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Steele Agrees Obama "Is The Magic Negro"... WTF???!

Steele Agrees Obama "Is The Magic Negro"

While hosting Bill Bennett's radio show Friday morning, Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele appeared to agree with a caller that President Obama is "the magic Negro."

CALLER: It's just like the LA Times said last year, or two years ago -- he is the magic Negro.

STEELE: Yeah he is -- [laughter]. You read that too, huh?

CALLER: Oh yeah. I read that too. And even when things go wrong, he still manages to come out smelling like a rose.

STEELE: Well, yeah. And it's because he's getting unprecedented coverage -- cover -- by the media.

Steele's amused reaction is somewhat surprising. When former RNC chairman Chip Saltsman released a CD including a parody song "Barack The Magic Negro" in January -- inspired by the same LA Times article -- Steele said it "doesn't help at all ... it reinforces a negative stereotype of the party." Saltsman withdrew from the race to remain chairman in the wake of the scandal.
Tags: barack obama, black people, michael steele, race / racism
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