April 23rd, 2020


What COVID-19 pandemic has revealed re: ageism and ableism

OP: In my province (Quebec) of Canada, the treatment of elderly people has become a political scandal (there are already discussions of public inquiries into various such institutions and class action lawsuits by families of elderly patients), because the rates of infections and deaths in institutions which care for the elderly are out of control. (Please note that some references are in French.)

This is however a worldwide problem including in the U.S. (first article is local (=Quebec) while the second has a more global perspective).

COVID-19 in Quebec: With long-term care homes still short-staffed, premier asks Ottawa for 1,000 soldiers

Number of seniors' residences considered 'critical' by the province nearly doubled in 1 week

Another 1,000 soldiers will join the 65 troops with medical training who arrived earlier this week to support staff at CHSLDs [i.e., this acronym refers to long term-care facilities for the elderly in Quebec].

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OP: Hey right wing assholes, do you still think budget cuts are a good idea for people's health (this involves shifting care to the private sector)???