April 20th, 2012


New York Schools Stall Free Breakfast Program Over Fears That Poor Kids Have Too Much To Eat

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It is an innovative, intuitive and increasingly common way to ensure that food reaches the mouths of hungry children from low-income families: give out free breakfast in the classroom at the start of each school day.

The results, seen at urban districts across the country, are striking. Without the stigma of a trip to the cafeteria, the number of students in Newark who eat breakfast in school has tripled. Absenteeism has fallen in Los Angeles, and officials in Chicago say children from low-income families are eating healthier meals, more often.

But New York City, a leader in public health reform, has balked at expanding the approach in its own schools, and City Hall is citing a surprising concern: that all those classroom Cheerios and cheese sticks could lead to more obesity.

Some children, it turns out, may be double-dipping.

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Oh, FFS.


Facts, 360 B.C.-A.D. 2012

In memoriam: After years of health problems, Facts has finally died.
A quick review of the long and illustrious career of Facts reveals some of the world's most cherished absolutes: Gravity makes things fall down; 2 + 2 = 4; the sky is blue.

But for many, Facts' most memorable moments came in simple day-to-day realities, from a child's certainty of its mother's love to the comforting knowledge that a favorite television show would start promptly at 8 p.m.

Over the centuries, Facts became such a prevalent part of most people's lives that Irish philosopher Edmund Burke once said: "Facts are to the mind what food is to the body."

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Source is grieving but, you know, doing okay.

You all know how fond I was of Facts. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm going to miss Facts, and...dammit, I promised myself I wasn't going to cry...
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Alleged photo of Zimmerman’s bloody head surfaces

A photographer has released a photo to the media reportedly showing George Zimmerman’s bloody head after an altercation with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin ended in the teenager’s murder.

According to ABC News, which obtained the photo, the photographer claims to have taken the photo “three minutes after he shot and killed Martin.”

Serious head wounds bleed profusely. They do not stop bleeding after 3 minutes. As a registered nurse, I do not see life threatening injuries in that photo.

The photo should not be allowed into evidence because it could have been taken at any time between Feb. 26 and the day he was arrested. The prosecution will likely rely on photos that were taken during the booking process by Sanford police, rather than the photo obtained by ABC, which could easily have been Photoshopped.

During his bond hearing, Zimmerman lied on the stand during his apology to Trayvon Martin’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton.

“I am sorry for the loss of your son. I did not know how old he was,” said Zimerman. “I thought he was a little bit older than I was.”

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Anders Behring Breivik planned to film beheading of former prime minister

Anders Behring Breivik has told a court that his "primary target" in last year's terrorist attacks was a former prime minister whom he planned to behead, posting the footage on the internet – and that he anticipated all 564 people on Utøya would die in his "operation".

Giving evidence on the fourth day of his trial, the 33-year-old said he would have preferred to carry out three bomb attacks rather than target Utøya, where the Norwegian Labour party was holding its annual youth summer camp on 22 July last year. In the end, he went on the rampage on the island after planting one bomb in Oslo's government district, killing eight people.

Breivik claimed he was "forced" to carry out the massacre on the island, which left 69 dead, because Norwegian and EU regulations had made it difficult to acquire sufficient bomb-making equipment.

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Planned Parenthood Suspends Pill Abortions in Wis.

Planned Parenthood ended nonsurgical abortions at its Wisconsin clinics Friday because of a new state law that subjects doctors who perform abortions but don't follow certain procedures to criminal penalties.

The law, signed by Gov. Scott Walker two weeks ago after the Republican-controlled state Legislature passed it earlier this year, took effect Friday.

It mandates that women having nonsurgical abortions visit the same doctor three times and that doctors ensure the woman is having the procedure voluntarily and without coercion. Failure to follow those requirements could result in felony charges against the doctor.

The law does not affect emergency contraception, known as the morning-after pill.

Planned Parenthood president and chief executive officer Teri Huyck said because of confusion over the new law, nonsurgical abortions are being suspended. Planned Parenthood will continue to provide surgical abortions at its clinics in Madison, Milwaukee and the Appleton area, its leaders said.

"The added risks of felony penalties for physicians who provide medication abortion are unnecessary and intended to threaten a physician's ability to provide women with medication abortion," Huyck said. "The decision to end a pregnancy is a complex one, specific to each woman and her individual circumstances. Decisions about childbearing should be made by a woman in consultation with her family and doctor — not by politicians."

Four other states — Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota — have similar laws to Wisconsin's new law, according to the New York-based Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive health research organization that supports abortion rights. There is also a similar law set to take effect in Tennessee in July, and legislatures in Alabama, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Oklahoma were considering like-minded proposals, according to the Institute.

In Wisconsin on Friday, Planned Parenthood supporters denounced the new law, while abortion opponents praised the development.

Lisa Subeck, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, said the law adds unnecessary and intrusive restrictions for abortion providers.

And Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who is one of four Democrats running against Walker in a recall election, said he would work to overturn the law if elected.

Abortion opponents, however, praised the development.

Barbara Lyons, executive director of Wisconsin Right to Life, called Planned Parenthood's decision a "true victory for Wisconsin women."

"This common sense law protects women at a time when it is most needed and provides help if she is a potential or real victim of domestic abuse," Lyons said in a statement.

Planned Parenthood said about 25 percent of women who terminate pregnancies use the pill-induced abortion method, which requires a woman to take two drugs within the first nine weeks of pregnancy.


Abortion opponents, however, praised the development.
You said that twice, Scott Bauer.

This is seriously a new low. Cutting out 1-in-4 abortions, raising the doctor's visits to the highest number I've heard of and increasing the overall cost to the woman three times, four times, five times?? Yeah, I'll bet abortion opponents praise this shit. Hopefully, Wisconsin will get rid of all their horrendous legislators soon and they can work to overturn this. Just ridiculous.
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Judge Blocks Death Sentence Under Law on Race Disparity

Concluding that racial bias played a significant factor in the sentencing of a man to death here 18 years ago, a judge on Friday ordered that the convict’s sentence be reduced to life in prison without parole, the first such decision under North Carolina’s controversial Racial Justice Act.

A judge on Friday ordered the death sentence of Marcus Reymond Robinson reduced to life in prison without parole after concluding that racial bias played a significant factor in his sentencing 18 years ago.

Reading a summary of his ruling from the bench, Judge Gregory A. Weeks of Cumberland County Superior Court said that “race was a materially, practically and statistically significant factor in the decision to exercise peremptory challenges during jury selection by prosecutors” when the inmate, Marcus Reymond Robinson, was being tried.

The disparity was strong enough, the judge said, “as to support an inference of intentional discrimination.”

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Black fireman says he was abused and tasered by Met

Scotland Yard refers fresh racism allegation to police complaints watchdog

Scotland Yard is facing a new case of alleged police racism after a black firefighter who tried to assist officers while off duty claimed he was targeted because of his skin colour, abused, assaulted and shot with a stun gun.

The complaint lodged by Edric Kennedy-Macfoy, 28, from north London, is the 10th case involving alleged racism known to have been referred to the official police watchdog in the last three weeks.

Kennedy-Macfoy was driving through Harrow around 3.30am on 4 September when he saw a young man hurl a rock at a police van. After noting a description of the young man, Kennedy-Macfoy, who also trained as a police constable, flagged down the van driver and approached a line of officers to pass the information on.

He said he was horrified at their response, which he alleges included officers behaving like "wild animals": swearing at him, dragging him from his car, subjecting him to a "violent" attack and eventually shooting him with a stun gun.

Kennedy-Macfoy was found not guilty in February of obstructing police. During a two-day trial at Brent magistrates court, Inspector David Bergum, who was present on the night, said his officers were in a "stressful" situation and had been dealing with a group of partygoers who had been throwing missiles at them.

He said of Kennedy-Macfoy: "I couldn't say he was anything to do with the party. The party was all black. He was black. He had driven through the cordon. I had to do a quick risk assessment."

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source: The Guardian
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Sudan and South Sudan on brink of war

No one is even trying to maintain the pretense of peace in Sudan and South Sudan these days. Sporadic skirmishes and border shootouts are on the verge of becoming all-out war and the threat is resurrecting fears of a Darfur-like disaster for 10s of thousands of refugees.

A day after South Sudan, Africa’s youngest state, became the 188th member of the International Monetary Fund on Wednesday, the Arab League was scrambling to call an emergency meeting into the growing violence between Sudan and South Sudan.

South Sudanese troops continue to occupy the oil town of Heglig, on the disputed border of South Kordofan state, fighting off air raids by Sudanese jets and counter-attacks by the Sudanese army.

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, dressed in an army uniform plastered with battle ribbons and medals, travelled to the capital of North Kordofan Thursday and praised the revival of a “spirit of jihad” in his country, while vowing to wage a “decisive battle” against South Sudan.

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Killings Heighten Ethnic Tensions in Macedonia

On Orthodox Easter, one of the most sacred holidays for Christians here, Macedonians mourned the deaths of five Macedonian men amid speculation that their killers were ethnic Albanians, arousing fears of a new bout of intercommunal violence.

The men were fishermen, four were in their late teens or 20s and one was 40; they were found dead Thursday night on the shore of an artificial lake near the village of Smiljkovci outside the capital, Skopje. They were buried on Saturday.

Macedonia was tense Sunday as police officers searched for the killers and possible motives. While no evidence links the killings to ethnic tensions or to two episodes of ethnic violence this year, the riot police were deployed on Friday as angry protesters blocked a road, broke the windows of a TV channel’s vehicle and threw rocks at passing buses.

Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska said Saturday that ballistic experts had found that three types of firearms had been used — implying multiple killers — and that the victims had no criminal records.

“From the information we have, neither ethnic affiliation nor the identity of the perpetrators can be determined,” Ms. Jankulovska said. “That’s why I appeal for restraint from speculation and any action that could stir up interethnic tensions.”

Officials from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the U.S. Embassy in Skopje and President Gjorge Ivanov appealed for calm and also cautioned against speculation about the ethnicity of the killers.

The latest incident came a month after an off-duty Macedonian policeman killed two ethnic Albanians in a dispute over a parking space in the city of Gostivar. Those killings set off several days of rioting and street fights between youths with iron bars, clubs and knives, resulting in dozens of injuries.

A court has still not ruled whether the Gostivar killings were connected to the men’s ethnicity.

About one-quarter of Macedonia’s population is Albanian, and most of them are Muslims. Ethnic Albanian rebels waged an eight-month armed insurgency in 2001 for increased autonomy in which some 80 people died.

A peace agreement, brokered by international envoys in the southwestern city of Ohrid, ended the 2001 conflict. While the agreement encouraged Albanians to integrate politically, a societal chasm remains.

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Bahrain activists vow "days of rage" for Grand Prix

Anti-government protesters in Bahrain are planning "days of rage" directed at this weekend's Formula One Grand Prix, while security forces have rounded up dozens of activists in a clampdown on the opposition in the Gulf Arab nation

Bahrain has been in turmoil since a democracy movement erupted last year after uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

The island state's revolution was initially crushed with the loss of dozens of lives but youths still clash daily with riot police and thousands are turning out for opposition rallies as the motor race approaches.

"Boycott F1 in Bahrain," reads a graffiti message daubed on a wall in a village outside the capital, Manama, next to a painted image of a red Ferrari race car.

"You will race on the blood of martyrs."

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Source: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/19042012/58/bahrain-activists-vow-days-rage-gp.html

This has been a hot topic this week and has picked up speed today with the attack on Force India and Sauber. I just wanted to post and see what ONTD made of it all. Should F1 have gone to Bahrain? By being there are they supporting the ruling family (and is it a political move, particulary as Mclaren, one of F1's biggest and most influential teams are 50% owned by Bahrain) or are they bringing attention to the cause of the activists and is it good that they've gone? Will be interesting to see if the BBC team talk to locals on the forum after the race like they usually do and what is said. 

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The Reconstruction era

Nancy MacLean tells the story of the post-Civil War era, when for a brief time, the federal government attempted to enforce political rights for freed Blacks.

HISTORY IS usually written by the victors, and the history of Reconstruction is no exception. But contrary to the racist fable told by films like Gone With the Wind and high school textbooks, Radical Reconstruction in the post-Civil War South was one of the greatest experiments in democracy the U.S. has ever seen.

Reconstruction was, above all else, a political struggle over the future role and status of the former and newly freed Black slaves in the South in the years following the North's victory in the Civil War.

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Surprise buttsex!

CHCH, HamiltonMorning news show on Hamilton’s CHCH interrupted by porn movie

CHCH television’s signal went dark this morning shortly after the regular news broadcast was overtaken by a porn movie.

Viewers of the News Now broadcast were confronted with hard-core sex scenes at 9:30 a.m. for about three minutes before the channel stopped broadcasting.

CHCH apologized for what it said was a problem that originated outside of CHCH and outside its owners, Channel Zero.

Reaction to the event was immediate on Twitter.

“Someone hacked CHCH news to play gay porn . . . And every TV in the gym and starbucks was set to it...”

“Watching #chch news when channel cut out and turned into male gay porn.”

CH news director Mike Katryzc told The Spectator “inappropriate content was broadcast and we are investigating.”

“It appears the problem originated at a cable company outside of CH and outside Channel Zero.”

“It involved missed signals but did not originate here or at Channel Zero.”

Katryzc said CH apologized to viewers when it returned to air after about three minutes.

“We are very, very concerned about this and apologized. We have assured people it did not originate here.”

“It is a terrible thing that it went to air and we are not pleased with it but we are investigating.”

CHCH is owned by Channel Zero, which operates several adult-movie services.

A similar situation occurred at TV station in Colorado recently.

According to the New York Daily News, Comcast viewers in Colorado Springs and Peublo, Colo. ended up getting an eyeful last Thursday morning when hard-core porn played in place of the regularly scheduled program, Good Morning America.

The footage was shown only for a few seconds before it was replaced with religious programming, but it reportedly took nearly three hours to solve the problem.

Comcast later issued a statement. “The issue was a result of human error, which has been resolved, and preventative measures have been taken to avoid this from happening again in the future,” Comcast spokeswoman Cindy Parsons said.

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GOP Senate Candidate Joins Pro-Bully Caucus, Compares Anti-Gay Bullying To ‘Teasing’

State and federal lawmakers have responded to the wave of school anti-gay bullying and the suicides that they contribute to by introducing legislation prohibiting schools from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Conservative Republicans oppose such efforts and have characterized anti-bullying legislation as an infringement of religious freedoms and free speech.

During an April 12th debate, Heather Wilson, a Republican running for U.S. Senate in New Mexico, joined the so-called pro-bullying chorus when she staked out her opposition to SB 555, the Student Non-Discrimination Act. The measure, introduced by Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), would provide LGBT students with similar civil rights protections against bullying “as those that currently apply to students based on race and gender.” Wilson argued that the bill would violate students’ free speech rights and criminalize “teasing”:
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.... i just cannot with this