November 12th, 2012

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I hope you kept the receipt

Crime won't pay: Gangsters flaunting "bling" will lose it if they can't prove it was bought legally

The move, raising an extra £125million a year to be ploughed back into crime-hit neighbourhoods, is part of a plan unveiled by Ed Miliband

Gangsters flaunting “bling” will lose it if they cannot prove it was bought with legal earnings, under Labour plans to ensure that crime doesn’t pay.

The move, raising an extra £125million a year to be ploughed back into crime-hit neighbourhoods, is part of a three-point “restorative justice” plan unveiled by Ed Miliband today.

The Labour leader also wants to close loopholes that allow crooks to put ill-gotten gains such as flash cars, yachts and jewellery out of reach of the courts by signing them over to wives or girlfriends.

And he wants victims of anti-social behaviour to have a legal right to get yobs to make amends by cleaning graffiti or fixing vandalised property.

He said: “I will stand up for the police and victims of crime. That means giving people whose lives are being damaged by anti-social behaviour a legal right to ensure those responsible get more than a slap on the wrist.

“It also means demonstrating that crime does not pay by making criminals pay back more of their ill-gotten gains to the communities they have made suffer.”

Courts can only seize proven crime proceeds currently, and the £125million a year it raises goes to the Treasury and police.

Placing the burden of proof on criminals could double the income, so the rest could go to communities. [Ed: And completely overturn the principle of innocent until proven guilty.]

Mr Miliband also urged people to use their vote in Thursday’s Police Commissioner polls.


So essentially if a policeman thinks you've got something too nice for your apparent income, they can take it away unless you can prove that you bought it. Not sure why I expected any better from the party that gave us ludicrously authoritarian stop and search laws. More fool me.
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Jimmy Savile, Newsnight and the child abuse scandal

BBC investigation: Smearing an innocent man’s name is the real tragedy here

The BBC should prove that 'Newsnight’ was not acting with malice towards Lord McAlpine, argues Boris Johnson.

You know, I am afraid that they still don’t get it. The people at the BBC show no real sign of understanding what they have done wrong, let alone making amends. We have heard an awful lot in the past 24 hours about the personal calvary of George Entwistle. We know of the agony of Lord Patten, who has told us that the resignation of Entwistle was “one of the saddest evenings” of his public life. We have been told of the grief of hundreds of BBC journalists, the anxiety, the anger, their fear for their jobs. Everyone at the BBC is agreed on one thing: that it is a “tragedy”. Yes, it is a tragedy for the poor old BBC.

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A little from Column (article) A, a little from Column B seems to just about cover it. 


Uganda to officially pass ‘Kill The Gays’ bill

Uganda will officially pass the ‘Kill The Gays’ bill at the end of this year despite international criticism.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said the anti-gay bill will become law by December since most Ugandans ‘are demanding it’.

Referring to the law as a ‘Christmas gift’ to the population, she spoke of ‘the serious threat’ posed by homosexuals.

The law will broaden the criminalization of same-sex relationships by dividing homosexuality into two categories; aggravated homosexuality and the offense of homosexuality.

‘Aggravated homosexuality’ is defined as gay acts committed by parents or authority figures, HIV-positive people, pedophiles and repeat offenders. If convicted, they will face the death penalty.

The ‘offense of homosexuality’ includes same-sex sexual acts or being in a gay relationship, and will be prosecuted by life imprisonment.

Originally put to government in 2009, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill had been temporarily shelved because of international criticism.

Several European countries have threatened to cut aid to Uganda if it passes, with the UK government warning Uganda it would face severe reductions in financial help.

US President Barack Obama has described it as ‘odious’, and Canadian politician John Baird has said it is ‘vile, abhorrent, and offends decency’.

Uganda lawmaker Atim Ogwal Cecilia Barbara has even suggested there should be a continent-wide ban on homosexuality, saying all African gay people should be jailed for life.

Gay rights activist David Kato was murdered in Uganda in January 2011 shortly after a local newspaper published images of him and other gay people under a headline urging readers to ‘hang them.’

Despite this, Uganda’s LGBT community held a weekend of gay pride events this summer.

According to a 2010 survey by The Pew Research Center, homosexuality is morally unacceptable to 89% of Ugandans.


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PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has announced a royal commission into the child sex abuse in institutional bodies, such as religious organisations.

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Sorry I couldn't find a better source, this was only just released and confirmed, as in she had the press conference only just finished finished up maybe 20 mins ago.
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In which gender essentialism can DIAF

Nine-Year-Old Girl Plays Football, Kicks Ass and Maybe Changes the World

Few 9-year-old girls are described as a “young—very young—Walter Payton.” But that’s what people are calling Sam Gordon of South Jordan, Utah. Gordon has become an Internet sensation after the spread of viral videos showing her shredding Pee Wee football defenses with a series of dynamic touchdown runs.

The footage of Gordon has been passed around breathlessly but almost as a YouTube curio, like she’s the 2012 version of the “dramatic chipmunk” or “sneezing panda”.

Her rather overwhelming awesomeness, however, raises far more interesting questions: Why do we still segregate so much of youth sports based on gender? Does the practice of doing so actually stunt female athletic potential? Would ending gender segregation foster a higher level of athletic excellence? The early women’s rights activists certainly thought so. As Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote in a women’s issues magazine, The Lily, “We cannot say what the woman might be physically, if the girl were allowed all the freedom of the boy, in romping, swimming, climbing, playing ball.”

This is not to argue that there aren’t basic physical differences between men and women. But those differences are often overstated in the name of protecting the “common sense” of gender segregation. Journalist Sherry Wolf wrote, “Let’s cut to the chase. Men tend to weigh more and have greater muscle mass than women: men have 40–60 percent greater upper-body strength and 25–30 percent more lower-body strength. However, with training and nutritional guidance on par with men, female power lifters, for example, have narrowed the gap in actual strength to between 0 and 8 percent.… While there is a connection between muscle size and strength, there is not a direct correlation, as other factors can influence an athlete’s strength such as age, limb and muscle length, and genetics.”

In addition, while the typical male may have greater natural muscle mass, women’s biology makes them provably better at sports that require endurance like ultra-marathons, Alaska’s Iditarod race and long-distance swimming. The book Playing With the Boys: Why Separate is Not Equal, by Eileen McDonagh and Laura Pappano, goes through this in painstaking detail. McDonagh and Pappano argue that “coercive sex segregation does not reflect actual sex differences in athletic ability, but instead constructs and enforces a flawed premise that females are inherently athletically inferior to males.”

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Source has video.

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Football Players Getting Tackled! CEOs Getting Shackled!

There Is A Brutal Civil War In The GOP, And It Looks Like Karl Rove Will Be The First Casualty

Grace Wyler | Nov. 10, 2012, 5:58 PM

Grassroots Republican operatives and Movement conservatives are quickly turning against the GOP Establishment in the wake of the party's expensive defeat this election cycle.

Republicans we spoke to this week voiced a near-universal disgust with the national Republican Party leaders and Washington political class, who are seen as having put their personal financial interest above winning the election.

As this internecine struggle gathers steam, the first target appears to be Karl Rove, the former Bush campaign mastermind who has dictated much of the GOP's strategy over the past decade.
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OP Says: Oh, Turd Blossom. You tried.
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Owner of Multi-Million Dollar Company Hands Over Business to Employees

Before the words "whole grain" and "organic" became part of Americans' everyday vocabulary, Bob Moore knew the importance of healthful eating.
In 1978, he started Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, as a small family-run business in Oregon selling stone mill-ground whole grains.
The company has since grown into a multi-million dollar business that sells more than 400 whole grain products including flours, hot cereals, and organic and gluten-free products.
Moore is dedicated to making America healthier and he believes Bob's Red Mill is a small part of the solution.
"Our company needs to exist so that some of the people that eat our product will be healthier -- and I think they will be," he said.
Employee-Run Business
Moore's work is a way of life and his employees are a second family, which is why he announced this week that he's handing over the keys to his 209 employees.
Moore said he's gotten countless buy-out offers over the years, but he couldn't envision selling the business to a stranger.
"It's the only business decision that I could make," he said. "I don't think there's anybody worthy to run this company but the people who built it. I have employees with me right now that have been with me for 30 years. They just were committed to staying with me now and they're going to own the company."
The company will now be run by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) -- the idea being that a company's stock is put in a retirement plan for its employees, but the stock is never held or bought directly by individuals. When a vested employee retires, he can pull out money from the trust.

Approximately 11,000 companies now have ESOP plans, covering more than 13 million employees, according to the National Center for Employee Ownership.

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If making Americans healthier is his passion, encouraging good business practices and entrepreneurship is his mandate.
"There's a lot of negative stuff going into business today," he said. "It's a good old basic Bible lesson -- love of money is the root of all evil. And unfortunately, our entire philosophy today is get all the money you can and whatever way you can. It's caused many corporations to bite off more than they can chew. And it causes people to do a lot of things just for money that they feel in their hearts is not the right thing to do."
With his own company, Moore has tried to do just the opposite. In a refreshing twist to the typical tenets of corporate America, Moore thinks of his employees and customers first and foremost.

Building a Business
Politics aside, Moore said there is no secret to building a successful business, just hard work and luck.
"You can sell your house, take your money, and test the waters by doing something you believe in," he said. "And maybe you'll be successful and maybe you won't, and that's what entrepreneuring has been for me, and I have failed."
Earlier in his life, Moore owned a gas station that he thought was a great success. It flourished for five years, but ultimately went under. And in 1988, his mill was burned down by an arsonist.
"I lost everything," he said. "I lost our entire investment. I know what it feels like in my stomach when you can't pay the bills."
But he learned from his mistakes and kept taking chances, eventually making his mark in American households.
No Slowing Down
Retirement is not in Moore's sights anytime soon. He celebrated his 81st birthday this week and plans to continue to serve on the company's board of directors.
"I'm never going to retire," he said. "I love coming to work. I love the challenges, and working with people and the way that you get to do that when you're in business."

nice to know not all big business is evil.