June 20th, 2012

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Julian Assange seeking asylum on Ecuador's embassy

Julian Assange: Ecuadorean embassy extends 'generous welcome' to WikiLeaks founder

Julian Assange is in 'good spirits' and has received a 'generous and welcoming' reception from the Ecuadorean embassy where he is seeking asylum, a friend said today.

The WikiLeaks founder is currently holed up at the embassy in talks with his lawyers in a bid to avoid extradition to Sweden on sex crime allegations.

However Scotland Yard said Assange had breached his bail conditions by entering the embassy and he faces being re-arrested.

A number of friends and high-profile supporters posted £240,000 bail for Mr Assange, including film director Ken Loach, filmaker Michael Moore, investigative journalist John Pilger and Jemima Khan, who could now lose their money.

Asked whether she was "on the hook" for his breach of bail, Khan replied on Twitter: "Yes. I had expected him to face the allegations. I am as surprised as anyone by this."

The 40 year-old Australian founder of WikiLeaks is due to be extradited in the next couple of days.

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I hate this guy and I hate that a lot of people treat him like some kind of hero and diminish and/or don't even care  about the rape accusations.


make the stupid people shut up!

Conservative women's group takes out massive ad buy against Obama

(CNN) - A conservative women's advocacy group on Wednesday announced a major ad buy aimed against President Barack Obama's sweeping health care reform.

Concerned Women for America said it's dropping a whopping $6 million on a commercial that will begin airing Wednesday nationwide on cable and in six key swing states.

The 60-second ad features a family practitioner, Dr. Ami Siems, expressing concern about the health care measure, which was passed in 2010 with Democratic support but now awaits a decision on its constitutionality by the Supreme Court.

"Everyone agreed we needed reforms - but this new health care law - it just isn't fixing things," Siems says in the ad, adding that the law will pile billions onto the federal deficit and increase government regulation.

"I don't want anything to come between my patients and me - especially Washington bureaucrats," she says.

The ad buy comes one week after the group announced a get-out-the-vote initiative that targets women in certain battleground states.

"Our members are highly energized on the aspects of the President's health care law; we are making a significant financial investment on this issue because we mean business," said the group's president, Penny Nance, in a statement.

The six states in the ad buy include Minnesota, New Mexico, and Wisconsin-three states that lean toward Obama, according to CNN's Electoral Map. The ad will also run in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Virginia, all of which fall under the "toss-up" category, according to CNN analysis.

June 20th, 2012 10:55 AM ET
Posted by CNN's Ashley Killough

GDL - Yay beer!

Ron Paul admits he's on Social Security

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) may rail against Social Security insolvency in the public eye, but that hasn't stopped him from accepting the government checks.

The libertarian-leaning Republican and former presidential candidate admitted Wednesday that he accepts Social Security checks just minutes after he called for younger generations to wean themselves off the program, in an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"I want young people to opt out of Social Security, but my goal isn't to cut," he said.

The Huffington Post's Sam Stein then asked Paul, "A bit of a personal question -- Are you on Social Security? Do you get social security checks?"

Paul admitted he does, stating, "[It's] just as I use the post office, I use government highways, I use the banks, I use the federal reserve system. But that doesn't mean that you can't work to remove this in the same way on Social Security."

Paul also said he still pays more into Social Security than he gets in his checks.

Paul is outspoken about the need to end government programs like the Federal Reserve and the departments of energy and education. But he said he would not eliminate programs like Social Security and Medicare, despite his belief that the programs are unconstitutional. He planned to allow citizens under the age of 25 to opt out of the system in order to save their own money for retirement, if elected to the presidency.

Video at the source.


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Giant pack of birth control to follow Romney on campaign trail

Planned Parenthood's political arm is sending a special surrogate out on the campaign trail to highlight the group's disagreements with Mitt Romney: a gigantic package of birth control.

Dubbed "Pillamina" by the group, the costumed figure will follow the presumptive Republican nominee to draw attention to his objection to President Obama's birth-control coverage mandate.

The move highlights the breadth of Planned Parenthood's political action this election cycle, as women's health issues remain in the headlines and Democrats seek to solidify their lead among female voters.

The group recently made its third presidential endorsement ever — backing Obama — and launched a $1.4 million ad buy blasting Romney.

"Pillamina" will appear in Troy, Mich., on Wednesday, according to materials from Planned Parenthood. That state recently made international headlines after two lawmakers, both women and both Democrats, were banned from speaking on the floor for mentioning "vaginas" and "vasectomies" in an emotional debate over abortion.

Announcing the "Pillamina" effort, Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards sought to frame birth control as "an economic issue for women — period."

"That’s something that President Obama clearly understands, and that Mitt Romney simply doesn’t," Richards said in a statement.

Romney, like many Republicans, has said he sees the contraception coverage mandate as a violation of religious freedom. He also objects to Planned Parenthood and said he would "get rid of" the group as president.

Richards noted that Romney has also expressed doubts that the Supreme Court decided correctly in Griswold v. Connecticut, the landmark privacy case that struck down state restrictions on birth control.

Planned Parenthood said that "Pillamina" has already attended Romney events in Stratham, N.H., and Newark, Ohio, the group said.

Image from PP's Facebook Page
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I don't own my child's body

My daughter occasionally goes on a hugging and kissing strike.

She's 4. Her parents could get a hug or a kiss, but many people who know her cannot, at least right now. And I won't make her.

"I would like you to hug Grandma, but I won't make you do it," I told her recently.

"I don't have to?" she asked, cuddling up to me at bedtime, confirming the facts to be sure.

No, she doesn't have to. And just to be clear, there is no passive-aggressive, conditional, manipulative nonsense behind my statement. I mean what I say. She doesn't have to hug or kiss anyone just because I say so, not even me. I will not override my own child's currently strong instincts to back off from touching someone who she chooses not to touch.

I figure her body is actually hers, not mine.

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[TW: Fatphobia]Teens Bully Elderly Bus Monitor

It’s not like teenagers have ever been the most respectful group of humans. But this string of bullying abuses aimed at a seemingly harmless female bus monitor is a hard thing to endure. If you can make it through this entire video, congratulations, you have a strong stomach.Collapse )

At least the end of this story restores some of my faith in humanity. Let's give her some for the vacation of her life, P. She totally deserves it.

ETA And her charity fund is up to over 100k!!

oh holy shit
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21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

1. This picture of Chicago Christians who showed up at a gay pride parade to apologize for homophobia in the Church.

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Source. I recall some of these stories being featured here on _p! Many thanks to everyone who keeps the 'good news' tag alive. I hope this helps everyone make it through their Hump Day :D
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Obama uses executive privilege; most people think Fast and Furious is a Vin Diesel movie

President Barack Obama has asserted executive privilege in response to requests made by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, who has embarked on a controversial investigation into the Department of Justice's Operation Fast and Furious gun-running program.

The invocation of executive privilege allows the president to defy requests and subpoenas by members of the legislative and judicial branches for information the White House deems sensitive. Obama's decision will allow him to refuse to provide certain documents pertaining to the Fast and Furious program.

The Oversight Committee has threatened to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, and Issa had scheduled a vote on the matter for Wednesday morning. A committee aide told Reuters that Issa would proceed with the contempt vote even after Obama's action. Issa later declared that the decision to assert executive privilege "falls short of any reason to delay today's proceedings."

Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole addressed Issa in a letter on Wednesday morning.

"We regret that we have arrived at this point, after the many steps we have taken to address the Committee's concerns and to accommodate the Committee's legitimate oversight interests regarding Operation Fast and Furious," he wrote. "Although we are deeply disappointed that the Committee appears intent on proceeding with a contempt vote, the Department remains willing to work with the Committee to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of the outstanding issues."

Holder, who met with Issa Tuesday in an attempt to reach an agreement on how many and which documents related to Fast and Furious he would turn over, had formally written Obama requesting that he exercise executive privilege. A copy of that letter is below.

The Department of Justice has released over 7,600 documents detailing the Fast and Furious program over the course of the House committee's lengthy investigation, which was launched in the wake of reports that Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry had been killed by one of the firearms involved in the operation. Those documents described a controversial practice carried out by agents of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that was designed to allow firearms to "walk" into Mexico in hopes of tracing them back to higher-level gun traffickers.

The gun-walking technique, which had roots in previous operations carried out by federal agents in Arizona during the administration of President George W. Bush, eventually led to a number of weapons being lost in the flow. Some of the guns were recovered at crime scenes on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Issa's latest push pertains to documents that would shed light into how the Justice Department handled the congressional probe into the failed program. Issa contends that Holder has engaged in a "cover-up" and attempted to "obstruct [the] investigation and deceive the public," a charge that hinges on the Justice Department's initial denial that the gun-walking had been officially sanctioned or previously known about.

In his letter, Cole wrote that the Justice Department had already sufficiently proven that those statements had not been part of a deliberate effort to obstruct, and that the requests for more recent documents don't mesh with the probe's stated purpose of reforming the failed practices used in Operation Fast and Furious.

This is the first time Obama has asserted executive privilege. In an email to The Huffington Post, an administration official noted that Bush exercised the authority six times, while former President Bill Clinton did it 14 times. As the Republican National Committee was quick to point out Wednesday, then-candidate Obama criticized Bush for using the practice in 2007.

Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), questioned the White House's move Wednesday in a statement.

"Until now, everyone believed that the decisions regarding 'Fast and Furious' were confined to the Department of Justice," Steel said. "The White House decision to invoke executive privilege implies that White House officials were either involved in the 'Fast and Furious' operation or the cover-up that followed. The Administration has always insisted that wasn't the case. Were they lying, or are they now bending the law to hide the truth?"

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