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Do the Republicans Have Any Clue What "Stimulus" Means? Why Isn't the NYT Asking
The NYT told readers that the Republicans objected to spending that they "ridiculed as having nothing to do with economic stimulus." It then listed the expansion of federal Medicaid coverage of family planning services as one example.

Actually, this program involves spending money, therefore it is stimulus. This money will employ people in the provision of family planning services, just as highway spending employs people in the constructing or repairing highways.

It's sort of like baseball being a type of sport. Some people may not like baseball, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a sport.

If the Republicans were to insist that baseball is not a sport then it would be reasonable to assume that they do not know what the word "sport" means. Similarly, if the Republicans do not understand that any spending that directly goes into the economy is stimulus, then it implies that they don't know what "stimulus" means.

If one of the major political parties doesn't even know what stimulus means then the media should be exposing their ignorance to the public. Presumably voters would like to know if their representatives in Congress don't understand very basic economic concepts.

--Dean Baker
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