasionally, I will have to post more than one lady a day. I don't suspect any of you will mind, but I don' care, I do what I want, etc. XD)

Sylvia Rivera was one of the bravest, most outspoken, and heartfelt women to ever take up a campaign for anything. And I totally believe she threw the first bottle at Stonewall. She was just that much of a badass.
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Uganda Nodding Syndrome Devastates Region

PADER DISTRICT, Uganda, March 6 (Reuters) - Most mornings, Michael Odongkara takes his daughter Nancy Lamwaka outside and ties her ankle to a mango tree.

It's not something he likes to do. But the disease that gives the 12-year-old violent seizures has so diminished her mental capacity that she no longer talks and often wanders off. Once, she was lost in the bush for three days.

"It hurts me so much to tie my own daughter to a tree ... but because I want to save her life, I am forced to. I don't want her to (get) loose and die in a fire, or walk and get lost in the bushes, or even drown in the nearby swamps," he said.

Lamwaka suffers from nodding syndrome, a disease of unknown origins and no known cure, which Ugandan authorities estimate affects more than 3,000 children in the country.

Named after its seizure-like episodes of head nodding, the disease, which mostly affects children between five and 15, has killed more than 200 children in Uganda in the past three years. Thousands of children in South Sudan are also sufferers.

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Georgia Republican Compares Women to Cows, Pigs, And Chickens

A speech from a Georgia Republican state representative surfaced last week in which he compared women seeking abortions of stillborn fetuses to cows and pigs.

State Rep. Terry England was speaking in favor of HR 954, which makes it illegal to obtain an abortion after 20 weeks even if the woman is known to be carrying a stillborn fetus or the baby is otherwise not expected to live to term.

He then recalled his time working on a farm:

“Life gives us many experiences…I’ve had the experience of delivering calves, dead and alive. Delivering pigs, dead or alive. It breaks our hearts to see those animals not make it.”

Suggesting that if a cow or pig can give birth to a dead baby, then a woman should too was not enough for Rep. England though. He then delivered an anecdote to the chamber in which a young man who was apparently opposed to legislation outlawing chicken fighting said he would give up all of his chickens if the legislature simply took away women’s right to an abortion.

Watch the unreal remarks, courtesy of amateur videographer Bryan Long: (Video at Source)

Source: Thinkprogress.

I sincerely have no fucking words.