September 3rd, 2012

Michele Bachmann says Romney is best presidential candidate because Obama is too wealthy [VIDEO]

During an RNC interview with USA Today, Michele Bachmann offered up a whopper of a preposterous statement.

Asked by a reporter how wealthy politicians can relate to the plight of everyday Americans, Michele somehow thought it would make sense to suggest that President Obama's wealth makes it hard for him to understand "the common man." Of course, she forgot to mention that the presidential candidate her own party endorsed, Mitt Romney, is "by a long shot one of the wealthiest self-made men to ever run for president" in the words of New York Magazine.

Here's a transcript of Bachmann's USA Today interview, followed by the raw footage:

Reporter: You've outlined all the problems in the US, in the economy, and then there are those who say, 'How can someone with that kind of vast wealth really connect with the American public, really understand what the plight of the American public is?'

Bachmann: Well, President Obama is extremely wealthy. He and his wife have been wealthy for a number of years, and so I think that's really the issue. President Obama is wealthy, what do, or -- what does he understand about the common man right now?

And I think what people care about is not hating someone for what their assets are -- the American people don't hate President Obama because he's a very wealthy individual. What they care about is how their lives are, would their lives be better? And I think it's very clear under the Romney-Ryan ticket the average Americans' lives [sic] will be much better, they'll have a lot more money to spend in the way that they want, and they'll also have a much more secure future for their children. That's what the American people want, and that's what we'll offer with this new Romney-Ryan ticket.

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Closer Than You Think: Top 15 Things Romney and Obama Agree On

Closer Than You Think: Top 15 Things Romney and Obama Agree On

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Too much agreement between Republicans and Democrats has always been bad news for those at the bottom of America's class and racial totem poles.

Back in 1875, Frederick Douglass observed that it took a war among the whites to free his people from slavery. What then, he wondered, would an era of peace among the whites bring us? He already knew the answer. Louisiana had its Colfax Massacre two years earlier. A wave of thousands upon thousands of terroristic bombings, shootings, mutilations, murders and threats had driven African Americans from courthouses, city halls, legislatures, from their own farms, businesses and private properties and from the voting rolls across the South. They didn't get the vote back for 80 years, and they never did get the land back. But none of that mattered because on the broad and important questions of those days there was at last peace between white Republicans and white Democrats --- squabbles around the edges about who'd get elected, but wide agreement on the rules of the game.

Like Douglass, the shallow talking heads who cover the 2012 presidential campaign on corporate media have noticed out loud the remarkable absence of disagreement between Republican and Democratic candidates on many matters. They usually mention what the establishment likes to call “foreign policy.” But the list of things Republicans and Democrat presidential candidates agree on, from coddling Wall Street speculators, protecting mortgage fraudsters and corporate wrongdoers to preventing Medicare For All to so-called “foreign policy,” “free trade,” “the deficit” “clean coal and safe nuclear power” and “entitlement reform,” is clearly longer and more important than the few points of mostly race and style, upon which they disagree.

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Nothing is forgotten...

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

How the GOP presidential candidate and his private equity firm staged an epic wealth grab, destroyed jobs – and stuck others with the bill

by: Matt Taibbi
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This story is from the September 13, 2012 issue of Rolling Stone.

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When a boy is sexually abused by a woman ‘people do not often recognize the harm’

Keyvette Gamble went to a friend’s house with her 4-year-old daughter, playing cards into the early morning with plans to spend the night at the Southwest Washington apartment. After everyone had nodded off, Gamble slipped over to a bed where her friend’s 14-year-old son was sleeping.

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Creationists hit back at Bill Nye with their own video

Bill Nye's viral YouTube video pleading with parents not to teach their children to deny evolution has spawned an online life of its own, with prominent creationists hitting back against the popular TV host.

"Time is Nye for a Rebuttal," Ken Ham the CEO of Answers in Genesis writes on his website. Answers in Genesis is the Christian ministry behind the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Nye's criticism of creationism went viral earlier this week, after being posted last Thursday.

"I say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your world, that's completely inconsistent with the world we observe, that's fine. But don't make your kids do it," Nye says in his Big Think video, which has been viewed nearly 3 million times.

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Right Attacks 'Paranorman' For Featuring Likable Gay Jock

Conservatives are having a fit over news that a jocky character in the new stop-motion film ParaNorman is gay. Nancy French gripes at National Review that "parents who take children to the new movie ParaNorman might have to answer unwanted questions about sex and homosexuality on the way home from the movie theater" after the character, Mitch, casually comes out at the end of the flick.

William Bigelow at Breitbart, meanwhile, takes the gurgling hysteria a step further and presents the plot twist as some kind of trick by nefarious gays.

"ParaNorman" has a character named Mitch, who is, of course, a heavily-muscled jock who seems heterosexual until the end of the movie, at which time a girl named Courtney asks him if he wants to see a movie.
Sure, he says, you’ll just love my boyfriend, who’s into chick flicks.

It’s a time-honored technique of the gay community to hide the fact that a character is gay until the audience has developed a real affinity for him/her, then catch the audience off-guard by divulging that the character is gay.

Yes, gays in film should either be twisted, pathological villains or eccentric outsiders. Never, ever jocky or remotely likeable.

Trailer for Paranorman:


Kal Penn to host livestream coverage of Obama's address

Actor Kal Penn will have a starring role at the Democratic convention hosting the convention's official livestream prime-time coverage on Thursday leading up to President Obama's acceptance speech.

The Obama campaign announced the livestream coverage plan today in a video featuring Obama, Penn, and his Harold & Kumar co-star John Cho. It is the first time the Democratic convention has involved livestream coverage.

In the video, Obama appears to be having a serious phone conversation about his campaign. "Just remember that I'm trusting you on this and I'll see you there," Obama says in the video, which cuts to Penn and Cho sitting on a sofa, watching television, surrounded by soda and snacks in an homage to the marijuana-smoking characters they play in their movie franchise.

Penn will host a Hollywood-heavy line-up of livestream show guests including singer Marc Anthony, and actors Elizabeth Banks, Aisha Tyler, Olivia Wilde, Fran Drescher, Zach Braff and Alexis Bledel, as well as Obama campaign officials.

Penn served in the Obama administration for about two years, and Penn is a reported favorite of Obama's daughters, Sasha and Malia.

As USA TODAY reported Sunday livestream coverage of the conventions has become more popular as broadcast and cable networks have scaled back prime-time coverage, but online shows can cover gavel-to-gavel action on the convention floor.

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Muslims From Abroad Are Thriving in Catholic Colleges

From left, Hadil Issa and Nada and Marwa Alsaif at the University of Dayton, a Roman Catholic university.

DAYTON, Ohio — Arriving from Kuwait to attend college here, Mai Alhamad wondered how Americans would receive a Muslim, especially one whose head scarf broadcasts her religious identity.

At any of the countless secular universities she might have chosen, religion — at least in theory — would be beside the point. But she picked one that would seem to underline her status as a member of a religious minority. She enrolled at the University of Dayton, a Roman Catholic school, and she says it suits her well.

“Here, people are more religious, even if they’re not Muslim, and I am comfortable with that,” said Ms. Alhamad, an undergraduate in civil engineering, as several other Muslim women gathered in the student center nodded in agreement. “I’m more comfortable talking to a Christian than an atheist.”

A decade ago, the University of Dayton, with 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students, had just 12 from predominantly Muslim countries, all of them men, said Amy Anderson, the director of the school’s Center for International Programs. Last year, she said, there were 78, and about one-third of them were women.

The flow of students from the Muslim world into American colleges and universities has grown sharply in recent years, and women, though still far outnumbered by men, account for a rising share.

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You still eat with your hands? Oprah’s magical mystery tour of India

Yesterday I had the dubious pleasure of watching Oprah’s Next Chapter: India on TLC. The name of the programme is pretty self-explanatory. And I’d already heard of her series, Oprah’s Next Chapter in the US where she “steps outside of the studio for enlightening conversations with newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders and real-life families”. I’ve never been a great fan of Oprah’s – and the fact that she truly follows and believes everything that Deepak Chopra and Dr Phil say has nothing to do with it. I do think though, that she’s a good interviewer, she’s well-informed, an easy conversationalist and is well-travelled. But all that has changed after watching Oprah’s Next Chapter: India.

Myopic, unaware, ignorant and gauche. This was Middle America at its best worst.

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Paralympics prove to be bad news for ATOS (and Osborne)

The Paralympics crowd let the Chancellor know their feelings on his 
Welfare Reforms

Up to 150 disability rights campaigners have been protesting outside IT firm Atos, which carries out "fit for work" assessments for the government.

Campaigners say its tests for people on disability allowances are "damaging and distressing" and have led to suicides.

Atos, a sponsor of the Paralympic Games, said it ensures its service is "professional" and "compassionate".

Protesters also targeted the Department for Work and Pensions in Westminster, where one person was arrested.

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RCMP tells plane carrying anti Harper banner over Parliament Hill to land

One of Canada's largest unions is crying foul over the RCMP's decision to order a union-chartered plane flying over Ottawa to land, accusing the Mounties of doing so for political reasons.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada says the plane was carrying a French-language banner on Saturday that translates into "Stephen Harper hates us."

An RCMP spokeswoman said in an email that the plane appeared to be flying within restricted airspace over Parliament Hill so the Mounties requested it land.

Cpl Lucy Shorey says the RCMP is responsible for security of Parliament Hill and takes all potential threats seriously.
She says the questioned the pilot and determine there was no security threat and considers the matter closed.

But in a news release the union says the pilot was aware of airspace restrictions in place in Ottawa and says Nav-Canada has confirmed the plane did not venture into the restricted zone.

It says the RCMP could have radioed the pilot and asked his intentions rather than arbitrarily ordering the plane to land.

The union says the plane had been towing the banner over Montreal and other communities in Quebec for the past couple of weeks.

The union has been waging a public relations battle with the Harper government over its plans to slash thousands of public sector jobs.