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The 25 Most Influential Liberals In The U.S. Media... according to Forbes

25. Michael Pollan
Writer and journalism professor, University of California, Berkeley

The author of The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food,
Pollan has had more influence than any other contemporary writer on mainstream American thinking about what we eat.
His manifesto--"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants"--should now be in political vogue. (Obama likes arugula.)

24. Kurt Andersen
Writer and host, "Studio 360"

The novelist, radio host and former editor of New York magazine has been a stalwart figure in American journalism
since he co-founded Spy magazine in 1986.
His writing maps the contours of Obama's America, and his is a quietly consequential voice in the nation's culture wars.

23. Kevin Drum

Blogger, Mother Jones
After cutting his teeth on his first blog, Calpundit, and his second at the Washington Monthly,
Drum now pens posts on economics and politics that are backed up by charts and stats.
This geek-with-attitude briefly studied math and worked in the tech sector before turning to writing full time.

    22. Ezra Klein
    Blogger and associate editor, The American Prospect

    One of the young Turks of liberal Washington blogging,
Klein is among those to have reversed the early parasitic relationship between bloggers and the mainstream media:
Cable news channels, newspapers and magazines call on him to see what he thinks.
He has the best Democratic health care sources and knows policy questions like the back of his hand.

    21. James Fallows
    National correspondent, The Atlantic
    Fallows is the pillar of The Atlantic, where he has written a series of reliably liberal
--and reliably thoughtful--
essays on topics ranging from the war in Iraq to China to broader questions of globalization and technology.

    20. Gerald Seib
    Executive Washington editor, The Wall Street Journal
    A bulwark of the Journal's largely liberal newsroom (not to be confused with the paper's editorial page),
Seib writes a blog, Political Perceptions, and the weekly Capital Journal column.
He is one of a small group of liberal journalists with whom Barack Obama dined the week before his inauguration.

    19. Andrew Sullivan
    Senior editor, The Atlantic The Daily Dish
    A granddaddy of Washington blogging and a former editor of The New Republic,
he clings unconvincingly to the "conservative" label even after his fervent endorsement of Obama.
His advocacy for gay marriage rights and his tendency to view virtually everything through a "gay" prism puts him at odds with many on the right.


    18. Glenn Greenwald
    This constitutional lawyer has established himself as a Bush critic with heft.
His blog delivers a daily, almost pugilistic, analysis of what's going on in Washington.
Civil liberties are his specialty, and he'll look to keep Obama "honest" on Gitmo and the like.

    17. Hendrick Hertzberg
    Columnist, The New Yorker
    Foremost among a tribe of opinion writers that waged a form of moral war against the Bush administration,
he has the purest voice in the choir of the East Coast liberal "high church."

    16. Matthew Yglesias
   Blogger, ThinkProgress
    Just 28, Yglesias has emerged as a forceful voice in the political blogosphere,
read avidly by liberals and conservatives alike.
He's deeply empirical and not especially dogmatic, and he has a keen grasp of economics.

    15. Maureen Dowd
    Op-ed columnist, The New York Times
    Known for her exclamatory columns, Dowd writes about politics with a biting, pop-culture-infused spin.
She is much better at meowing at her own side, though,
so the Obama administration could see her recover the cat-wit she appeared to have lost in her formulaic Bush years.

    14. Christopher Hitchens, Writer

    Vociferously atheistic, Hitchens, who styles himself a "radical," will likely be aghast to find himself on this list. This prolific, but never less than eye-catching, author has supported the war on terror as enthusiastically as he has excoriated Sarah Palin.


    13. Bill Moyers

    Host and commentator, Bill Moyers' Journal

    Moyers, at 74, is the éminence grise of the liberal media. A onetime press secretary for Lyndon Johnson, the stately PBS host is best known for in-depth interviews with intellectuals and politicians. In a culture of shouting matches, his soft-spoken style can appear exotic.

    12. Chris Matthews

    Anchor, Hardball

    A reliable cheerleader for Obama ("I feel this thrill running up my leg"), MSNBC's Matthews will be the bedrock of a bank of television anchors on whom the new administration can rely for the best possible spin.

    11. Fareed Zakaria

    Editor, Newsweek International

    With a perch in virtually every medium, the ubiquitous--and reliably omniscient--Zakaria tackles the complexities of globalization, politics and foreign affairs as an editor, writer and CNN host.

    10. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga ("Kos")

    Founder and publisher, Daily Kos

    Kos' brainchild is a "blog-plus"--an active online community where progressives gripe and call for reform. The blog features diarists who track Democratic issues through a lens of passionate, personal detail. Conservatives read him faithfully to gauge the liberal "temperature."

    9. David Shipley

    Op-ed editor, TheNew York Times

    Relatively unknown, compared with others on this list, he runs the most widely read op-ed page in America. The page is poised to challenge left-leaning shibboleths from within the fold while still remaining faithful to the Times' core liberal values.

    8. Joshua Micah Marshall

    Founder and editor, Talking Points Memo

    TPM exhorts its readers to parse court documents and contribute news. The aggressively punctilious blog is best known for first reporting on the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, which led to Alberto Gonzales' eventual resignation.

    7. Rachael Maddow

    Host, The Rachel Maddow Show

    The presenter of her own MSNBC show, Maddow, a lesbian, has outpaced Keith Olbermann and other colleagues to attract a cultish following hooked on her blunt outsider's perspective.

    6. Oprah Winfrey

    Presenter, The Oprah Winfrey Show

    Oprah makes this list because her status as an American cultural and racial icon gives her a uniquely influential position to mold political debate in the Obama era.

    5. Jon Stewart

    Host, The Daily Show

    Politics has never been as entwined with popular culture as it is in the Age of Obama, and Stewart's acerbic, satirical take on the news is in perfect sync with these times--and with a youthful demographic that is enjoying its first real taste of political power.

4. Thomas Friedman

Op-ed columnist, The New York Times

Behind the seemingly glib sound bites lie opinions that are genuinely influential among the educated, tome-reading public and the Washington establishment

3. Fred Hiatt

Editorial page editor, The Washington Post

Pilloried on the left for his non-Manichean support of the war in Iraq, his moderate and pragmatic editorial column is likely to be the one most closely followed by the Obama administration.

2. Arianna Huffington

Founder and columnist,The Huffington Post

The leading curator of liberal commentary online, she is credited with helping put Barack Obama's bandwagon firmly on its way to Washington. She has an uncanny ability to marry attitude and authoritativeness.

    1. Paul Krugman
    Op-ed columnist, The New York Times
    The pre-eminent liberal commentator in the American media,
his prose is as pungent as his academic credentials are impeccable. Last year's Nobel in economics was widely seen as a vindication of his politics.


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