June 26th, 2012

Pride & Prejudice

Teen lesbian couple found shot in Texas park

Two teenage girls in a relationship were found with gunshot wounds to the head in a south Texas park, with one of them dying from her injuries, media reports say. Police were searching for their assailants.

Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, and Mary Christine Chapa, 18, were found in knee-deep grass in a nature area in Portland by a couple Saturday, said Portland Police Chief Randy Wright, who confirmed to msnbc.com details first reported by the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

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Tommy disapproves.

Glenn Beck to launch anti-'Glee' show

Glenn Beck says he’s poised to destroy “Glee” with his own conservative, virtuous version of the hit TV show.

The pundit and former Fox News host outlined his next move in the crusade to defend family values during the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, D.C. Friday.

Beck said that he’s appalled by ‘Glee,’ which tackles issues like bullying, teen sexuality and LGBT issues, but he’s also in awe of its success.

"It's horrifying some of the things that they're teaching high schoolers," the talk radio host said. "But it's brilliantly done. It's produced, brilliantly. Its music, brilliant. Its acting, brilliant. Its cinematography, brilliant. All of it!"

Beck is cooking up a plan to create a counter-Glee -- a show that's just as well-produced and enjoyable to watch, but that pumps out conservative values to the youth of America, without any "stereotypical conservative Lee Greenwood music," he explained at the conference.

Beck has said that all of the characters on "Glee" are "somebody that your kids want to be like," according to Billboard.

"Except everybody is sleeping with everybody else. There's no values. It's all self-gratification. It's a nightmare."

But the conservative culture-warrior has released few details about plans for the upcoming show, which Beck first alluded to Tuesday in an interview with Buzzfeed.

"We are working with a rapper -- I can't say who yet -- but my audience and his audience will say, 'What?'" Beck told the website. "We jokingly call this our Oedipus project because the left will be making out with me ... and they'll have no idea."

New York Daily News

The 5 Craziest Policies In Texas Republicans’ 2012 Platform

The Republican Party of Texas released its 2012 platform this month, outlining its policies on taxation, education, and a host of other issues related to the economy. Texas Republicans, according to the platform, support eliminating the minimum wage and the prevailing wage, doing away with the Department of Education and Department of Energy, and “reducing taxpayer funding to all levels of education” — but those aren’t even the most damaging positions.

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so i'm not from Texas, but one of the celebs on my twitter feed shared this and the 4th point made me want to bash my head into a wall, jfc. there's a lot of good links at the source, in case you all wanted more info.
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More Women Are Breadwinners, But They Still Can’t Get Out Of The Kitchen

Women are a growing part of the American workforce. In the last 25 years, the number of working women has grown by 44.2 percent, while 59.4 percent of working-age women are currently in the labor force. Sixty percent of women are the primary or co-bread winner for their household.

But despite those historic numbers, most women are still left doing the majority of the house work.

A new report out from the Bureau of Labor Statistics details how both men and women spend their days, and it comes as no surprise that women do a larger portion of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other chores:

On an average day, 83 percent of women and 65 percent of men spent some time doing household activities such as housework, cooking, lawn care, or financial and other household management.

On the days that they did household activities, women spent an average of 2.6 hours on such activities, while men spent 2.1 hours.

On an average day, 19 percent of men did housework–such as cleaning or doing laundry–compared with 48 percent of women. Forty percent of men did food preparation or cleanup, compared with 66 percent of women.

The numbers can be in part explained by the women who don’t work or who have part-time jobs. But the disproportionate burden of housework on women shows that a “second shift” still exists for those who work. While women have earned more rights in the office place (though they still aren’t fairly paid for their work), there is still the burden for them to be the primary housekeepers and caretakers.



Elmo Arrested in NYC, Scheduled for Psychological Evaluation

Elmo arrested: If your kids are reading this, there’s a very strong possibility they’re in tears right now. Since childhood trauma isn’t the sort of thing we want to encourage here at WPN, let me clarify a few things. First, the real Elmo is alive and well on Sesame Street, his police record clear of any nefarious wrongdoings. Second, the Elmo in-question is nothing more than a New York City impersonator, one who just so happens to hate Jews and illegal immigrants. So strong are his convictions that he often spouts his racist nonsense while wearing his furry red outfit, which, when you stop and think about it, is actually very disturbing.

This particular Elmo, whose real name has not been released to the public, was kicked out of Central Park for spouting anti-Semitic nastiness to whoever happened by. Kids, adults, fellow Elmo impersonators — it didn’t really matter. As a result, he was removed from the area and carted off to Metropolitan Hospital Center for psychological evaluation. Considering other street Elmos haven’t seen the guy in almost two weeks, his visit to the hospital might be along the lines of a temporary vacation. One can only hope so, anyway.

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