April 1st, 2017

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well that's one way to cover the deficit

Tripping.com To Rent Out Rooms In The White House

The Trump administration today announced that it will begin renting out stays in the White House on weekends when the President is out of town – with all of the listings being exclusively available through Tripping.com, the world’s largest site for vacation rentals.

Travelers looking for a place to stay in Washington, D.C. will find the White House in Tripping.com’s search results starting today, April 1st. Rather than renting the whole home, as many people do on Tripping.com, the White House will be made available room by room. That way more citizens will have an opportunity to stay in the fabled mansion, and the Administration will be able to raise more funds to help balance the budget.

“With the President choosing to spend the majority of his weekends at either Mar-a-Lago or one of his other phenomenal, world-class properties, we saw an opportunity to offset some of the costs of his travels while also helping to contribute to balancing the country’s budget by renting out the White House,” said a White House spokesperson.

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner retain property assets while in White House

White House releases financial disclosures showing Kellyanne Conway owns tobacco shares and Steve Bannon earned $200,000 from Breitbart in 2016

Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, are retaining scores of property investments while they work in the White House, according to financial disclosures likely to fuel concerns over a conflict of interest.

The Associated Press reported that the couple are holding on to assets of at least $240m while the New York Times, making a case that Kushner will continue to benefit from most of his business empire through a series of trusts, gave a figure of $741m.

The details came to light on Friday as the White House began releasing financial disclosure forms for around 180 top administration officials, offering a snapshot of the employees’ finances as they entered the White House.

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Kuwait woman detained for filming maid's suicide attempt without helping

Human rights groups call for investigation after woman posted video to social media of her maid falling from seventh floor in an apparent suicide attempt

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Later, paramedics rescued the maid and rushed her to the hospital where she was found to have suffered nose and ear bleeding and a broken arm, the newspaper said.

The criminal investigation police referred the employer to the prosecution over failing to help the victim, the daily said.

The reasons for the maid’s attempted suicide were not revealed.

The Kuwait Society for Human Rights on Friday called on the authorities to investigate the case and refer it to court.

The oil-rich Gulf state is home to more than 600,000 domestic helpers, a majority of them Asians, many of whom complain of abuse, mistreatment and non-payment of wages.

Hundreds of maids escape their employers every year over abuse, and the government has set up shelters for them. Some seek help from their embassies.


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The state of the Flint water crisis, by the numbers

According to court documents released on Tuesday, the state of Michigan will set aside $97 million over the next three years to replace the lead-ridden water lines that currently service at least 18,000 homes in beleaguered Flint.

The settlement, approved by U.S. District Judge David Lawson in Detroit, seeks to rectify the ongoing nightmare that has plagued Flint since 2015, when it was discovered that a state-appointed emergency manager's decision to switch the city's water source to the corrosive Flint River had caused lead to leach into residential tap water.

"For the first time, there will be an enforceable commitment to get the lead pipes out of the ground," Dimple Chaudhary, an attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, said in a statement obtained by Reuters. "The people of Flint are owed at least this much."

Below are the statistics on the horrors the city has faced since the ordeal began in 2015 — and what plans to move forward will look like.
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by Brianna Provenzano

OP note: This is emotional and heart-breaking, the people of Flint don't deserve this. :(