November 23rd, 2016

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Hillary Clinton urged to call for election vote recount in key states

A growing number of academics and activists are calling for US authorities to fully audit or recount the 2016 presidential election vote in key battleground states, in case the results could have been skewed by foreign hackers.

The loose coalition, which is urging Hillary Clinton’s campaign to join its fight, is preparing to deliver a report detailing its concerns to congressional committee chairs and federal authorities early next week, according to two people involved.Collapse )

Source: The Guardian

I'm honestly not sure what to say about this right now; my brain feels like a big wad of tangled thoughts and emotions at the moment. But this story has been popping up all over the place, and it's nothing if not noteworthy.

IF there is some kind of a recount or audit or whatever, I'm sure the chances of changing the outcome of the election would be a long shot at best. But if there is any credible chance that things were tampered with somehow, I think we need to know, even if we still end up with Pres. Voldemort J. Assmonkey in the end.

Thoughts? Opinions?
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More Than 15,000 Lawyers Sign Letter Opposing Steve Bannon’s Appointment

And the list keeps growing.

Thousands of attorneys have signed a letter opposing the appointment of Steve Bannon as President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor.

Bannon has a long history of making bigoted comments and has been accused of domestic abuse and being anti-Semitic. Under his executive chairmanship, Breitbart has trafficked widely in white nationalism and homophobic and sexist content.Collapse )

Read the full letter here.

Source: HuffPost
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President Obama awards 21 recipients with the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Hosting his last Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony Tuesday at the White House, President Barack Obama described this year’s class as “particularly impressive,” citing the diversity and variety of talent exhibited throughout the 21 recipients.

“We’ve got innovators and artists, public servants, rabble rousers, athletes, renowned character actors, like the guy from Space Jam,” President Obama said of Michael Jordan to a laughing crowd. “We pay tribute to those distinguished individuals with our nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

The awards recognize especially meritorious contributions to the security or U.S. interests, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.

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Margaret Hamilton, Apollo Software Engineer, Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

Forty-seven years ago, humans first set foot on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. That success would not have been possible if not for the team of 400,000 people who worked to ensure the success of the mission and the safety of astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. One of those 400,000 people was Margaret Hamilton. On November 22, 2016, President Barack Obama awarded Hamilton the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her contribution that led to Apollo 11's successful landing.

The very first contract NASA issued for the Apollo program (in August 1961) was with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop the guidance and navigation system for the Apollo spacecraft. Hamilton, a computer programmer, would wind up leading the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory (now Draper Labs). Computer science, as we now know it, was just coming into existence at the time. Hamilton led the team that developed the building blocks of software engineering – a term that she coined herself. Her systems approach to the Apollo software development and insistence on rigorous testing was critical to the success of Apollo. As she noted, “There was no second chance. We all knew that.”

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