December 28th, 2012

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"Potential Prostitutes" site lets users label women as prostitutes, charges "removal" fees

Potential Prostitutes is only the latest sleazy site to wed personal photos to public humiliation. Its offer to publicize anonymous claims of sex crimes, however, is a novelty: any woman may be be anonymously tagged as a prostitute.

The site accepts anonymous submissions through an online form and promises to post uploads in a browsable "offender" database seeded with mugshots of convicted prostitutes. Entries may be removed by those listed—so long as they pay a hefty removal fee.

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Source at BoingBoing.

Arizona sheriff orders armed 'posse' to patrol schools

First post here... so please be patient if I mess it up.

And three guesses as to which sheriff wants armed "volunteers" to patrol schools.

Sheriff Arpaio wants his armed posses to protect Arizona schools

Basically Sheriff Arpaio wants to station armed posses around schools in Maricopa County. The (very short) article also outlines briefly how Sherif Babeu (Pinal County) and the Attorney General want to make schools safer with more guns.

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from OP: I live in Maricopa County, and I have a son in first grade. The thought of having armed vigilantes or armed members of the crazy militias guarding my son's school is terrifying. Also- no tag for Arpaio? Or did I miss it?
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Putin signs bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill Friday that bars Americans from adopting Russian children, provoking anguish among U.S. families that have been waiting months, and in some cases years, to complete the process.

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i feel for these families, especially the ones who were just a couple weeks away from being able to take take their children home