May 6th, 2012

Arizona Bans Funding for Planned Parenthood, Organizations That Perform Abortions

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill that will cut off public funding for organizations that perform "nonfederally qualified abortions," striking a blow to Planned Parenthood in the state.

The new law, signed Friday, excludes only those abortions that are "necessary to save the life of the mother or if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest." Those circumstances are covered by Title 19 of the Social Security Act.

"This is a common sense law that tightens existing state regulations and closes loopholes in order to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortions, whether directly or indirectly," Brewer said in a statement. "By signing this measure into law, I stand with the majority of Americans who oppose the use of taxpayer funds for abortion."

Arizona joins Kansas, North Carolina, and Texas in fully banning state money from being dispersed to any organization that provides abortions, despite other services that may be offered, including birth control, well-woman exams and cancer screenings.

Three other states -- Indiana, New Jersey and Wisconsin -- have used their budget processes to bar public funding for abortion providers.

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Pride & Prejudice

'Gay propaganda' conviction

A PROMINENT Russian gay rights activist has been convicted of spreading ''gay propaganda'' among minors in the first such ruling in Russia's modern history.

Nikolai Alexeyev said that a city court in St Petersburg fined him 5000 rubles ($166) for breaching the law, which was controversially introduced by MPs in Russia's second-largest city in February. He pledged to appeal against the decision.

Gay rights activists say the legislation could be used to ban public demonstrations.

Alexeyev was briefly detained last month after he picketed the city hall in St Petersburg with a poster that said that ''homosexuality is not a perversion''. He said the judge has not presented the grounds for her decision and that they will only be available next week. Calls to the court went unanswered shortly after the ruling.

Homosexuality was decriminalised in Russia in 1993, but anti-gay sentiment remains strong.

Alexeyev said he would go to Russia's Constitutional Court and then to the European Court of Human Rights if a higher court in St Petersburg upholds Friday's ruling.

Yuri Gavrikov, of St Petersburg's gay lobby group Equality, described the ruling as ''absurd''. ''There were no children where Alexeyev held his picket,'' he said, adding that the wording of the law used in the activist's case was vague.

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Outgoing American University Student Body President Comes out as Transgender

Outgoing American University Student Body President Sarah McBride managed to make waves on campus even on her very last day as Student Body President, announcing in her farewell speech that she considers herself transgender and identifies as a female. She made use of the occasion to release an op-ed in The Eagle, an American University student newspaper. She writes:

"As SG President, I realized that as great as it is to work on issues of fairness, it only highlighted my own struggles. It didn’t bring the completeness that I sought. By mid-fall, it had gotten to the point where I was living in my own head. With everything I did, from the mundane to the exciting, the only way I was able to enjoy it was if I re-imagined doing it as a girl. My life was passing me by, and I was done wasting it as someone I wasn’t.

With every birthday candle extinguished, with every penny thrown, my wish was always the same. I am now blessed with the opportunity to live my dream and fulfill a truth I have known since childhood. My gratitude is great to my family, friends and this university for accepting me as the person who they now know me to be, and for letting me show them the possibilities of a life well lived."

In her statement, McBride also highlights the challenges transgender and gender non-conforming individuals face on a regular basis. Find her original op-ed in The Eagle here.

Source is the HRC.

I'm so happy for Sarah and that this happened at my school. Best of luck to her!

Figured we could do with some happy LGBT news around here.

Edited to change the title of the post, since "University President" is misleading.

Quebec Student Protests: Students Injured During the Victoriaville Protests

Over 100 people, including a busload of McGill and Concordia students, were arrested last night in the wake of a protest against the Quebec government's proposed tuition increases.

Around 4,000 protesters travelled to Victoriaville, Quebec yesterday for the start of the Quebec Liberal Party’s general council meeting, while in Quebec City, student leaders negotiated with the government concerning the ongoing unlimited general strike.

The students facing the police on what really looks like a battleground.

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Those fuckers really need to get the HELL OUT of public office.

What the article isn't telling you is that a student LOST AN EYE DURING THE VICTORIAVILLE PROTESTS. Meanwhile the SQ (the Quebec Police) did everything to prevent ambulances from getting to the injured protesters. The gas the police used was also apparently WAY harsher than what they usually use. All in all, we're on the good path to a magnificient police state, awesome right?

The student associations and the government have now reached an "agreement", and the student associations have to present it to the student general assemblies throughout the Quebec for them to approve or reject it. I have read the "agreement" and we (the students) are still getting fucked. I seriously hope it will get rejected. We haven't been on strike for THREE MONTHS for this kind of shit.

For those of you who REALLY want to see what it was like, the CUTV video below really tells it like it is. It's pretty long, but VERY sickening. There are parts in French, but since the CUTV is primarily targeted to the students of the English speaking Concordia University, they translate pretty much everything. CUTV has done an outstanding job at portraying the Quebec student protests with in a clear and truthful way.

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