June 18th, 2012


Company sued for asking about religion in job interview

Not Christian Enough? Job Seeker Sues Company for Asking When He Was 'Saved'

The Voss Lighting Company of Lincoln, Neb., doesn't hide its religious light under a barrel.

"Our biblical mission," an online statement reads, "is to 'sell' our lighting products so that we may 'tell' everyone we can about God's soul-saving, life transforming gospel message..."

Perfectly legal, says Patrick Holman, an attorney with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

"The Commission has no problem with a corporation having religious values," he says.

But Holman does have a problem with a corporation using religious values to make hiring decisions.

Holman and the EEOC are representing an Oklahoma man, Edward Wolfe, who says he was denied a job at Voss because he wasn't Christian enough.

"It's unique," Holman says. "I haven't seen anything like it since I've been here."

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Texas teacher fired for having entire class slap bully

SAN ANTONIO -- A Texas teacher will lose her job after ordering more than 20 kindergartners to line up and hit a classmate accused of being a bully, a district spokesman said.

The teacher at a suburban San Antonio school is accused of orchestrating the slugfest after a younger teaching colleague went to her last month seeking suggestions on how to discipline the 6-year-old, according to a police report from the Judson Independent School District.

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First Female Astronaut From China Blasts Into Space

SHANGHAI — China sent a crew of three, including the country’s first female astronaut, into space on Saturday to carry out its first manned docking mission, an important step in an ambitious plan to build a Chinese space station by 2020.

The successful launching of the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft, powered by a Long March 2F rocket, was shown live on state television from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert in western China.

The crew is expected to spend up to 20 days in space and dock with the orbiting Tiangong 1 space lab module, a kind of miniature space station, which China launched in September 2011. The crew will conduct experiments and live for a time in the space module.

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Adidas under fire for unveiling new trainer with orange 'shackles' like those worn by black slaves

*JS Roundhouse Mids have bright 'shackles' that fit around wearer's ankles
*Many have compared devices to those worn by black slaves in America
*2,000 label design 'offensive, ignorant' and say Adidas 'sunk to new lows'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Adidas has sparked outrage and been accused of 'promoting slavery' by creating a new pair of trainers which have bright orange 'shackles' that fit around the wearer's ankles.
The clothing giant is under fire for its August scheduled release of the JS Roundhouse Mids, which many have compared to the devices worn by black slaves in 19th Century America.
The seemingly innocent promotional material, uploaded to Facebook earlier this month, asks: "Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?"

But the shoes have sparked angry debate online, with many saying there is a more cynical tone to the advertisement. Collapse )

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Occupy Will Be Back

In every conflict, insurgency, uprising and revolution I have covered as a foreign correspondent, the power elite used periods of dormancy, lulls and setbacks to write off the opposition. This is why obituaries for the Occupy movement are in vogue. And this is why the next groundswell of popular protest—and there will be one—will be labeled as “unexpected,” a “shock” and a “surprise.” The television pundits and talking heads, the columnists and academics who declare the movement dead are as out of touch with reality now as they were on Sept. 17 when New York City’s Zuccotti Park was occupied. Nothing this movement does will ever be seen by them as a success. Nothing it does will ever be good enough. Nothing, short of its dissolution and the funneling of its energy back into the political system, will be considered beneficial.

Those who have the largest megaphones in our corporate state serve the very systems of power we are seeking to topple. They encourage us, whether on Fox or MSNBC, to debate inanities, trivia, gossip or the personal narratives of candidates. They seek to channel legitimate outrage and direct it into the black hole of corporate politics. They spin these silly, useless stories from the “left” or the “right” while ignoring the egregious assault by corporate power on the citizenry, an assault enabled by the Democrats and the Republicans. Don’t waste time watching or listening. They exist to confuse and demoralize you.

The engine of all protest movements rests, finally, not in the hands of the protesters but the ruling class. If the ruling class responds rationally to the grievances and injustices that drive people into the streets, as it did during the New Deal, if it institutes jobs programs for the poor and the young, a prolongation of unemployment benefits (which hundreds of thousands of Americans have just lost), improved Medicare for all, infrastructure projects, a moratorium on foreclosures and bank repossessions, and a forgiveness of student debt, then a mass movement can be diluted. Under a rational ruling class, one that responds to the demands of the citizenry, the energy in the street can be channeled back into the mainstream. But once the system calcifies as a servant of the interests of the corporate elites, as has happened in the United States, formal political power thwarts justice rather than advances it.

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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Arrests 6-Year-Old Undocumented Immigrant

Joe Arpaio, the controversial Arizona Sheriff from Maricaopa County, arrested a 6-year-old undocumented immigrant on Friday. The move came the same day President Obama announced a new policy halting deportations for young undocumented immigrants.

The Arizona Republic has the story:

The girl was with 15 other people believed to be in the country illegally who were traveling to the Midwest and northeast United States, said Chris Hegstrom, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office.

“She’s been turned over to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to try to determine where she’s from. She told us she’s from El Salvador. That’s what she told us,” he said.

The arrest took place Friday night at an undisclosed location in northern Maricopa County…

The sheriff said his deputies arresting child suspected of being an illegal immigrant the same day Obama implemented the policy is a coincidence. But if more illegal children enter the country after hearing about the new policy, Arpaio said it may not be by happenstance.

“Are we going to get more of these situations where illegals feel like now they’re going to be safe? I don’t know,” he said.

Immediately following the President’s announcement Arpaio told a local ABC affiliate that it would not impact his approach toward young undocumented immigrants. “They will still be arrested,” he said.

Arpaio is currently being sued by the Department of Justice for multiple civil rights violations. He also admitted to using taxpayer resources to pursue an investigation into President Obama’s birth certificate, a widely debunked conspiracy theory.

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Because Punishing the Workers is too much Trouble...

Construction Sign Explains Workers’ Whistling and Cat-Calling: It’s ‘Cause You Look Gooooood

Don't you just feel so bad for all those construction workers out there who can't help but sexually harass the pretty ladies that walk by? Be real: how do you expect them to react when you look so awesome? It's not like they should keep their thoughts to themselves, especially at a mall; think of all the sexy teenage girls hanging out at the food court!

That's why E. Allen Reeves Construction Company put up a sign around some renovation work at a New Jersey mall that reads, "We apologize for the whistling construction workers, but man you look good! So we will soon, please pardon our dust, dirt, and other assorted inconveniences" — because every company has the right to effectively encourage its employees to harass passerby. And, look, they even included a perky little cartoon lady example, so don't say they didn't warn you.

Cute, right? If you don't think normalizing street harassment is the way to go, here's a petition you can sign asking the company to take it down.


Not really an article about it, but this petition should be signed, because OMFG apparently it was so damn hard to just punish the offending workers.

ETA Looks like the petition did work. Yay!
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Woman Says Southwest Told Her She Couldn’t Board Flight To N.Y. Due To Her Cleavage

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork.com) – You are now free to move about the country.

Unless you show too much cleavage?

So says a woman named Avital.

Avital was boarding a 6 a.m. Southwest Airlines flight on June 5 from Las Vegas to New York, wearing a cotton black dress, flannel shirt and scarf.

Avital claims she was politely chatting with an airline worker – who then told her cleavage was inappropriate and that she wouldn’t be able to board the flight unless she buttoned up her flannel shirt.

“I was stunned more than anything,” Avital told CBSNewYork. “We had been chatting about the experience of being up and awake at 4:30 a.m., and then her tone changed quite suddenly. It wasn’t until I walked away from the check-in counter that her words made an impact. Then I got indignant and self-conscious.”

Avital declined to cover up and boarded the plane – cleavage and all. The flight and Avital apparently made it to New York without incident.

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Source. I do not recommend reading the comments unless you like pervs, body-shamers, and... people blaming this incident on creeping Sharia law. (Full disclosure, I know Avital and her cleavage.)
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George Zimmerman told wife, Shellie Zimmerman, to buy bulletproof vests: phone calls

Trayvon Martin shooter aims to protect wife after his attorney reports receiving threats

Jailhouse recordings released Monday show that George Zimmerman and his wife talked in code about secretly handling the flood of donations from supporters, even as they posed as broke.

In the calls, Zimmerman repeatedly mentions transfers from “Peter Pan” - clearly code for his PayPal account, where thousands of dollars were appearing.

He gives his wife, Shellie, instructions on how to change bank passwords and answer security questions so she can use the donations to pay off their American Express and Sam’s Club bills. He even tells her to set her phone alarm to help keep up with the volume of transfers.

Based largely on the tapes, Zimmerman’s bail was revoked June 1 and his wife was charged with perjury after prosectors accused them of lying about their finances.

In April, after Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teenager Zimmerman killed on Feb. 26, became a symbol of racial profiling for some and Zimmerman came to be viewed as a racial martyr by others, more than $200,000 flooded into his PayPal account.
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FBI Terror Plot: How the Government Is Destroying the Lives of Innocent Peopl

The FBI is using informants to stir up fake terror plots, destroying lives in the process.

It wasn’t long after he met the man called Shareef that Khalifa Al-Akili began to sense he was being set up. Within days of their seemingly chance meeting, Shareef was offering to drive Akili, a 34-year-old Muslim living in East Liberty, Pennsylvania, to the local mosque for prayers. Shareef told Akili he was “all about fighting” and “had a lot of resources at his disposal.” But when Shareef began to probe Akili about his views on jihad and asked him if he could obtain a gun, Akili grew nervous. “I begin to try to avoid him, but would still see him due to the fact that he lived two minutes’ walking distance from my apartment,” Akili said later. In January of this year, Shareef showed up with a “brother” who called himself Mohammed and was keen to meet Akili. Mohammed told Akili that he was a businessman from Pakistan involved in jihad. “He kept attempting to talk about the fighting going on in Afghanistan, which I clearly felt was an attempt to get me to talk about my views,” Akili recalled. “I had a feeling that I had just played out a part in some Hollywood movie where I had just been introduced to the leader of a terrorist sleeper cell.”

Out of curiosity, Akili did an Internet search on the cellphone number he’d received from Mohammed. Much to his surprise, he discovered that the man was, in fact, an FBI informant named Shahed Hussain, who had played a pivotal role in at least two major terrorism-related sting operations in recent years. In a lengthy posting on his Facebook page recounting these events, Akili wrote, “I would like to pursue a legal action against the FBI due to their continuous harassment.” He also set up a press conference in Washington with Muslim civil liberties groups to publicize his fear that he was being entrapped. But it was too late. In mid-March, Akili was arrested and charged with being in possession of a .22-caliber rifle at a shooting range several years earlier, an act deemed illegal because of a decade-old drug conviction. Though his arrest was on nonterrorism-related charges, at his bond hearing FBI agents and US Attorneys told the judge they’d seen unspecified “jihadist literature” at his apartment and also alleged that he’d told one of the informants of his desire to go to Pakistan and join the Taliban. The judge ordered Akili held without bail.

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More at the source.
Alternate source at The Nation

Man searched at airport on suspicion of paedophilia ‘because he had a camera and a boyfriend’

A gay man was stopped at Gatwick airport last year by a Border Force officer who suspected he was ‘involved in paedophilia’ because he had a camera and a boyfriend, a report into controls at the airport has revealed.

The incident was recorded during observations of staff behaviour as part of an inspection at Gatwick airport’s north terminal by the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s office, and highlighted by journalist David Hencke.

The report said some officers had “poor understanding of appropriate selection indicators and risk profiles in determining which passengers to challenge and in some cases were making judgements based on stereotypes.”

At the incident in question, inspectors observed a Border Force officer stopping a gay man who was travelling with his partner and whom the officer thought “might be involved in paedophilia”.

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Silenced Mich. lawmaker, playwright treat thousands to ‘Vagina Monologues’ on Statehouse steps

LANSING, Mich. — A state lawmaker who says she was barred from speaking in the Michigan House because Republicans objected to her saying “vagina” during debate over anti-abortion legislation performed “The Vagina Monologues” on the Statehouse steps — with a hand from the author.

Eve Ensler, whose groundbreaking play about women’s sexuality still packs theaters 16 years after it debuted, oversaw Monday night’s performance by Democratic state Rep. Lisa Brown, 10 other lawmakers and several actresses.

Capitol facilities director Steve Benkovsky estimated about 2,500 spectators — women and men — watched the play in downtown Lansing from lawn chairs and blankets. Billed on Facebook as the “Vaginas Take Back the Capitol!” event, the combination play and protest included political signs and chants of “Vagina! Vagina!”

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