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Since Miss California has put herself out there...

Pageant Admits Paying For Miss California's Implants

Miss California's statements against gay marriage placed her firmly at the center of a heated debate. Now there's a new controversy surrounding San Diego native Carrie Prejean. The Miss California Organization has confirmed it paid for Prejean's breast implants six weeks before the Miss USA pageant.

She may say no to gay marriage, but it appears Miss California Carrie Prejean says yes to breast implants.

"We assisted when Carrie came to us and voiced the interest in having the procedure done, yes," co-executive director Keith Lewis said.

In an exclusive interview with the CBS Early Show, Lewis confirmed the organization paid for the 21-year-old's breast augmentation in the weeks leading up to the Miss USA pageant.

"It's not something we encourage, nor is it something we endorse. We suggest, but when we meet with the title holder, when she's crowned Miss California, we put to her a litany of questions about how she feels about herself, what she feels she needs to work on, what she may need to change - what is good, what is not good. We want to put her in the best possible confidence in order to present herself in the best possible light on a national stage," he said.

While the beauty queen and native San Diegan's body may not be entirely real, her new cause is. Prejean has kicked off a $1.5 million ad campaign to promote traditional marriage called No Offense, sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage.

She's also facing criticism from her own pageant organizers, who in a statement said, "No reigning titleholder has so readily committed her face and voice to a more divisive or polarizing issue."

With one debate still unfolding, another one is now emerging: if real women can win in an enhanced world.

News 8 tried to contact Prejean for comment, but our calls and emails were not returned.


There's video, including a before and after, at the source.

My big thing is...why did the pageant organization pay for her boob job? Is that a normal thing for them to do? That seems kinda...not ethical, somehow, to me.

Also, anyone watching the video notice how they went from the overweight, "butch" looking, not conventionally pretty lesbians getting married to a shot of Prejean in her bikini? Something about that really rubbed me the wrong way.
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