June 13th, 2017


The World Must Really Be Ending.

Even Republican Mayors Are Rejecting Trump’s Energy Policies
From Aspen to Abita Springs, cities are committing to running on 100 percent renewable energy.

Greg Lemons is the staunchly Republican mayor of Abita Springs, a bite-size town in rural Louisiana that both draws its water and gets its name from the famous and pristine aquifer that flows beneath its soil. A chatty and cheerful fellow, Lemons like to think of himself as a pragmatic leader, the sort of person who strives to fix problems instead of fight about them. Nevertheless, in late 2014, he found himself in a legal brawl.
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Panama cuts formal ties with Taiwan in favour of China

Joint statement between President Juan Carlos Varela and Beijing says ‘Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory’

Panama has switched diplomatic relations from Taiwan to China, handing a huge victory to Beijing in its drive to isolate the self-governing island it claims as its own territory.

Panama’s president, Juan Carlos Varela, announced the change – which entails breaking off formal relations with Taiwan – in a televised address, saying it represented the “correct path for our country”.

A joint statement released on Monday evening said Panama and China were recognising each other and establishing ambassadorial-level relations the same day.

“The government of the republic of Panama recognises that there is but one China in the world, that the government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China, and that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory,” the statement read.

“The government of the Republic of Panama severs ‘diplomatic relations’ with Taiwan as of this day and undertakes not to have any more official relations or official exchanges with Taiwan.”

China has been seeking to punish Taiwan after President Tsai Ing-wen’s election victory last year. Tsai is sceptical of closer ties to Beijing and has declined to endorse China’s view that Taiwan and the mainland are part of a single Chinese nation.

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Egypt could ban parents from giving babies foreign names like "Sam", "Mark" and "Linda"

“Using such Western names and abandoning Arabic ones will lead to an undesired and radical change in our society and culture,” says Mr Aziz. 

‘Foreign’ names could become a far rarer sight in Egypt’s next generations with the proposal of a new ban that could saddle parents with hefty fines or jail terms.

An Egyptian parliamentary committee will meet on Tuesday to debate a law that would ban parents from using “western names.” Under the law, parents would face a fine of up to $270 (£212) or a jail sentence of up to six months.

Egyptian MP Bedier Abdel Aziz will propose the law to the Parliament’s complaints and suggestions committee and claims names such as Lara, Mark and Sam are difficult to pronounce for Arabic speakers.

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