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I don't know how Rachel didn't just punch him

Just when you thought you knew everything about Rachel Maddow, Vanity Fair's George Wayne (pictured at left) comes along to ask the important questions.

In the April 2009 issue, Wayne asks Maddow about bizarre sexual fetishes and questions her on whether MSNBC forced her to remove her "dyke-stache" (which she denies ever having):

GW: Anyway, Miss "Cable Queen," as Vogue calls you, do you suffer from any paraphilia? RM: Paraphilia?

GW: Listen to this saucy pedant. Paraphilia is having a rare erotic fetish. Perhaps you may indulge in eproctophilia?
RM: Duh?

GW: Darling! Eproctophiliacs are those sexually turned on by farts and farting!
RM: That word actually exists?

GW: It is the current rage of Mayfair high society in jolly, kinky London....

GW: By the way, before your Peacock Network makeover, didn't you have a dyke-stache?
RM: A what?

GW: Facial hair over your lip--a dyke-stache.
RM: I never had any facial hair in my life.

GW: Thank you for that clarification, darling. And thank you for such a wonderful meeting!

Read the full interview at VF.com or in the April 2009 issue of Vanity Fair.

Wayne, a celebrity journalist known for his probing, personal questions, is perhaps better known in media circles for going MIA in Russia in 2004 following a press junket. Vanity Fair took his name off the magazine's masthead "in a fit of pique" following his disappearance (via Lexis-Nexis).
source: huff post

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