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O'Reilly Offers Rove Place To Hide From Congress' Subpoena

Karl Rove appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight and addressed his outstanding subpoena to testify before Congress. Rep. John Conyers, who O'Reilly characterized as a "fanatic," has been after Rove to testify before his committee for some time. Rove said he'd been instructed by the previous administration to ignore any subpoena, and then got a bit literary, remarking that Conyers is "sort of like Captain Ahab and I'm the whale." O'Reilly, calling Rove a "stand-up guy," offered him a place to hide from Congress: "If you need a place to hide out, we have it here at the Factor. We have all kinds of tunnels and places we can put you." Rove demurred and said "I don't need to hide." (Hiding spot offer is at the end of the interview.)

Watch video here!

Tags: bill oreilly is a terrible human being, karl rove
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