November 28th, 2016

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Trump's baseless assertions of voter fraud called 'stunning'

Without putting forth any evidence, the president-elect says he actually won the popular vote.

Donald Trump on Sunday used the platform of the presidency to peddle a fringe conspiracy theory to justify his loss of the popular vote, claiming without evidence that millions of people voted illegally Nov. 8.

Trump's tweets marked an unprecedented rebuke of the U.S. electoral system by a president-elect and were met with immediate condemnation from voting experts and others. And they offered a troubling indication that Trump's ascension to the highest political office in the United States may not alter his penchant for repeating unproven conspiracies perpetuated by the far-right.Collapse )

Source: Politico

This article's comment about Voldemort's tweets shifting media attention away from the issue of his VERY many conflicts of interest could be taken to imply that he's doing this on purpose, for that reason. But imo, that would be giving him way too much credit for being able to control his actions and think strategically.
We all know that he's an inveterate blurter with a track record of blurting out, either orally or through his keyboard, whatever pops into his head. And we all know how he can't stay away from Twitter when anyone says or does anything he doesn't like. Also, the claim that he really did win the popular vote and his desperate reach to find an excuse for his not winning it fit right in with what we know about his extreme narcissism. The idea of him having the finesse to plan and stage something like this as a distraction from unfavorable news stories is not believable to me. He thinks and reacts like a five year old, and like a five year old, he has very little self-control and no real appreciation of the long term ramifications of his behavior. Which of course are HORRIBLE traits for a president to have. Gods help us all.

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North Carolina State Board Of Elections Dismisses Some Of Pat McCrory’s Election Protests

Remember good old boy Pat McCrory and his desperate attempts to get the results of the election he lost thrown out? Well, here's an update.

North Carolina’s State Board of Elections ordered local election boards Monday night to dismiss any election protest from Gov. Pat McCrory (R) that “merely disputes the eligibility of a voter.”

The dismissal follows election protests filed in 52 counties by the McCrory campaign alleging that ballots were cast by dead people, felons or voters who cast ballots in multiple states (even though it’s unlikely voter fraud is the reason behind any irregularities).

“This is a devastating blow to the McCrory campaign and further evidence that there is no path to victory for Governor McCrory,” said Trey Nix, the campaign manager for Cooper for NC, in a statement. “Roy Cooper’s lead has grown to over 9,000 votes as Republican claims of voter fraud have been routinely rejected by members of their own party. It’s time for Governor McCrory to respect the will of the voters.”

County boards must continue to investigate claims surrounding possible violations of election law and allegations that would affect enough votes to alter the outcome of the race. Cooper is ahead by 9,700 votes as of Monday night, according to state election counts.

Source: HuffPost

Face it, Pat, you're an asshole, North Carolinians know it, and it's high time you accepted the fact that your constituents have voted your sorry ass out of office. Hear that distant music? It's the fat lady, and she's singing just for you. So stfu and start packing your bags already.

Seriously, isn't it nice to know that sometimes assholes DO lose? I'll take whatever I can get these days, man. *sigh*