March 23rd, 2012

L Word (Jenny) Pointing Taser Gun

More BullMitt - Ann Romney: Mitt 'Breaks Into Song' On Horseback

Ann Romney revealed a personal secret about her husband, Mitt, on Thursday: He's both an equestrian and a singer.

"Always, the second he gets on horseback, he breaks into song," she told conservative radio host Michael Medved, according to The Hill:

She volunteered that he mostly sings western "because it's so appropriate," naming Garth Brooks as one of his favorite artists to impersonate.

Ann Romney is often dispatched to make her husband seem more like a regular guy. On Tuesday, she released a video to wish him a happy wedding anniversary, and she often speaks on the campaign trail about their family.

Mitt has attempted to sing while campaigning, giving a weak rendition of "America the Beautiful" in Florida earlier this year.

There was no word from Ann on what he sings on horseback, but given the number of times it plays at his rallies, we'd put money on Kid Rock's "Born Free."


Badass Maryland Governor Politely Tells Mitt Romney To STFU

Today, Mitt Romney is Romneying all over Maryland, probably doing awkward things like complimenting people on their oversized lava lamps, saying "y'all" and "cheesy grits," and suggesting that poor people should pay more for basic health care so that rich people can enjoy their constitutionally guaranteed yachts. But at least one Marylander wanted Romney to know that his policies regarding women's health aren't so welcome 'round these parts: the state's governor, Martin O'Malley.

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text of the tweet: "Welcome to MD @MittRomney. FYI, in our State we don’t try to take away women’s health services. We work to expand them."


oblig shirtless pic of Martin O'Malley at the 2012 Polar Bear Plunge.

The ex-FBI informant with a change of heart: 'There is no real hunt. It's fixed'

The ex-FBI informant with a change of heart: 'There is no real hunt. It's fixed'
Craig Monteilh says he did not balk when his FBI handlers gave him the OK to have sex with the Muslim women his undercover operation was targeting. Nor, at the time, did he shy away from recording their pillow talk.

"They said, if it would enhance the intelligence, go ahead and have sex. So I did," Monteilh told the Guardian as he described his year as a confidential FBI informant sent on a secret mission to infiltrate southern Californian mosques.

It is an astonishing admission that goes that goes to the heart of the intelligence surveillance of Muslim communities in America in the years after 9/11. While police and FBI leaders have insisted they are acting to defend America from a terrorist attack, civil liberties groups have insisted they have repeatedly gone too far and treated an entire religious group as suspicious.

Monteilh was involved in one of the most controversial tactics: the use of "confidential informants" in so-called entrapment cases. This is when suspects carry out or plot fake terrorist "attacks" at the request or under the close supervision of an FBI undercover operation using secret informants. Often those informants have serious criminal records or are supplied with a financial motivation to net suspects.

In the case of the Newburgh Four – where four men were convicted for a fake terror attack on Jewish targets in the Bronx – a confidential informant offered $250,000, a free holiday and a car to one suspect for help with the attack.

In the case of the Fort Dix Five, which involved a fake plan to attack a New Jersey military base, one informant's criminal past included attempted murder, while another admitted in court at least two of the suspects later jailed for life had not known of any plot.

Such actions have led Muslim civil rights groups to wonder if their communities are being unfairly targeted in a spying game that is rigged against them. Monteilh says that is exactly what happens. "The way the FBI conducts their operations, It is all about entrapment … I know the game, I know the dynamics of it. It's such a joke, a real joke. There is no real hunt. It's fixed," he said.

But Monteilh has regrets now about his involvement in a scheme called Operation Flex. Sitting in the kitchen of his modest home in Irvine, near Los Angeles, Monteilh said the FBI should publicly apologise for his fruitless quest to root out Islamic radicals in Orange County, though he does not hold out much hope that will happen. "They don't have the humility to admit a mistake," he said.

Monteilh's story sounds like something out of a pulp thriller. Under the supervision of two FBI agents the muscle-bound fitness instructor created a fictitious French-Syrian altar ego, called Farouk Aziz. In this disguise in 2006 Monteilh started hanging around mosques in Orange County – the long stretch of suburbia south of LA – and pretended to convert to Islam.

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Source is the Guardian
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Oh, if only he hadn't worn that hoodie, this wouldn't have happened!

Fox’s Geraldo Rivera Blames Hoodie For Trayvon Martin’s Death

As ThinkProgress noted, Fox News ignored the controversy over the killing of Trayvon Martin at first, even after every other network was covering it, but maybe they were better off not covering the issue than what they’re doing now.

This morning on Fox and Frends, Fox contributor Geraldo Rivera remarked, “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman (his killer).” While he agreed that Zimmerman “should be prosecuted,”Rivera also blamed Trayvon’s parents for letting him go outside wearing a hooded sweatshirt?. Media Matters flagged the exchange:

BRIAN KILMEADE KILMEADE (co-host): Let’s talk about the Trayvon Martin case and what’s going on in Florida right now.

GERALDO RIVERA: I believe that George Zimmerman, the overzealous neighborhood watch captain should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law and if he is criminally liable, he should be prosecuted. But I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies. I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.

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The Politics of the Hunger Games

Liberals and conservatives are embracing the film for very different reasons.

With 26 million books in The Hunger Games trilogy sold thus far, one hardly needs to look further for reasons why the first film installment is bound to open huge Friday (on Thursday, Fandango was selling 10 tickets per second). Nevertheless, here’s another one: politics.

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Stevie J

President Obama: If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- For the first time since the controversy erupted on the national scene, President Barack Obama weighed in on the killing of Trayvon Martin, calling it a tragedy, urging cooperation among law enforcement and declaring that "some soul searching" was needed throughout the country.

"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," Obama said, underscoring how the issue affected him on a personal, and not just a political or legal, level. "I think [Trayvon's parents] are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened."

The statement by Obama came after he introduced Dartmouth President Jim Kim to be the next head of the World Bank during an appearance in the Rose Garden. He took only one question before heading back into the West Wing -- signaling that both he and his press handlers were feeling pressure, coming from black activists and others, to make a public comment on the Martin case.

Obama was careful not to get too far ahead of events. He said he was wary of "impairing" an ongoing legal process but praised the fact that federal, state and local law enforcement are now working together on Martin's death.

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mus | like a bird in a cage

‘Go back to work,’ union tells Air Canada wildcat strikers. Fired workers reinstated

Air Canada won an injunction against its ground workers in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City after wildcat strikes in Toronto and Montreal cancelled or delayed dozens of flights.

The workers walked out Thursday night, reportedly after some of them were disciplined for heckling federal Labour Minister Lisa Raitt.

“We have sought an injunction and I understand it has been granted,” Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick told the Star at 9:30 a.m. Friday.

At the same time, the 37 workers fired by Air Canada after the Raitt incident were reinstated without penalty, IAMAW union spokesman Bill Trbovich told the Star shortly before 10 a.m.

“That’s what we were hoping for. We don’t condone the strike. This is a sad situation,” he said.

RELATED: Angry passengers speak out

“We advise you to go back to work,” union official Chuck Atkinson told 300 striking ground workers outside Terminal 1 shortly after 10 a.m.

Three people who heckled Raitt will return to work after a 72-hour suspension, he told workers. No one will be fired.

If they don’t return, he warned, “Not only will you be fined, you’ll get criminal charges.”

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Obscure ~ Steel Toed
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Each of these three women inspire me.

Exclusive: OWS Activist Cecily McMillan Describes Seizure, Bodily Injuries in Arrest by NYPD

Democracy Now!

Friday, MARCH 23, 2012

AMY GOODMAN: Cecily McMillan is Northeast regional organizer for the Young Democratic Socialists of America and a graduate student at the New School for Social Research. We’re also joined by Meghan Maurus, Cecily’s attorney and mass defense coordinator at the New York City chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.

We welcome you both to Democracy Now! Cecily, you limped in here. You’re very bruised. You have a bruise over your left eye. And I can see, with your—the scoop neck of your T-shirt, you are scratched and it is black and blue. It is—

CECILY McMILLAN: A handprint.

AMY GOODMAN: —the shape of a hand. Black and blue, the shape of a hand.


AMY GOODMAN: That is above your right breast. And then your arms. Your arms are black and blue around both elbows. You’ve got finger marks of black and blue on both arms. And you’re clearly—


AMY GOODMAN: —in a lot of pain on your back, and we can’t show those bruises now. Your ribs—what happened?

CECILY McMILLAN: My ribs are really bruised.

AMY GOODMAN: What happened to you? You went out on Saturday, six-month anniversary of Occupy, with hundreds of other people to Zuccotti. And what took place?

CECILY McMILLAN: Like I said, I haven’t seen any of the videos yet. I ended a 40-something hour stay in jail and ended up with all these bruises. I mean, that’s—I have an open case, so I can’t talk more about it, and I’m sure you can tell that it would be difficult for me to remember some things. But I have these.

AMY GOODMAN: Why were you there?

CECILY McMILLAN: Well, I’ve been involved in Occupy Wall Street since August, in the planning stages. I think that earlier the year before—or, earlier last year, I was involved in Madison. And growing up in the South, my grandfather is a union rep, and I’ve seen him go into work and come home and go into work and go home, and lose battle after battle. And, you know, to be in Wisconsin and to see the strength and solidarity of people who will stand and fight for each other, who will stand in solidarity for each other, that lit a fire in me.

AMY GOODMAN: I mean, what has taken place, your story, the seeing you on the ground, people talking about the seizure, other protesters yelling to the police to get you help as you were flopping on the ground. What happened? Did the police get you help? And what caused all of these black and blue marks and your ribs cracked?

CECILY McMILLAN: I can’t—I can’t really explain what happened. I know that I kept waking up places.

AMY GOODMAN: So they—an ambulance finally brought you to the hospital, but then you were brought to jail?...And held for how long?

CECILY McMILLAN: I don’t know how long. I mean, there weren’t clocks. We were in a very—

AMY GOODMAN: Were you able to call family or a lawyer?


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Murasaki Shikibu

For Trayvon and Emmett: My "Walking While Black" stories

For Trayvon and Emmett: My "Walking While Black" stories

I’m not going to comment on the 911 calls, the police negligence or the firestorm that followed Trayvon Martin’s death.

I’m just going to tell you why I’m not shocked that it happened or that the man who shot Trayvon Martin wasn’t arrested. And why even knowing all that…hearing him screaming for help seconds before he was murdered made me cry bitter tears.

And brought back the memory of another dead black boy, whose mother I knew and still admire for the electrifying and unforgettable lesson she taught us in his name.

I’m just pouring out my soul here, so it’s gonna be kinda ugly. But so is what happened to Trayvon.

“Walking While Black” has been an issue since…slavery. But if you’re black woman walking in certain places at certain times…there’s a little twist to that “offense”. Here are my “walking while black” stories.

And every black woman I know has at least one or two just like them. The sole difference between Trayvon’s story and ours is that we usually live to tell ours. But sometimes…we’re too ashamed…

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Murasaki Shikibu

Osaka mayor, Yomiuri boss trade dictator insults

Osaka mayor, Yomiuri boss trade dictator insults

Who’s more of a Nazi, Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto or Tsuneo Watanabe, chairman of The Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings?

“He reminds me of Hitler,” Watanabe wrote of Hashimoto in the April issue of the monthly Bungei Shunju. Hashimoto, reports the information website Zakzak (March 19), lost no time in tweeting a rejoinder: “It seems to me Mr Watanabe is the one who’s the real dictator.”

Is this serious? The crudity of their repartee makes it hard to think so, but these are powerful (and therefore, one hopes, serious) people. Hashimoto, 42, is a rising political star and Watanabe, 85, owns Japan’s – and the world’s – largest newspaper, which in turn owns the Yomiuri Giants baseball team. Last fall, Watanabe’s role in the firing of Giants general manager Hidetoshi Kiyotake was regarded by many as unwarranted interference, and in the controversy that followed, Watanabe reportedly said, “I am the last dictator.”

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Mature, y'all.

UPDATE: Facebook warns employers not to demand password from job applicants

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Facebook is warning employers not to demand the passwords of job applicants, saying that it's an invasion of privacy that opens companies to legal liabilities.

The social networking company is also threatening legal action against those who violate its long-standing policy against sharing passwords.

An Associated Press story this week documented cases of job applicants who are being asked, at the interview table, to reveal their Facebook passwords so their prospective employers can check their backgrounds.

In a post on Friday, Facebook's chief privacy of policy officer cautioned that if an employer discovers that a job applicant is a member of a protected group, the employer may open itself up to claims of discrimination if it doesn't hire that person.

"As a user, you shouldn't be forced to share your private information and communications just to get a job," wrote Erin Egan. "And as the friend of a user, you shouldn't have to worry that your private information or communications will be revealed to someone you don't know and didn't intend to share with just because that user is looking for a job."

Not sharing passwords is a basic tenet of online conduct. Aside from the privacy concerns, Facebook considers the practice a security risk.

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said that the company doesn't think employers should be asking applicants for their passwords because "we don't think it's the right thing to do."

"While we do not have any immediate plans to take legal action against any specific employers, we look forward to engaging with policymakers and other stakeholders, to help better safeguard the privacy of our users," he said.

Glad to hear fb is speaking out about this. 


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I can't even think of a good title for this

Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Citizens to Use Deadly Force Against Police Officers Into Law

Republican Governor Mitch Daniels has signed Senate Enrolled Act 1 into law in Indiana. The new law allows citizens to use deadly force against police officers they think are illegally entering their homes. Earlier this month, Addicting Info reported  that the bill had passed the Senate. Republicans say the bill is designed to keep police safe, but Democrats say the bill will lead to the wanton killing of police officers.

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Now, I know that there is a lot of fuckery from the police, but this is so fucking stupid. It's going to lead to a lot more deaths of both police and homeowners.

Also bolded Mitch Daniels' stupid hypocrisy.