July 12th, 2012

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CIA Vaccine Ruse in Pakistan May Have Harmed Polio Fight

Did the killing of Osama bin Laden have an unintended victim: the global drive to eradicate polio?

In Pakistan, where polio has never been eliminated, the C.I.A.’s decision to send a vaccination team into the Bin Laden compound to gather information and DNA samples clearly hurt the national polio drive. The question is: How badly?

After the ruse by Dr. Shakil Afridi was revealed by a British newspaper a year ago, angry villagers, especially in the lawless tribal areas on the Afghan border, chased off legitimate vaccinators, accusing them of being spies.

And then, late last month, Taliban commanders in two districts banned polio vaccination teams, saying they could not operate until the United States ended its drone strikes. One cited Dr. Afridi, who is serving a 33-year sentence imposed by a tribal court, as an example of how the C.I.A. could use the campaign to cover espionage.

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I never knew that the CIA had sent people in under these pretenses. Just another example of how public health is in EVERYTHING.
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On China's oldest transsexual

China's 'oldest transsexual': A life of silent denial

When I meet Yi Ling, her long black hair worn over her shoulder and a designer handbag slung over her arm, she is already quite a media personality.

Her story has been covered in both the Chinese and the international press. And no wonder.

At the age of 84 she is being billed as China's oldest transsexual, after finally making her decision, just three years ago, to submit to a life-long yearning to live as a woman.

But very few foreign news organisations have travelled to her home town of Forshan, in China's southern Guangdong province.

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Bruce Lee

Biden Tells NAACP Romney, Republicans Threaten Civil Rights

By Devin Dwyer

Vice President Joe Biden got a hero’s welcome today at the NAACP Convention in Houston, one day after rival Mitt Romney was booed during remarks before the same group.

And while the VP did not directly address treatment of the presumptive GOP nominee, he suggested the frosty reception was not misguided, warning that Romney and Republicans are threats to the group’s reason for existence.

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Source http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/07/biden-tells-naacp-romney-republicans-threaten-civil-rights/

Where is the lie? I think people know what they have to do at this point, the only problem is overcoming those stupid laws that went into effect UGH!!! ONTD_P how do you think the Democrats can still win despite the voter -ID laws?

Romney stayed longer at Bain: Firm’s 2002 filings identify him as CEO, though he said he left in '99

Government documents filed by Mitt Romney and Bain Capital say Romney remained chief executive and chairman of the firm three years beyond the date he said he ceded control, even creating five new investment partnerships during that time.

Romney has said he left Bain in 1999 to lead the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, ending his role in the company. But public Securities and Exchange Commission documents filed later by Bain Capital state he remained the firm’s “sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president.”

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sorry for the intermittent bolding, i'm not great at point out key things when EVERYTHING seems pertinent, but I focused on some I found particularly interesting. Oh mittens...
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Witnesses tell FBI that George Zimmerman is no racist

(CNN) -- George Zimmerman, charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, had a "little hero complex" but was not a racist, a Sanford, Florida, homicide investigator told federal agents, according to reports released Thursday.

In an interview with FBI agents in March, investigator Chris Serino told authorities he "believed that Zimmerman's actions were not based on Martin's skin color, rather based on his attire, the total circumstances of the encounter and the previous burglary suspects in the community," according to an FBI report.

The reports and other information in the second-degree murder case against Zimmerman were released Thursday by Special Prosecutor Angela Corey to Zimmerman's attorney.

The U.S. Department of Justice took up a civil rights investigation following allegations that race played a part in the killing of Martin, 17, in February in a gated community in Sanford, Florida. The reports released Thursday do not draw conclusions in that investigation.

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Can you believe the audacity of those gays?

I mean -- wanting to get photographed in public? The horror! What's next?

Women told to leave E.C. Million Memorial Park

Say it was because they are gay couple

RICHMOND — Two women and a local photographer say they were told to leave the privately owned E.C. Million Memorial Park on Tates Creek Avenue during a maternity photo session Saturday.

The couple believe they were ordered to leave because they are gay, which is legal in Kentucky because gays are not protected under civil rights laws.

Cheri Chenault and her partner, Destiny Keith, are expecting a baby boy on Sept. 29, and they were having maternity pictures taken by Jessica Miller-Poole, owner of 13 Wishes Photography.

“I had picked one of the flowers (in the park) and was going to use it in the picture,” Miller- Poole said. “The gatekeeper said we were not able to pick the flowers. He left, and we continued to take pictures.”

Miller-Poole then said she asked the couple if they wanted a picture of them kissing.

“They were a little reluctant, and they kissed so quickly that I wasn’t even able to take a picture of it,” she said.

After that, the park gatekeeper approached them again.

“He said that we had to leave and that it was inappropriate,” Miller-Poole said.

Miller-Poole’s husband accompanies her on all photo shoots, she said.

“He talked to the man and said that if it was because they were two women, that he wanted to know,” Miller-Poole said. “The man said, ‘Those type of people were not welcomed there,’” she said. “My husband ended up getting very angry and had to walk away.”
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Ex-PM Tony Blair was briefed on UK UFO files.

Prime Minister Tony Blair was briefed on the UK's files about UFO sightings in 1998, newly declassified MoD documents have revealed.

Writer Nick Redfern urged him to "consider making available for public scrutiny all of the many and varied UFO reports compiled by the government".

The request came as the government began to implement Freedom of Information (FOI requests).

Some 6,700 pages of UFO documents have been released by the National Archives.

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Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18797691

OP: Well some of his decisions were spaced-out, invading Iraq for example. There's obviously something out there I think. The intriguing ones are from members of the police force and the RAF, not your average fantasists.

Joe Paterno, at the end, showed more interest in his legacy than Sandusky’s victims

Joe Paterno was a liar, there’s no doubt about that now. He was also a cover-up artist. If the Freeh Report is correct in its summary of the Penn State child molestation scandal, the public Paterno of the last few years was a work of fiction. In his place is a hubristic, indictable hypocrite.

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Source links to the author's last interview with Paterno.

STUDY: 40 Percent Of Homeless Youth Are LGBT, Family Rejection Is Leading Cause

As many as 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBT, and a new Williams Institute study of youth shelters confirms this estimate. Between October 2011 and March 2012, 354 agencies completed surveys about their clients and found that about 40 percent of their homeless and non-homeless clients were LGBT (9 percent of whom identified as bisexual). About 30 percent of clients using housing-related services (like emergency shelter and transitional living programs) were LGBT.

What was particularly disconcerting about this study was how evident family rejection contributed to this disproportionate number of homeless LGBT youth.

Of all the agencies’ LGBT homeless clients, 68 percent have experienced family rejection and more than half (54 percent) experienced abuse in their family. Fortunately, nearly 80 percent of the service providers who work with clients under the age of 18 are doing family acceptance-related work, though only about half of providers working with older youth offer such resources.

The largest barriers to doing more work to reduce LGBT youth homelessness were insufficient state funding, insufficient local funding, and insufficient federal funding.

This data demands that more be done to support these agencies, but important than treating the symptom is treating the problem itself. Family rejection is devastating the lives of young people across the country, and very few organizations outside the Family Acceptance Project are addressing this issue. It’s all too easy to see LGBT homeless youth as an invisible population, but there is a very visible onslaught of anti-gay and anti-trans propaganda specifically targeting parents to raise their fears of the LGBT community. Rather than protecting children, the anti-gay efforts led by conservative evangelical Christians may very well be causing the exact kinds of child abuse that they blame LGBT people for.


source contains a graph and some additional links. The study is available here

Supreme Court ruling scraps royalty for music downloads

Songwriters and music publishers were dealt a blow by the Supreme Court of Canada today when it ruled in a series of decisions that they are not entitled to royalties for song and video game downloads or for the song samples that online music retailers, including iTunes, offer customers.

And in a case that has implications for how schools and teachers can use photocopied textbook material, the top court rejected an earlier ruling from the Copyright Board that said a royalty had to be paid because the use of material wasn't covered by the "fair dealing" provision in copyright legislation.

In the music downloading case, the Supreme Court partly overturned a lower court decision that had allowed the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers (SOCAN) to collect tariffs for both downloading and music streaming for its members. Copyright royalties are approved by the Copyright Board of Canada, and if those who have to pay them disagree, they can ask for a judicial review and fight them at the Federal Court of Appeal.

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Is Hollywood making us fear menstruation?

Menstruation. Fact of life as it is, the subject remains a tricky one amongst young girls - and Hollywood may not be helping.

A Melbourne Doctor of Social Sciences has found that pop culture has a lot to answer for when it comes to the way girls and society at large regard menses.

From "overly traumatic" to "overwhelmingly negative", portrayals of periods paint a frightening, foreign function - a wild, embarrassing unknown.

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