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Julia Roberts Has a Crush On All The Obamas

After saying that a dinner with the Obama family is her favourite dream, "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts has now revealed that she has a huge crush on the entire first family.

"I have such the White House crush happening right now for all four of the Obamas!" Julia Roberts declares in an interview with the US TV show " The Insider".

Making no attempt to hide her admiration for Barack Obama, Julia Roberts admitted that not only does she have a huge crush on the 44th and the first African-American president of United States, but also loves his wife Michelle Obama and their two young daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Academy winning actress Roberts was all praise for first lady Michelle Obama, saying "She seems to be a person who is really authentic and shows who she really is." Roberts had earlier proclaimed that the Obamas would be at the very top of her invite list when she planned her dream dinner party, even promising to cook "a big chicken tagine with figs and apricots" herself for the first family.


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