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German police takes Online Culture 101 class, learns meaning of "EPIC FAIL"

I can't find an English source for this right now, but here's a summary of this article:

The message in which the school shooter of Winnenden supposedly announced his attack a few hours before it happened has been exposed as a fake. Some online news sources had been sceptical about it, but after Baden-Württemberg's secretary of the interior issued a formal statement confirming its authenticity, everyone thought "Well, weider shit has happened" and accepted it as fact.
The police claimed yesterday to have found evidence that the message originated from the shooter's computer, but now had to admit that there is no such evidence. The posting never existed on the messageboard krautchan.net - it was a photoshopped fake screencap.

Well, who could have seen THAT coming?
I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I'd like to present two carefully selected fingers to whoever made this, because it's really fucking tasteless. On the other, LOL at the police's idiocy. They seem to have some trouble adjusting to modern web culture, don't they?

BTW: One of the faked answers to the faked message was the German equivalent of "Pics or it didn't happen".

ETA: There's no real proof that it's a fake either (yet). The message definitely didn't originate from the shooter's home computer, but they still want to check out server data and two people who claim to have read the post before the event. Mr. Secretary still gets the Fail Award, though.

Tags: internet/net neutrality/piracy
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