September 2nd, 2017

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Fired Google Critic Says Monopoly Power Puts ‘All Society at Risk’

Barry Lynn was, until recently, a senior fellow at New America, a think tank partly funded by Google. Lynn and his research program were pushed out of New America, according to a New York Times report, following a June statement by him praising the European Union’s antitrust actions against Google and calling for more of the same.

New America has said Lynn’s firing was based on his failure to be a team player, not on the content of his views, which have been well-known for years. But in an op-ed for the Washington Post, Lynn himself now claims that criticizing Google cost him his job. According to Lynn, he and his team were pushed out of New America just two days after his note on the EU decision, following specific threats by Google that it might withdraw its funding from New America because of Lynn's statement.

Lynn also says that his story is a perfect illustration of why corporate power and weakening antitrust regulation are so dangerous. Concentrating influence in too few hands, he argues, stifles both economic growth and democratic freedoms, including access to diverse opinions.
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source is fortune magazine