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Congressman reads longest list of sex acts on House floor

The Hate Crime Bill will not include:

* Apotemnophilia - sexual arousal associated with the stump(s) of an Amputee

* Asphyxophilia - sexual gratification derived from activities that involve oxygen deprivation through hanging, strangulation, or other means

* Autogynephilia - the sexual arousal of a man by his own perception of himself as a woman or dressed as a woman (p. 574)

* Coprophilia - sexual arousal associated with feces (p. 576)

* Exhibitionism - the act of exposing one’s genitals to an unwilling observer to obtain sexual gratification (p. 569)

* Fetishism/Sexual Fetishism - obtaining sexual excitement primarily or exclusively from an inanimate object or a particular part of the body (p. 570)

* Frotteurism - approaching an unknown woman from the rear and pressing or rubbing the penis against her buttocks (p. 570)

* Gerontosexuality - distinct preference for sexual relationships primarily or exclusively with an elderly partner

* Incest - sex with a sibling or parent

* Kleptophilia - obtaining sexual excitement from stealing

* Klismaphilia - erotic pleasure derived from enemas (p. 576)

* Necrophilia - sexual arousal and/or activity with a corpse (p. 576)

* Partialism - A fetish in which a person is sexually attracted to a specific body part exclusive of the person (p. 576)

* Pedophilia - Sexual activity with a prepubescent child (generally age 13 years or younger). The individual with pedophilia must be age 16 years or older and at least 5 years older than the child. For individuals in late adolescence with pedophilia, no precise age difference is specified, and clinical judgment must be used; both the sexual maturity of the child and the age difference must be taken into account; the adult may be sexually attracted to opposite sex, same sex, or prefer either (p. 571)

* Sexual Masochism - obtaining sexual gratification by being subjected to pain or humiliation (p. 573)

* Sexual Sadism - the intentional infliction of pain or humiliation on another person in order to achieve sexual excitement (p. 574)

* Telephone Scatalogia - sexual arousal associated with making or receiving obscene phone calls (p. 576)

* Toucherism - characterized by a strong desire to touch the breast or genitals of an unknown woman without her consent; often occurs in conjunction with other paraphilia

* Transgenderism - an umbrella term referring to and/or covering transvestitism, drag queen/king, and transsexualism

* Transsexual - a person whose gender identity is different from his or her anatomical gender

* Transvestite - a person who is sexually stimulated or gratified by wearing the clothes of the other gender

* Transvestic Fetishism - intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving cross-dressing (p. 575)

* Urophilia - sexual arousal associated with urine (p. 576)

* Voyeurism - obtaining sexual arousal by observing people without their consent when they are undressed or engaged in sexual activity (p. 575)

* Zoophilia/Bestiality - engaging in sexual activity with animals (p. 576)

I dont know, I am pretty sure the rightwingnutters told me that the Hate Crime Bill will legalize bestiality and incest...
Tags: hate crimes, sex
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