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Meghan McCain continues to make Republicans rage, sane people LOL.

Celebrate. Good Times. Come On.

Meghan McCain is driving conservatives crazy. Michelle Malkin delves into the Bible of the Republican soul, Twitter, and finds that she likes Russell Brand, who once said something mean about Republicans on basic cable. Sundries Shack has declared her David Frum with a nicer ass, except he calls it a caboose, because in conservative land it is always 1955 and they’re just waiting to be invited out for milkshakes and a sock hop. Dan Riehl is calling her a stupid pudgy chick. Robert Stacy McCain celebrates the fact that while Meghan McCain was out doing things on Saturday night, Michelle Malkin was totally writing mean things about her on the internet, which should cause her caboose (again!) to quiver in fear. He then went out and searched for replacement parts for his Victrola. This dude just calls her a bitch a lot, because he’s FREAKING EDGY AS HECK.

What did McCain do to inspire such pissy, tedious rage in this cadre of conservatives who’ve still failed to Go Galt?

She wrote that one of the few existing biases left in American society is one that actually affects her: the focus on women’s weight.

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I'm mostly posting this for all the links in the first paragraph, which brought the lulz.
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