January 12th, 2020

Hungary PM under fire for Roma minority comment

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban drew fire from rights groups and the Roma minority Friday after he blasted a court award of compensation to Roma families over a school segregation case.

Orban said a recent court ruling awarding compensation to the families of some 60 Roma children in the eastern Hungarian town of Gyongyospata for being taught separately from other children was "deeply unfair".

Questioning the definition of segregation of pupils Orban told a press conference in Budapest Thursday that "people's sense of justice has been infringed".

"I'm not from Gyongyospata but if I lived there then I too would also ask how this is possible, that for some reason, members of an (...) ethnic group living in the same community, the same village as me receive large amounts of money without doing any kind of work for it," he said.

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