June 5th, 2017


But How Can you be Free If You are not Working under the Brutal Yoke of Capitalism?

I was told Freedom was voting for the Next Asshole every four Years or who would you like to be your new exploiter.

Jineoloji: The science of women's liberation in the Kurdish movement

After the first week I spent in northern Syria had come and gone, a friend of mine in the United States sent me an animated text message to check up on me: ‘Yo! How’s it going out there??! You staying safe??’ Where to even begin was the question. There was so much I wanted to tell him at that moment about what had already been such a life changing first seven or eight days, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to convey a great deal in both the limited amount of time I had to reply (wi-fi wasn’t so easy to always find while on the road) and the fact that a text isn’t exactly the best way to communicate profound emotions related to witnessing such monumental social change (there’s no emojis for those revolutionary concepts that I know of that can do justice). My mind raced as I thought back over the days that felt like weeks, the week that felt like a year. Then, after about twenty seconds of thinking it over, I simply wrote back: ‘Man, it’s amazing. A deep social revolution. Women really do run things here.’
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Turning Capital Against Capitalism

The Boston region has one of the nation’s most thriving economies, with job growth above the national average, thanks in large part to the academic and healthcare sectors. But the benefits are not shared equally. The median income for white households is more than twice that of Latino households, and nearly twice that of black households.
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New report highlights lessons from Mondragon - the world’s largest worker co-op

An in-depth study of the Mondragon Corporation released today (5 April 2017) reveals how a large global business thrives because it’s owned by its workers, caps the gap between the highest and lowest paid, and has built an ecosystem around itself.
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Gaza power cuts: When fuel runs out, 'babies will die'

Gaza power cuts: When fuel runs out, 'babies will die'

Gaza’s doctors fear inevitable patient deaths if fuel reserves are depleted by end of June.

If the electricity is cut, most of the babies on mechanical ventilation will die within a few seconds [Mersiha Gadzo/Al Jazeera]

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OP has no words.