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Perfect article for a no-news Sunday.

~GUESS WHO~ else from the Obama administration made PEOPLE Magazine's 100 Sexiest People list?


(also in smaller version in in this post at rahmbamarama)

And guess which Sexy Person may not have come across his title solely for his good looks?

Scandale! Tim Geithner May Not Have Come Across His ‘Most Beautiful’ Title Honestly

Yesterday, when People revealed that Tim Geithner made their list of Beautiful People, we were happy that the Treasury Secretary was finally getting some positive attention. But today comes the shocking revelation that his election to the list might not have been genuine. It might have been influenced by nepotism! Clusterstock reports:
Geithner's brother David Geithner, is a People executive, having been at Time Warner (TWX) since 1992. This 1992 wedding announcement confirms they have the same father. And they look similar!

This is an outrage. It totally undermines our faith in People's Most Beautiful brand, which we have long regarded as the gold standard among listicles. Someone needs to look into their selection process, and make sure they are doing their research! For instance, what if they're not actually sending reporters out into the field in order to inspect everyone in America and scientifically determine who the 50 Most Beautiful People are? And if they're not, who was that guy that came into our cubicle last week and measured the distance between our nose and chin, then asked to stroke our raven tresses "for research purposes"??!! Developing.


Do you agree w/these choices? Who would you have included? and why no PFitz this year?


Don't hate.
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