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Did someone say "frivolous lawsuits"?

Clown Attack!

Just when you think the ginned-up outrage over the DHS report on right wing extremism can’t possibly get any sillier, Michael Savage joins with the Thomas More Law Center to file what might be the silliest lawsuit in US history: Ann Arbor-based law center sues Homeland Security over ‘right-wing extremism’ issue.

The Thomas More Law Center is notorious for their (epic fail) defense of the creationists in the Dover, Pennsylvania “intelligent design” trial. If you feel the need for a good laugh, here’s their complaint (PDF). This ridiculous publicity stunt will be tossed out with the first motion to dismiss.


The real beauty of this post is where it came from. Yes, the sites that were once synonymous with "right wing crazy" are now the moderates of their side.
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