April 1st, 2012

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"A message to Planned Parenthood Supporters from President Obama"

I didn't catch this when it happened, but it's been out for a few days and so far is only making the rounds on reactionary conservative blogs pinching salty loaves all over the place; here it is:

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Source: Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Even with the notable absence of the explicit mention of abortion needs, I'm actually a little stunned that he adopted a point-blank and unambiguous tone about choice and reproductive rights.

I'd argue that the right to abortion was clearly and strategically implied where he spoke candidly to "CHOICE" *and* "CONTRACEPTION", which is understandably not good enough for some observers, but as a 'foreign' onlooker of a decidedly bi-partisan-ly puritanical nation, it feels a little "AU" when a sitting American mainstream politician in high office uses "contraception" and "[women are] perfectly capable of making their own choices" in the same sentence.

Putin targets foes with 'zombie' gun which attack victims' central nervous system.

Mind-bending ‘psychotronic’ guns that can effectively turn people into zombies have been given the go-ahead by Russian president Vladimir Putin.
The futuristic weapons – which will attack the central nervous system of their victims – are being developed by the country’s scientists.
They could be used against Russia’s enemies and, perhaps, its own dissidents by the end of the decade.

Sources in Moscow say Mr Putin has described the guns, which use electromagnetic radiation like that found in microwave ovens, as ‘entirely new instruments for achieving political and strategic goals’.

Mr Putin added: ‘Such high-tech weapons systems will be comparable in effect to nuclear weapons, but will be more acceptable in terms of political and military ideology.’

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2123415/Putin-targets-foes-zombie-gun-attack-victims-central-nervous-system.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

OP: Yes it's April 1st, people. But with the Daily Fail who can possibly tell?
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Anti-government 'sovereign movement' on the rise in U.S.

Woo hoo....loves me that NRA-Wild West world we're creating (not)

By Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY

TRINIDAD, Texas – Gary Thomas will never forget the letter he received in early 2000. It was from John Joe Gray, a suspect in a felony assault case, offering a not-so-subtle warning to the area's chief criminal investigator: He had no intention of answering charges that he had attacked a state trooper.

"What he said was this: 'If y'all come to get me, bring body bags,' " said Thomas, now a local justice of the peace.

Thomas remembers the message clearly, not because of its unvarnished threat, but because — after 12 years — Gray, who doesn't acknowledge the authority of any government, continues to dare police to come and get him.
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Cause it's just not crazy enough out there! These guys are growing in number so expect more vigilante insanity or worse!
*eyebrow raise*

Texas hospital being sued for racial discrimination has instituted a fatphobic hiring policy

Victoria Hospital Won't Hire Very Obese Workers
Source - The Texas Tribune
by Emily Ramshaw
March 26, 2012

A Victoria hospital already embroiled in a discrimination lawsuit filed by doctors of Indian descent has instituted a highly unusual hiring policy: It bans job applicants from employment for being too overweight.

The Citizens Medical Center policy, instituted a little more than a year ago, requires potential employees to have a body mass index of less than 35 — which is 210 pounds for someone who is 5-foot-5, and 245 pounds for someone who is 5-foot-10. It states that an employee’s physique “should fit with a representational image or specific mental projection of the job of a healthcare professional,” including an appearance “free from distraction” for hospital patients.

“The majority of our patients are over 65, and they have expectations that cannot be ignored in terms of personal appearance,” hospital chief executive David Brown said in an interview. “We have the ability as an employer to characterize our process and to have a policy that says what’s best for our business and for our patients.”

Employment lawyers say Citizens Medical Center’s hiring policy isn’t against the law. Only the state of Michigan and six U.S. cities — including San Francisco and Washington, D.C. — ban discrimination against the overweight in hiring.

“In Texas, employers cannot discriminate against employees because of their race, age or religion,” said DeDe Church, an Austin-based employment lawyer. “Weight is not one of those protected categories.”

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