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Good luck, President Obama

The sycophantic media and Hollywood elite can finally put away their fainting couches. The breathless hordes flocking to catch a glimpse of the new messiah can await their government checks, the reversal of global warming, and a new age of Aquarius; and the rest of us can look forward to an ever-growing tax burden.

I wish the new president all the best, I truly do, as he has inherited one mess of a republic. Much of our current condition is caused by out-of-control spending. His plan to resolve it? A trillion dollars in additional spending.

I had to laugh at the commentary during the Jan. 20 inauguration; the universal declaration that "this was iron-clad evidence anything is possible!" Others affirmed, "Yes, we can!" I asked my radio, "So is it possible that the 90 percent of America living off of us '10-percenters' can now help pay the bills?"

Obama has said he wants to share the wealth; might we also expect him to share the cost? Since 10 percent of America supplies 89 percent of all the tax money pouring into Washington, it would seem only reasonable, in the interests of fairness, to share the costs of running the country with the 9 out of 10 people paying next to nothing for America's goods and services. There is, after all, no substitute for pride in ownership.

Personally, I like Obama. He seems sincere, although dreadfully misguided in so many ways. But let us not forget that the allegedly "conservative" Republicans, along with entrenched

Democrat socialists, got us into this mess. Oh sure, the two parties like to point fingers while their media accomplices run interference, but both parties have failed America -- miserably. Even more remarkable, every one of the congressional con artists sinking the good ship U.S.A. took the same oath as did the president and vice president: "to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution."

Never have more vacuous words been uttered.

At least Obama can string together a coherent sentence, and much of what he says seems more middle-of-the-road than hard left. The proof will be in what he does.

While I do not believe closing Guantanamo and releasing enemy combatants will make America safer, it will certainly cost us less money. Allowing gays to openly serve in the U.S. military?

Did we consult our military commanders on this demolition of demographics that have served us so well for 233 years?
And where is the wisdom in outlawing coerced interrogations, rendition, and going to great lengths to ensure the comfort of enemy prisoners?

Will this "compassionate warfare" endear those intent on converting or killing us Western infidels?

If these actions improve our standing abroad, that might be a good thing. Of course, it is unclear to me how restoring allegiances with rational thinking nations will have a positive impact on suicidal jihadists, but hey, now anything is possible, right?

Considering the sad state of affairs, President Obama truly has nowhere to go but up. Best of luck to him.


This asshat should be told, the military actually HAS been consulted on the issue of DADT, and the majority of them support repealing it, as do the majority of Americans.  Not that popular opinion should make one fucking bit of difference in the matter of, you know, civil rights.
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