October 31st, 2012

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How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement

The spring of my sophomore year of college I was president of my university’s Students for Life chapter. The fall of my junior year of college I cut my ties with the pro-life movement. Five years later I have lost the last shred of faith I had in that movement. This is my story.

I was raised in the sort of evangelical family where abortion is the number one political issue. I grew up believing that abortion was murder, and when I stopped identifying as pro-life I initially still believed that. Why, then, did I stop identifying as pro-life? Quite simply, I learned that increasing contraceptive use, not banning abortion, was the key to decreasing the number of abortions. Given that the pro-life movement focuses on banning abortion and is generally opposed advocating greater contraceptive use, I knew that I no longer fit. I also knew that my biggest allies in decreasing the number of abortions were those who supported increased birth control use – in other words, pro-choice progressives. And so I stopped calling myself pro-life.

My views on fetal personhood and women’s bodily autonomy have shifted since that day, but when I first started blogging a year and a half ago I was nevertheless very insistent that the pro-life movement should be taken at its word when it came to rhetoric about saving “unborn babies” from being “murdered.” I insisted that the pro-life movement wasn’t anti-woman or anti-sex, and that those who opposed abortion genuinely believed that a zygote/embryo/fetus was a person with rights in need of protection just like any other person. I believed that the pro-life movement’s actions were counterproductive, but that they were merely misinformed. I wrote a post with practical suggestions for opponents of abortion. I believed that the pro-life movement was genuine in its goals, but simply ignorant about how its goals might best be obtained.

I have come to the conclusion that I was wrong.

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Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court To Hear Case Against Pledge Of Allegiance

(RNS) Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a non-religious family that's challenging the mandatory daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in their children's classrooms.

The family, who are secular humanists, claim that the phrase "under God" in the pledge is a violation of the state's constitutional ban on religious discrimination.

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Romney’s Misleading Ad Causes Auto Workers To Think They’re Losing Their Jobs

Mitt Romney's misleading new advertisement is causing auto workers to fear they’re losing their jobs.

The ad falsely claims car company Chrysler is moving its Jeep production to China, when in fact the company is opening up additional production there, not shifting American jobs overseas. But some auto workers have been calling their union, worried that they’re about to be out of work:

Bruce Baumhower, the president of the United Auto Workers local that oversees the major Jeep plant here, said Mr. Romney’s initial comments on moving production to China drew a rash of calls from members concerned about their jobs. When he informed them Chrysler was, in fact, is expanding its Jeep operation here, he said in an interview, “The response has been, ‘That’s pretty pitiful.’ ”

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So, Akin wanted to redefine child abuse as well

Akin pushed to narrow definition of child abuse

When he was a member of the Missouri House of Representatives, Todd Akin fought against a bill that would have tightened laws against child abuse, arguing that the bill “needed a more restrictive definition of abuse” to prevent abuses of the law.

Right Wing Watch flags that in 1992, Akin opposed the bill, which would have established a “‘statewide child abuse review board’ and tighten[ed] the standard for proving child abuse from ‘reason to suspect’ to ‘credible evidence.’”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported at the time:

“Akin said he was concerned that ‘the department could come into your home and if your kid had just fallen off his bike and skinned his knee…take your kid away.’ Akin also said that with a loose definition of abuse, neighbors might use child-abuse reports ‘as a tool to harass, a way to get even with’ someone they dislike.”

The editorial board of the Post-Dispatch slammed Akin’s opposition to the bill, saying that he “resorts to extreme and unlikely examples to bolster his case.”


So, he's concerned about "legitimate" child abuse? Like "legitimate" rape? Does anyone else see a pattern here? It sounds like he's more concerned with protecting the assailant (be it a rapist or a child abuser) than the victim. You know that quote "methinks she doth protest too much"? That's what is sounds like to me. Makes you wonder what Akin has done that makes him so sympathetic with the accused.

People suck. Especially racists.

Democrat Office in Gallatin, Tennessee Vandalized with Racist Bumper Sticker

The Sumner County Democratic Party office in Gallatin, Tennessee was defaced, on Monday, with a racist bumper sticker placed on a window.

The bumper sticker, discovered by campaign workers, reads: "The bro and his ho gotta go," reports WKRN-TV.

Maria Brewer, the vice chairman of the Sumner County Democratic Party, told WKRN-TV: "I saw it and I thought it was offensive. It is a racial slur about the president and his wife, especially disturbing. I don't think politicians should have to worry about their families being attacked, especially for the color of their skin. It's a slur against women as well as African Americans."

Brewer plans to leave the bumper sticker on the office window through the election so that residents can "see the attitudes that are out there."

Police are investigating the incident but have no suspects.

The bumper sticker is popular on Facebook, where people post pictures of the offensive slogan on their pages.

IDEK why the fuck people think this shit is funny.
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Yet another reason to love Joe Biden :')

Joe Biden: Transgender Discrimination Is 'The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time'
The Huffington Post
By Jennifer Bendery
Posted: 10/30/2012 11:16 pm EDT Updated: 10/31/2012 2:17 pm EDT

WASHINGTON -- Vice President Joe Biden said transgender discrimination is "the civil rights issue of our time" during a visit to a Florida field office on Tuesday, according to pool reports.

Biden was meeting with volunteers at an Obama for America office in Sarasota, Fla., when he singled out one woman "who he thought had beautiful eyes," reads the pool report. The woman said something to Biden that was inaudible to the pool reporter, but Biden responded to her by saying it was the "civil rights issue of our time."

The woman, Linda Carragher Bourne of Sarasota, later said her daughter was Miss Trans New England and that she had asked Biden if he would help them.

"A lot of my friends are being killed, and they don't have the civil rights yet. These guys are gonna make it happen," Bourne told the reporter.

The vice president has been a steadfast ally to the LGBT community. He told gay rights advocates in August that they are "freeing the soul of the American people." Most notably, however, he got out in front of President Barack Obama in May when he unexpectedly announced that he is "absolutely comfortable" with same-sex marriage. Obama, at the time, was still "evolving" on the issue.

Four days later, the president endorsed same-sex marriage. When he made his announcement, Obama noted that Biden "probably got out a little bit over his skis, but out of generosity of spirit."


Cory Booker, Newark's Mayor, Is Helping Sandy Victims – via Twitter

The needs range from diapers and water to the simple reassurance that their loved ones are safe. But many of the calls for help to Newark's mayor Cory Booker are coming to him from the same place: Twitter.

As the death toll for Hurricane Sandy rises to 59, according to the New York Times, the politician, 43, is taking action on the streets – often in response to the pleas he receives in 140 characters of less.

Now, as 2.38 million people in New Jersey are still left without electricity, reports the Star-Ledger, he's once again emerging as a hometown hero. It was just this April, after all, that he rescued his neighbor from her burning home.

Follow Booker's relief efforts here, and track those he's already helped, including an elderly woman who was inside her house when a tree fell on top of it.

His Twitter followers and constituents can track his relief efforts as he continues to document his work on the streets of New Jersey.

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he's pretty great.

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Peter Tatchell arrested after limo protest at Westminster

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has been arrested for staging a protest in front of the Indonesian president’s limousine, as it departed Westminster Abbey, earlier on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Tatchell says he was wrestled to the ground by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s bodyguards and then arrested by Metropolitan Police officers.

It was after he unfurled a West Papuan flag.

He claims it was a lawful protest, which involved “nothing more sinister than holding a flag”.

The 60-year-old claims the president and former army general is guilty of war crimes in East Timor and West Papua and had been planning to perform a citizen’s arrest on him, during his state visit to the UK.

Mr Tatchell has also criticised the decision of police officers to arrest him, saying:

“I was detained unlawfully and deprived of my liberty for two hours. After being taken to Charing Cross Police Station, I was eventually released without charge. Clearly, the police knew they had over-stepped the mark and that the charges against me were baseless”.

Earlier this month, Mr Tatchell, who is one of the UK’s most famous LGBT campaigners, called for the prosecution of BNP leader Nick Griffin, after the MEP urged for a protest to be held outside the home of gay couple in response to their legal victory in an anti-discrimination lawsuit.