October 4th, 2012


Mitt Romney Wants to Fire Big Bird. The Monster!

Romney's Big Bird comments spark response from the bird himself

Uh oh.

In Wednesday night's first presidential debate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney upset an unlikely...person?

"I'm sorry, Jim. I'm going to the stop the subsidy to PBS. I like Big Bird. I like you," Romney said.

Debate moderator Jim Lehrer works for PBS.
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Financial Crisis Could Harm Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Re-election Chances.

Perhaps They Need a Tax Cut!

Iran’s Currency Crisis: Bad News For Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
As the rial plummets in value and vendors desperately hoard dollars, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faces a harsh backlash from his political allies, including the feared Revolutionary Guards.

Iran’s economy is in shock. Over the past week, the country’s currency, the rial, has lost half its value, and nobody knows whether the government can stop the downward spiral anytime soon. On Wednesday, Tehran’s traditional bazaar shut down, and authorities from the police and the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) arrested a group of merchants and businessmen who had gathered in the marketplace. An eyewitness told The Daily Beast that near Ferdowsi Square, where most of Tehran’s foreign exchange shops operate, anti-riot police had established a widespread presence and that Tehran’s commercial area had assumed the appearance of a military zone.

Analysts inside and outside Iran are debating whether the government’s economic policies are to fault for the currency crisis, or whether it’s a sign that the U.S.’s crippling sanctions are finally starting to be felt on the ground. But almost all agree that the rial’s depreciation spells very bad news for the country’s embattled president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

On Sept. 4, Ahmadinejad had dismissed speculation that the country’s currency was in deep trouble. When asked whether the rial would reach an exchange rate of 30,000 to the dollar, the president called such predictions “psychological warfare.” Now, just four weeks later, the rate has jumped to 35,000 rials to the dollar, and a Tehrani business owner reports that the exchange market has nearly shut down, with no one willing to sell off dollars for the quickly depreciating rials.
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Student Who Got 'Gay Cure' Sues California Over New Law

Oct. 3, 2012
A college student who claims he once had same-sex attractions but became heterosexual after conversion therapy has filed a lawsuit against California, which has enacted a law that bans so-called "gay cures" for minors.

The lawsuit, also joined as plaintiffs by two therapists who have used the treatments with patients, alleges that the law banning the therapy intrudes on First Amendment protections of free speech, privacy and freedom of religion.

The student, Aaron Blitzer, who is studying to be a therapist in that field, said the law would prevent him from pursuing his career, according to court papers filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California.

The lawsuit names as defendants California Gov. Jerry Brown, as well as 21other state officials, including members of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and the California Medical Board.

The other plaintiffs are Donald Welsch, a licensed family therapist and ordained minister who operates a Christian counseling center in San Diego; and Dr. Anthony Duk, a psychiatrist and practicing Roman Catholic.

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Mitt's Five Biggest Lies

Mitt Romney turned in a polished performance in last night's presidential debate – and revealed himself to be an accomplished and unapologetic liar. In an evening where he sought to slice and dice the president with statistics, Romney baldly misrepresented his own policy prescriptions, made up numbers to fit his attacks and buried clear contrasts with the president under a heaping pile of horseshit.

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Night of the Living Debate

Danny Katch didn't care for the debate in Denver--so he came up with a new version.

FOR THOSE of you who were too busy, bored or unpatriotic to watch the debate yesterday, congratulations. Mitt Romney told one lie after another, the moderator was a frightened old man, and the whole thing was so boring that Barack Obama seemed to have trouble staying awake.

So I decided to rewrite last night's debate to better reflect the true character of the two candidates and the choice we have in Election 2012.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Jim Lehrer: Good evening and welcome to the first presidential debate of the 2012 election. President Obama, you may begin your opening statement.

Obama: Thanks J-Leh. My opponent wants you to ask yourself if you are better off today than you were four years ago. Don't answer that--unless you're an upper-level executive or investor.

Instead, think about how much worse things might possibly have gotten in the last four years. The economy could have continued its freefall. Wildfires might have swept across the country--well, more of the country. The monkey rebellion in that Planet of the Apes remake from last year could have really happened. Now think about how much better off you are today compared to that.

Lehrer: Now we turn to Gover...I'm sorry, Mr. Romney, but what should we call you? It's been almost six years since you've been had any job other than running for president.

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8-Year-Old Sesame Street Fan To Mittens: "Find Something Else To Cut Off!"'


Eight-year-old Alabama resident Cecelia Crawford wasn't happy during the debate on Wednesday night when Mitt Romney said he would stop government funding for PBS.

On Thursday morning, she was still angry, so she wrote Romney a letter, sent along to The Huffington Post by her mother. Crawford wrote that she is a fan of "Sesame Street" and that it was her "favorite show on earth" when she was younger.

"When I grow up I'm going to get married and I want my kids to watch it so do not cut it off," Crawford wrote. "You find something else to cut off!"

Romney told PBS host Jim Lehrer, who moderated the presidential debate, that he would stop the subsidy to Lehrer's network. "I’m sorry, Jim, I’m gonna stop the subsidy to PBS ... I like PBS, I love Big Bird -- I actually like you, too -- but I am not going to keep spending money on things [we have] to borrow money from China to pay for," Romney said.

Crawford's mother mailed the letter on Thursday to Romney's campaign headquarters. source