November 2nd, 2017

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I'm an activist. Russia tried to co-opt me

We are witnessing the advent of social movement warfare: the deployment of social protest as an effective alternative to conventional military conflict writes Micah White, one of the co-creators of Occupy Wall Street

I have sometimes been approached by persons that I suspected were either agents or assets of intelligence agencies during the 20 years that I have been a social activist. The tempo of these disconcerting encounters increased when I abruptly relocated to a remote town on the Oregon coast after the defeat of Occupy Wall Street, a movement I helped lead. My physical inaccessibility seemed to provoke a kind of desperation among these shadowy forces.

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Source: The Guardian

OP note: A comment at the source suggests this is more interesting to Americans than Europeans, since the extent of foreign influence on activist movements has been long understood outside of the US. I am not sure how true that is given the widespread (?) knowledge of the Soviet Union's active measures during the Cold War, but thought it might be worth having a refresher on how hard foreign actors work to manipulate protest movements as well as political campaigns and mainstream media reporting.