January 8th, 2017

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Michael Moore calls for '100 days of resistance' against Trump

Michael Moore is calling for large protests at Donald Trump's inauguration and “100 days of protest” during the president-elect’s first 100 days in office.

“Trump gets upset if there’s 10 people outside Trump Tower…. What’s he going to think if there’s 100,000 or 500,000 (at inauguration)” Moore said on MSNBC’s Last Word.Collapse )

Source: TheHill has video I can't figure out how to embed.

OP: Like I said in my last post, resistance to Drumpf is giving me life these days. *sigh*

And speaking of resistance against Trump, my official shirt for the Women's March came in the mail on Friday, which was exciting. Also, I am crocheting a pink pussy hat to wear in the march. I can't wait!

ETA: I meant to include this link in the OP, but I couldn't find it at the time:

Pink Pussy Hat Project

This site has a ton of information, including hat patterns to knit, crochet, or sew and information about people who are making hats to donate to others. If you'd like to have a pussy hat and aren't crafty enough to make one, check the FAQ there, or use the contact link to ask someone for info. Good luck!
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this pine has goat to go

Feed for farm animals is one way to repurpose a Christmas tree

CENTERVILLE - On a sunny morning last week, Gus, Bambi and Leland were among the dozen goats waiting for their next meal in their backyard pen.

The truckload of vibrant, fragrant greens arrived, ready to add something special to their recently bland diet. But this wasn't a trailer full of salad mix - rather, 24 surplus Christmas trees from Cape Abilities Farm in Dennis.

"The goats love Christmas trees," said their owner, Stacey Greaves. "It's a great way to supplement their diets in the winter when there's no greenery."

Greaves, through her business GOat Green Cape Cod, capitalizes on the notorious caprine appetite. Her goats clear brush, even poison ivy, and perform other landscaping work thanks to their four-compartment stomachs.

Collapse )
goat oo this link to read

Movies - Carrie and Billie

Shenanigans Sunday: Thoughts and Prayers Edition


Hope everyone had a great weekend!